A small tidbit from Sports Illustrated suggests the Lakers are interested in trade talks to improve the bench.

SI: Even with a commanding five-game lead in the conference standings, the Lakers aren’t content to stand pat. League sources say L.A. has been active in trade talks as it looks to upgrade its bench before the Feb. 18 trade deadline. Meanwhile, after Monday’s game against visiting Orlando, the Lakers will play eight in a row on the road.

  • LkrsFanToNgtive

    Well thats good to hear if you ask me they can use some more help on the bench other just from farmar brown and walton they can use a knock down 3 point shooter would help alot

    • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

      man i must agree with you, Sasha and Adam should go- both of them have awful defense (sasha is pesky but fouls too much)

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    kobe needs more lackeys to pass him the damn ball..

    • http://TheLakersNation laffs atyo momma

      Lebronx needs lackeys to pass him the ball and isolate so they dont get in his fucken way. thats why he averages so much points.
      same old shit, give him the ball and isolate.

  • Bee-D-Bee’s

    Kinda good to hear if they can unload Sasha or Morrison…maybe even Luke. But hope we don’t give up Shannon or Farmar in any deal!!!

  • BleedsPurpsNGold

    LO, Farmar, Brown, MBenga, Powell.. Seemed to be the ones that need to stay.. But other ppl on the bench have horrible contracts i.e. Walton & Sasha which makes them hard to trade.. Im thinking Farmar is gonna go and that sucks, but it just seems like that cuz he has some value.

    Let see if Mitch can pull a trigger on a nice role/complementary player..

    • http://TheLakersNation PWNED

      farmar has contributed more since its his contract year, he knows that they might let him go so he puts in more effort to prove his worth to the team. besides, he is payed $1m a year, thats pretty cheap for a player like him. he can shoot, drive and his defense and hustle is REALLY overlooked. he can get steals in a hurry. the rest of the bench (brown, lo, powell, farmar, mbenga (especially mbenga) need to stay
      i havent seen much from sasha and ammo is done.
      lets see if we can unload them. hopefully we can though. i want someone who can come off the bench and steps on the court then instantly turns it on, can score and defend.
      i also want a 3pt specialist. we thought that was sasha but proven wrong. artest is the leading 3P shooter then its derek/farmar tied.
      we need someone that can get open and shoot the 3 tremendously well. jared dudley from the suns bench is the leading 3p shooter in the league and he is a darn bench player. that is outstanding for a bench player. we need someone like him.

  • http://www.thelakersnation.com Frofreddy
    • Heron

      Each one of those trades is far-fetched. The only feasible one is the first, but I wouldn’t give up Farmar for Jamison. How come Sasha isn’t included in any of these trades? Are you in love with him or something? Clippers wouldn’t trade their best player (yeah I said it) in Kaman, and why would the Grizz trade Thabeet after just drafting him?

  • http://vinginor@aol.com onlyone laker fan in L.A.

    Who is stupid enough to take these two bums.
    Sasha 5 million a year cant hit a open shot in 2 years average 6 pts a game.
    Ammo is a joke he played summer league and did well but as soon as he has to play with the big dogs he falls apart.
    His contract is horrible . Hopefully we can get cas for clunkers.

    • http://myspace.com/taeyongpark Day

      Someone took Kwame so who knows ;)

      • Boba Fett

        But his contract was expiring.

        This bothers me terribly, how the hell can we get rid of Sasha?

  • Kb_24mvp

    what we need is a tmac coming off the bench? haha let me stop

  • olivia

    Farmar has definitely proven himself thus far, even Brown knowing that their contracts are ending. They were already talented even before this year, but weren’t really as motivated because they hardly played. With the contracts ending, they’re feeling pressured and of course, who wants to leave L.A? The only player that worries me is Sasha. I thought he played really well 07-08, but it at went down hill from there. Everyone else they should definitely keep.

  • http://nbafan24.webs.com kbfan24

    Stop hating on Sasha. The guy is averaging 40% from three point range, 2nd best on the team. He is only playing like 5 minutes a game. Sasha is capable of stepping up, he just needs minutes.

    • stfu

      You must have been an admirer of this article http://www.vujacic.net/2010/01/12/more-minutes-equals-more-rhythm/

      Lamest excuse ever, get the fuck out of here.

      • http://nbafan24.webs.com kbfan24

        I would like you to explain how it is a lame excuse. I like it how people like you who cant play basketball for jack diddly squat bash on the pros.

        • stfu

          What does me playing ball have anything to do with simply wishing for the eradication of your so called “pro” who clearly does not put any effort into his game and makes bank off of it? Ask anyone else about Sasha you asshole. And for the record I can play ball but why bother bragging about it?

          • 242LakerFan

            Wow, stfu, you make a really compelling argument. I like how you resist the temptation to let little things like facts and numbers get in the way of your logical, well thought out assertions.

  • Popcorn

    I think the Lakers realistically are likely to get something out of AMO’s contract just because is an expiring contract for $5+ million. I don’t think a single team will take sasha unless they bundle his contract with a good player from the Lakers; ei Odom, Bynum,Gasol etc. Same with Walton. It won’t happen the Lakers won’t do that either.
    AMO for Raja Bell sounds great to me but the problem is first; the Warriors and the Lakers are in the Pacific div
    second; unfortunately Raja’s contract expires at the end of the season just like Amo’s contract.
    Imo we need a tall and athletic guy that can play good defense or highly unlikely like as I said before, but Raja Bell could be a great addition to the bench.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Thanks a lot TLN…..now we have to listen to all of the rediculous trade scenarios from a bunch of coach potatoes who think they can play GM on the internet. THANKS!

    • hahaha

      what the hell is a coach potato? i didn’t know mr. potato head was a coach….

    • Robert

      Coach Potato!!!! That’s brilliant! Hurry up and patent that phrase. Trademark it (like Pat Riley tried to trademark the term ‘three-peat’).
      That’s hilarious. It’s even better than the term ‘armchair coach’ or ‘armchair player’. This is the best phrase to come out of TLN. Take it and run, man! Your wife should reward you for that.
      Super kudos

  • LakeShowAllDay

    bye bye morrison sasha and luke

  • CuppyXL


    My pops said he would love to see this trade happen!

    But on a serious note, despite Farmar and Brown’s performances this past season, I think the Lakers are needing to improve at the PG position. Right now, the league is filled with plenty of talented PGs. Parker, Pauls, Williams, Billups, Rondo, etc. Fisher is getting to the point where he is going to retire, and soon, and getting a PG wuld help the Lakers tremendously, especially one that can score and has some speed. I like the idea of somehow bringing Devin Harris to the team, but the question is would the Nets be willing to part with such a great talent?

    Sure, New Jersey may be the worst team in the league, but are they willing to part with a player who could potentially (although very unlikely) attract other free-agents such like a LeBron or Bosh?

    I think, trading Harris to the Lakers, and maybe Courtney Lee,


    for Sasha and Luke would be a definite upgrade for the Lakers, but the only benefit I see for the Nets is that they would be better positioning themselves to get a higher draft pick in the future. Although, if the Nets were to make a trade, they would want somebody with expiring contracts. Sasha has two left and Luke, 4. Morrison could take Luke’s spot and it would still work.

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    pick up Nate and Harris

    • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

      You know what?
      Surprisingly, that can work.
      Sasha can be traded for Nate, as contracts are similar

      Ammo and Farmar for Harris.

      But leave it to management. We shouldnt be talking and getting our hopes up for just some lousy rumor.

  • Robert

    Yeah, TLN. Thanks for the trade rumors. I guess nobody knows for sure, so we’ll always be speculating. It would be too bad not to keep last year’s Championship team together, but it’s already split up because of Ariza’s departure.
    We have 2 roster spots. Too bad we can’t just acquire a player.
    But anyway, since trades and team shakeup is inevitable (if not now, at the end of the year), then of course it would be stellar if we got Devin Harris. The Lakers would be tighter than tight, then. Raja Bell wouldn’t be bad either! Then we’d have the 2 Kobe nemeses on the Lakers (other being Ron-Ron). Our defense would be even better.
    Anyway, it’s fun to think about these things. Yes, we can all be ‘coach potatoes’ (HAHAHA!). We have nothing to lose. Keep it up!!!!! More is better.

  • Rich

    Strategically, looking towards the end of the season, our beloved Lakers need to be stronger up front…Gas n By come off to weak way too often… I’d love to see a play for another “tough” big and wouldn’t Nate Robinson or Devin be a big plus…yep! So who has to go to make it happen???…Buss can go ahead and move Powell, Mbenga, Sasha, Morrison, and as far as I’m concerned…if LO and Jordon don’t get more consistent, then they can go too…

    • drive-for-16th

      Every one was about to have a heart attack including me when lamar was thinking about leaving and he played with us made half of my summer shitty and finally signed. BUT WAT FOR, ALL THAT FOR NOTHING.

  • Rich

    I hear you drive… and another thing… Bynum, when he grows up and becomes a man will be a great player baring injuries, but WTF… (from LA Times “I was just like ‘this is crazy. I missed the flight,’ ” Bynum said before Sunday night’s game against the Raptors. “Then I was like, ‘I’ve got to play my wan to get there.’ ”)… get a set By and stop talking and playing like a little “Biatch.” If you don’t man up soon if I was Buss I would definitely try to move you for Bosh…

  • drive-for-16th

    Fuck moving bynum for bosh the way paus playing it looks liek he doesn’t feel like winning another tittle.