SLAM Magazine is the best in the business and they are releasing a new special edition. It has all the cover stories Slam has wrote on Kobe and Lebron over the years. Check out the cover right here.

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    The Great One & the Chosen one??? what a joke.. this man should not be on a cover with Kobe (not yet anyway)..

  • bizdady

    ummm Chosen to do what? Choke in the playoffs???

  • Amber

    im from ohio, so am i even going to be able to get the kobe magazine or is a dual cover?

  • Varick Hudson

    I am SOOOOO Averse to Comparing Kobe to anyone other than Kobe himself. In My eyes only Kobe is Greater than Kobe no one else compares.

  • trippleocho

    The “Chosen One”? I MEAN WHO CHOSE THIS GUY?

  • Robert

    the media chose him – not the coaches & the players. Just like the media chooses MVP of the year (which they’ve whittled down to the ‘regular season’). Just a bunch of nerdy writers with opinions – so far, they’ve completely fouled up all their post-season predictions. They make weathermen seem like accurate fortune tellers.
    btw, some of us here (I won’t speak for anyone else) are also nerdy writers with opinions, but we don’t get paid for it.

  • Robert

    btw, the whole ‘chosen one’ nomer came about not too long after LeBron came into the league (around 2003). Recall that this was about the time of the whole Colorado fiasco with Kobe. Kobe was on top, until that debacle, and then the media bailed on him and started crowning the new ‘future champion’ (ha!). They abandoned Kobe, who thence after was tight lipped to the media because of many reasons (the least of which is that the media completely distorts reality, and bends it to their liking for $$ .. what else? Does anybody in media really care who is really great? They ‘reluctantly’ give props to Kobe when they are forced to, like last fall when they announced “ESPN Los Angeles”, during which time they didn’t want to alienate us Angelenos by continuing to ride Kobe.
    But, a leopard can’t change his spots. They degraded back into the “Chosen One” talk. Hope they continue to eat their words, year after year.

  • artpolo5

    Good stuff Robert, straight on, Lebron hasn’t done shit yet besides break some records and win MVP’s. Hes managed to get swept by the Spurs in the finals and get thrown out a couple of times in the playoffs but thats about it. Kobe has 4 championships, MVP’s, and all the other stats hes still breaking. He’s at the top of his game and still getting better. Don’t know why anyone is comparing them at all. After Shaq and Duncan retire he’s gonna be unarguably the biggest winner in the league and until he retires no ones gonna take that from him.

    Compare that!

    GO LA, kick Bostons ass!

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      yeah lets kick boston a$$ with our famous soft attitude that yesterday showed up again
      It s gonna be great!

      oh wait…
      playing like that we gonna get owned again…


    This just goes to show you who lives up to their expectations and who doesn’t! Robert said it best when he stated that “They abandoned Kobe… the media completely distorts reality, and bends it to their liking for $$ ..”

    There’s not much between our media nowadays from the media under a dictatorship… they both have their own agenda! At least the media under a dictatorship is FORCED to spew propaganda for the benefit of their LIVES, unlike our media who does this for their own agenda and for the ALL MIGHTY DOLLAR ( actually not so mighty now!)

    Kobe is on the downward turn of his athletic abilities, but not necessarily as a basketball player. He may not have the first step or the leaping abilities that he had in the past, but he’s still the best closer in the game, he’s still the most feared player in the game, and who can leave him open… NO ONE! Kobe’s got an arsenal of shots and when he smells blood, he goes in for the kill!

    What does LeBrick have besides his drive and dunk? He can’t make a shot to save his life. The only times he’ll be decent is when he’s clowning around before the games with his half court shots. Maybe that’s how he’s gotta shoot from now on… under handed while doing a 360!

    This also is a slam against SLAM Magazine. Even knowing that LeChoke is out of the playoffs, they still run this as the cover… It’s definitely a great concept, but when only one shows up to a duel… can you still call it a duel? Is there still a fight? How then can you compare? You can’t! You can only contrast! Everything Kobe is, LeBronze is NOT!

    I understand that millions of $s went into the planning of this concept and all, but if SLAM ended up selling this month’s issue as Kobe on the COVER and Lebum as the BACKSIDE (not a separate cover), then that would be an acceptable solution to their loss!

    GO KOBE!!!!!!!!!
    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lakerman1

    Perhaps they should call Lebron the Frozen one because he goes cold in the Playoffs and i like how his picture is upside down which is how it should be with him on the bottom & Kobe on top.

  • lakerbunny