How many of you picked up Call Of Duty: Black Ops? Did that commercial that Kobe was in entice you to buy the game? Although Kobe had 2 seconds of screen time, it tempted me enough to think about buying the game.

Speaking of the ad, there is someone among us that is totally against it. Not among us fans, but among us in the sporting world; the media. You might have seen this man on the ESPN program “First Take.” Many of you know him as Skip Bayless.

This man seemed to be a hero to Laker fans because of his endless arguments of how LeBron is a “Prince” and will never surpass Kobe. He put the heat on LeBron after his elimination in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Magic and you really don’t want to know what he said about LeBron after being eliminated by the Celtics. This man would talk about LeBron whether he was the subject of the matter or not.

Lately, all that turned around for Laker fans which means LeBron is catching a break. Apparently, Mr. Bayless here thinks that Kobe’s Black Ops ad “crossed the line.” Elaborating on his point, he goes on to argue “Does Kobe Bryant really need this money, this badly? Doesn’t he have a couple of daughters, last time I checked? He is smiling while wielding an assault rifle in combat, while we have troops overseas at this moment, doing the same thing for real!”

It seems that Skip doesn’t have anything important to talk about in the sporting world so he decided to change the subject to video games. Regarding what he said, Laker fans can argue against the point because all Kobe was doing was have some fun and you could see that with the smile on his face (just as Skip said). He said that he demands Kobe to be disciplined by the NBA for his participation in the ad. So now he is running for David Stern’s job? This comment will surely spark a lot of hate from Laker fans. Mr. Bayless, brace yourself.

Skip is just being melodramatic. Is he trying to use this ad to make himself look like a good guy and make Kobe look like the bad guy? Maybe he’s just jealous of him cause Kobe got to be in a Call Of Duty ad and he didn’t. Under all that hate that we call Skip Bayless, maybe he has a softer side for the athletes and he’s a big Call Of Duty fan… wait, who are we kidding?

  • Day

    So it’s okay for actors to play in movies about things MUCH worse than war but it isn’t okay for Kobe to do a commercial about War in a video game? Make complete sense. As if Skip hasn’t seen movies before, what is the difference in an actor playing the role of a murderer, drug dealer, rapist, criminal, etc and Kobe PLAYING the part of a soldier in a commercial? It’s stupid.

    • i agree

      Good comparison. ESPN (as well as yahoo) is just trying to get attention again. If you looked at the comments under the video or the yahoo post about it, everyone is saying its no big deal. Everything is just media hype.

    • Lavern Merriweather

      Agreed Skip Dickless is a pathetic,whiny,jealous,insecure,bitter old fuckface take your old boys club ass to Fake Noise asshole!! He’s like the Glenn Beck sports. 

  • Jack

    This was blown out of proportion. I don’t know why this is even posted. I was disgusted when I saw the discussion on ESPN. Kobe was in that commercial. Jimmy Kimmel was in it too.

  • KaPau

    Skip Bayless should rename himself to Skip Clueless what a ****ing idiot this guy is, go and die Skip.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    another BAD BRYANT idea, that almost high school lack of education rears its stupid head again….really marwin, seeing kobe in this ALMOST made you buy it?are you that EMPTY HEADED?

    • DCLakeshow

      “that almost high school lack of education”

      Just a couple questions for you:
      After kissing your husband (or partner) goodbye, and dropping your kids (via caravan) off at school, did you ALSO go on to the Miami Heat website and post the same thing for Lebron’s “What should I have done” commercial?
      Did you sign in under your other alias “laffs atus” on the Celtics website and post the same thing for Kevin Garnett, regarding his recent “cancer” comments?
      Again…just a couple of questions that came to mind.
      BTW…not that there’s anything wrong with caravans.


      Hey Dumb @$$! By that same argument that you’ve just made to Marwin about being “EMPTY HEADED”… well, you just contradicted your own stance on “another BAD BRYANT idea”. If you’re saying that people shouldn’t be persuaded to BUY the game with Kobe being in there, then exactly, what effect should it have?

      See, you ignorant, uneducated, reading comprehension lacking, tool… you can’t even make a simple statement without in effect to tell yourself to STFU! Seriously, and we wonder why the American education is so lacking in comparison to other countries!

      It’s like Day said “So it’s okay for actors to play in movies about things MUCH worse than war but it isn’t okay for Kobe to do a commercial about War in a video game?” It’s a FCUKIN VIDEO GAME! Stupid D!CK WAD! So, Fcuk you Ball-less! By you making that statement about Kobe, you’re pretty much slammin all the others for being in the commercial and everyone else who owns and plays these types of games!

      That is an ignorant and irresponsible comment! I guess in the same way, since we view Ball-less as making too much money, he should NEVER take another opportunity to fatten his own wallet right? What a fcukin jerk off!

      Hey Ball-less! You know what crosses the line? It’s you getting all these fcukin BOTOX injections into your now mask that you call for a face! And the thing is, you are BALL-LESS now, I bet that you’ve only got a patch of bush where your balls used to be and that small appendage that you used to call a penis is now a VAGINA!

      WHAT A FCUKIN @$$HOLE! And I’m sure he takes it up there too!


  • Mast

    Bayless if we ever get a chance to play COD online with you, we are going to get you. Baddd!!! As you respawn and come back to watch me tbag your character as I once again meellee your non existent “ball sack”. All while I’m yelling “cover me I’m reloading” as kobe’s got our backs just like on the court.

    Have you heard of something called “dont stick your noise where it doesnt belong”. Dont like the game, dont buy it. Simple!

    COD: keeping teen pregnancy’s down since 2002 :)

  • socal.s

    People I can do without. This is my list:
    Guys in their fifties named “Skip.”

    -George Carlin (R.I.P.)

  • gugy

    waste of time and energy.
    Skip just trying hard to find something to talk. So he goes after Kobe and the huge Laker nation fan base to get some ratings.
    Nothing else.

  • lakeb


  • Jake Gasol

    I agree with Skip… I mean, Kobe really needs new PR people making better decisions for him! Perhaps he should hire LeBron’s PR people?! They would never have let this happen!

    • 3 Peat

      U kidding ?

      • the lakers rock!!!!!!


  • Lakers 24 7

    I wouldn’t pay attention to this. It means nothing. Those guys just need topics to discuss on their show, so they decided to pick on Kobe. Skip Bayless’ job is to bash on the good guys and stir up controversy for higher ratings. He destroyed LeBron for not shaking ORL’s hand in the playoff loss.

  • laker warrior

    Skip you little homo get real.
    Yeah ass hole he has smile on his face because its a game+= FUN dip shit. Kobe dosent need the money he could buy and sell your skinny ass to some white ass punk any day of the week.
    As far as him haveing daughters so what if he had a soon is that diffrent. Your a spineless coward that never has nothing good to say . Go suck a dick you lil fag

    • bdmf

      this mofo could have not said it better

  • LizzakeShizzow

    Its a video game commercial. So we’re supposed to ban all war related entertainment while our troops are over there? Sorry Skip. Logic fail.

  • LAland

    skip get a life omg is just a game lol hahahahaha

  • damase

    Buck them all if they don’t like it! as long we Kobe fans like it this is all maters I think!!! I even have my clantag as KB24 cha cha!!!

  • purple-n-gold

    Skip doesn’t know what he is talking about, its just a video games. he probably never played video games. skip needs to get an xbox or ps3 and play the game before he starts talking.

  • lakers0828

    Yeah I saw that ESPN First Take and Honestly I have always considered Skip To be a Laker Hater even though he denies it on his twitter account and on Air I still Think He hates the Lakers more then He hates Boston

  • bdmf


    • the lakers rock!!!!!!

      Yeah, and because its a free country i can say what an asshole skip bayless is, it my opinion

  • Robert.

    Bayless is just a ‘sports reporter’, one notch down from game show host as being relevant.
    However, if we’re going to look at real ‘war damage’, what Bayless should do (in view of his previously criticizing the candidate for “Person of the Year” ) is to consider that together with this “Person”, he and his cohorts single handedly RUINED the economy of Cleveland.
    The media hyped up the POTY for YEARS AND YEARS, and extremely frequently at the expense of Kobe. So, the POTY built up everyone’s hopes, dreams, ideas, but then, quite frankly made a ‘selfish decision’ – no surprise there. And also, feeding INTO the media hype, kicked the entire town of Cleveland in the a$$, on National TV, with his beloved media.
    The city of Miami is an economic haven, with all its sports, and not to mention the South Beach scene.
    The city of Cleveland is an empty wasteland, that relied almost exclusively on the ‘talents of LeJoke’. Many business and enterprises radiated out from having LeBron as the centerpiece.
    But Skip Bayless, and his friends, built up LeBron SO MUCH, that instead of letting Cleveland prepare for this economic downsurge, together they pushed them off a cliff into the abyss.
    Skip and his media thugs helped LeBron pulled the trigger on a REAL gun, an economic gun, and ruined many peoples lives for real.
    How dare he comment on Kobe. Kobe has been nothing but ‘gold’ for the NBA. Even in Detroit, the dreaded Palace where the Lakers lost in 2004, you could hear people chanting MVP. Kobe brings people to games, and has done that since he started playing. He has NOT let his fans down.

  • evil empre

    The ad did it what it was meant to do. Make people talk and remember the product. Games are selling off the rack and it even got old bags like skip and people who are not in the demographic to talk about it. Big ups to the advertisers who came up with this. They did their job and then some. Give them a bonus this X-mas.

  • cjm

    skip can star in Douche Ops: Call of Dooky



  • Sir

    I can’t believe the media is making such a big deal out of this. This is absolutely ridiculous what they’re doing. The media is pathetic.

    • los lakers of LA

      true, but as you can see, it’s working (everyone’s talking about it now)

  • TheExposer

    Skip bayless getting owned on ESPN

    do we really need to listen to this moron

  • the lakers rock!!!!!!

    i hate this idiot so much. after spending months talking about how the celtics were going to win the title last year he did nothing but to crticize the lakers once they won. as far as the commercial goes, what the fuck its so wrong about it. its an online game if i’m not mistaken, so that’s why they showed all these celebrities. they are suposedly playng online. Charles barkley said it best on inside the nba “Skip Bayless is an idiot”. yes kobe has two daughters, and i still don’t see anything wrong with it. the guy was just having fun. i thought the commercial was hilarious. SKIP BAYLESS YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!! ANS SO DOES YOUR SHOW, GET A LIFE THE ONLY REASON U TALK SO MUCH ABOUT KOBE ITS BECAUSE YOU ENVY HIM AND DESPISE ESPN TRYING TO GIVE LEBRON THE CROWN ITS OVIOUS THAT KOBE ITS THE MOST LIKED NBA PLAYER.

  • Wilt

    You all understand it now he “NEEDS” the money. I guess NBA players can’t have a little fun in their lives huh skip. This fool is the dumbest peace of crap that ever entered sports broadcasting next to john hollinger. Ya Bayless NBA fans are so offended I bet they are lined up with complaint cards outside stern’s house right now. What a freakin retard!!!!!

    • Wilt

      One more thing. Did Treyarch make a fool of the U.S. government for putting President’s Kennedy and Nixon along with Sec. of Defense Macnamara in the game. No one is complaining that the presidents along with macnamara team up with castro to kill hundreds of zombies but you have to complain about Kobe holding a fake spectre and a fake assault rifle.

  • KOBE the new LOGO

    Oh, I get it. They’re trying to direct hate away from ESPN’s boy toy, Lebra James, so they bash on Kobe for NOTHING! Funny thing is that I could swear I’ve seen this commercial run on ESPN to promote the game. Seems the higher ups are not too critical of Kobe for doing this commercial since they’re getting paid to advertise it. Just saying.


    First off, this whole argument about Kobe crossing the line is flat out ridiculous. Kobe promotes a VIDEO GAME and guess who’s bashing on him? Surprise…ESPN!!! The same network that hangs on LeBras nutsac.

    Their beloved Heat are struggling and they put millions of dollars to promote them and LeBra, and now they look like jackasses. But now their trying to divert the attention away, and try to bash Kobe.

    The only ones they should be bashing is their very own LeBra “the quitter” James for making that gay ass Nike commerical.

  • LAKER BOY 82


  • http://chriscates365 Chris Cates

    I’ve got a song all Lakers fans need to hear called “Kobe Time”

    You can hear it @

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    Hey skip bayless… or should i say SKipper… how about you get that big dick out of your ass and leave the true champion alone. You are missing your gay pride parade while talking about kobe.

  • NAKTrigger


  • Fish2

    They say Kobe holding a weapon smiling is a bad image. What about that douche LeBron who has a gun holstered on his hip in his so called “villian” image? Same thing in my book.

  • Marky Mark

    Wow, Skip “No Imagination, No Sense of Humor” Bayless.

    Hey Skip, it’s called make believe and if you’re going to start getting on people (not just Kobe) about making films about military violence you better be prepared to attack everyone in Hollywood.

  • Coach Brian Shaw

    Skippy needs to get his panties out of a knot. Its just a damn video game. Anyone who thinks this commercial represents accurately represents real life gun violence and war needs to get their head checked.

  • David

    Skip bayless is an idiot. Always has been, always will be. He says the stupidest shit all the time on cold pizza. I don’t know if he’s really as stupid as he acts or he just likes to stir up conflict all the time.

  • al

    Skip Bayless can take his opinion and shove it up his rectum ….

  • SD Anthony

    It’s much better to honor the real baby killers. God bless America.

  • Skip Dickless

    My name says it all!

    • the lakers rock!!!!!!


  • http://57.amklac laffs atu


    • Wilt

      Lebron also lets sub .500 teams drain game winners in his face.


      oh? when?what did he say?what did he do? I do remember Kobe mocking lebra.


    While it is his (Skip’s) perrogative to call out Kobe, why is he not going after the creators of C.O.D.? I’ll bet it was the marketing and casting dept. that sought out Kobe. Yes, one could even debate that Kobe could have shown better judgement. If it were me, I would have rocked the Chain gun like the one used by Jesse Ventura in Predator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laffs at laffs atu

    This Laffs at u guy is so far up Lebricks ars he can smell his breath.
    So funny.
    I guess there is 1 thing right about you u dumb ars.
    U make me Laugh looser.

  • Tulley

    Seriously Bayless? I just came across your Kobe Black Ops video, and I must say wow. He is in there to promote the game not to “play soldier”. The comment about his daughters….wtf was that about? This commercial has absolutely nothing to do with a man having daughters. Are you seriously that mental or was it a comment of pure stupidity? It also has little to do with money i’m sure, but even if it did who the hell are you to say that a man can not go out and make a few easy extra dollars? Maybe, that money even went towards his daughters medical or therapy bills because of this traumatic video game promotion. You should immediately be fired from your job and all things aired nationally.

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