Awesome article on Farmar. He covers the Lakers and his overseas trip this summer:

SLAMOnline: While Lake Show fans continue to fawn over the health of young pivot Andrew Bynum, the status of its point guard position is drawing little fanfare.

Much of that has to do with having a supreme operator of the triangle offense in fan favorite Derek Fisher. DFish is still a solid starting point guard and his leadership qualities and intangibles are immeasurable. Should the Lakers make another run to the NBA Finals, Fisher will no doubt play a key role. That being said, Fisher turned 34 over the summer.

In a wild West that features CP3, Deron Williams, Tony Parker and Jerryd Bayless (is he for real?) the Lakers are going to need a bigger contribution from young Jordan Farmar (who turns 22 in November). Farmar made great strides last season coming off the bench for LA in his 2nd season, averaging 20 minutes and 6 points per. He spent the off-season fine-tuning his game while making ample time for some charity work. I had a chance to catch up with Jordan last week in Santa Monica, at Shaun Livingston’s charity event.

SLAM: Tell us what you’ve been up to this summer.

Jordan Farmar: I’ve been doing a little bit of everything. I’ve done a lot of charity work. I made my way to Israel and got kids who are Palestinian and Israeli to work together through basketball clinics.

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