What’s there to be worried about? In fact, its the Spurs and Mavs that should be worried.

Pro Basketball Talk: The NBA championship is not decided in December. The NBA season is a long slog where contending teams want to develop good habits, win games and stay healthy for the second season.

We get that. But we can’t help but wonder…

When you look at the West right now what do you see? Dallas just had a 12-game win streak and behind its 2-3 match-up zone is playing its best defense in years. The Spurs are 20-3 and have been the best team in the league over the course of the young season — good defense and an elite offense (even if they have slowed the pace lately). They are getting to rest Tim Duncan so much he is putting himself in games to play.

Then there is the consensus preseason pick to come out of the West, the Lakers — who have looked good but not dominant against a pretty soft schedule. Their defense has been pedestrian. Pau Gasol has looked tired and Ron Artest is not fitting in as smoothly. They have losses to good teams like the Jazz and Bulls, they had to squeak out wins against the Nets and Clippers. It has not been a tour-de-force.

It’s time to ask — should the Lakers be worried? Could the Spurs or Mavericks (or Thunder or Jazz) knock them off come the playoffs?

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  • rondo

    Winners don’t worry losers worry. You respect and don’t underestimate your opponent. You will win all the time.

  • Gugy

    If you want the Lakers to be a legit champion then there is no need to worry about anyone but yourself.
    Seriously it doesn’t matter who will have to overcome to win it all.

    I truly believe the Lakers biggest opponent is themselves.

    We have the talent, the best players, the best coach ever and the best fans. Now it’s time to put their heads on the right place and bring another 3peat to the Lakernation.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Dallas and San Antonio are good, but they’ve had favorable schedules. They’ve played the least road games of any of the teams in the NBA. They’ll have a tougher second half of the season, and we’ll see then if we should worry about them.

  • John Robertson

    Should the Lakers be worried with the Spurs or Mavs?
    -of course no.

    The Lakers should be worry of themselves, because sometimes they get to complacent when they have a big lead.

  • Copy & Paste Police

    garbage copy and paste job again . . . do you not have any conscience about stealing other people’s work?

    • 242LakerFan

      Seriously, what is your problem?
      If you are looking for a journalism site, there are plenty to choose from. This is a fan site. It doesn’t claim nor has it ever claimed to be a news gathering outfit. It is here to provide links (as it does here) to Lakers related articles and provide a forum for fans to discuss these items. I for one think they do a pretty good job at it and I enjoy many of the comments left by the fans here. The real fans, that is.
      There is original content here, too. There is usually a pre-game report and always a very well thought out and well written wrap-up from Anna following each game.
      I think you meant to click ESPN.com or SportsIllustrated.com or maybe HatersNation.com.
      These guys do what they do. If you want all original content, find it yourself, somewhere else, and leave TLN alone with your petty whining.
      Have a nice day. :)

      • Copy & Paste Police

        you see the ads on the top and right sides? that’s money that TLN makes from copying and pasting. You’re a tool man. They use you like how they use Marwan uses the copy and paste button – ALL DAY!

        • 242LakerFan

          Jealous much? They charge me a total of about $0.00 to view this website, which costs money to maintain. I feel used like Shaq feels underfed.
          You could always start your own website and go get your own original info and blow TLN out of the water. Who knows, you might just make some money doing it. And guess what? I’d be really happy for you. It’s called the American Dream. Find something you like to do and get paid for doing it. You’ve made it.
          Don’t begrudge someone else their success, man. That’s petty, selfish and ultimately very lazy of you.
          B’bye now! :)

          • http://thetruthrenaissance.wordpress.com/ BE_A_LakerFan

            242LakerFan wins again.
            I get tired of people complaining about TLN. Thanks for shutting them up.

  • gameplan

    well it is still 1st quarter of the season,kobe is still resting.

  • lakerman1

    All the writer comments above are the same ones we hear year after year and yet the Lakers still win championships. Building perfection is not always the key but building Championships wins are. This year I stopped agonizing over every Laker loss. Now the playoffs that’s when I will start the real agonizing. 41 @ home & 41 on the road it’s a long long season folks. They will be fine when the real gauntlet is thrown and the Lakers will show that championship caliber they possess especially against the Celtics and we will see what Doc’s excuse is next year when we spank that ass again.

  • Lakers_The_Truth

    Don’t understand this article.
    Is the writer a bandwagon fan?

    Come on, who cares if the Mavs, Spurs, Celtics, Magic or Heat are playing well now?
    It’s a long season and at the end of the day I don’t give rat ass for regular season. It will comes down to playoffs.
    Lakers is a hard team to match up, specially in the West. I think the only team that can beat us is Boston, because they are deep like us. That said if the Lakers wants to 3peat they will need anyone.

    • 242LakerFan

      All I can say is “Ditto”. This comment is 100% spot on.
      I watched NBA TV’s “The Association: Boston Celtics” last night and they talked about how Celtic Pride demands they win at least another titled to be considered alongside the great Celtics teams. They’re all primed and ready and I believe they will be there at the end. It’s going to be up to this Laker team to be clicking on all cylinders again in April/May/June and Phil will have his quadruple triple, Kobe/Fish will have #6 and the Lakers will have #17 and deny any claim from Beantown as to which is the greatest NBA franchise.
      That’s when “who’s playing well” matters and only then.

  • Marcus Harmin

    My favorite thing about these haters (the few that exist)… is that they visit the site and leave comments. So, really, they’re paying TLN, lol. Dumb asses! Plus, at-least TLN isn’t trying to just be some Facebook or Twitter site. When they do post original stuff, it’s actually good, unlike most blogs.

  • LakerNationCitizen

    PLUS – TLN is NOT STEALING or Copying and Pasting (you idiot!). IF you click on that “read more…” link, it’ll lead you to the actual site where the blog is originally posted. Therefore, TLN led me to that site. And that site just had another visitor (me)!

    So TLN is making them money by leading me to them.

    Anyways – no worry for the Lakers. They know what they need to do. And they’ll do it!

    Tonight is Philly night and a gym dedication for Mr. Bryant. It’ll be a good night. He’ll give Philly a good show like he did Indiana! =D

    • 242LakerFan

      Yeah, that’s a great achievement for Kobe. A great tribute. He deserves this kind of recognition. Not many high schools get the kind of worldwide recognition Lower Merion has because of KB. And even though Philly fans have always booed him, he’s never abandoned his alma mater.

  • the lakers rock!!!!!!

    its a long season ahead, last year should be a proof to those idiots analists that regular season record and the best record overall does not mean a championship. if i’m not mistaken in the last 5 years the team with the best record overall won only once 2008, if the lakers play to their potential they should win another chip regardless of how good the spurs are. that’s the worst thing it could happen to the nba for the spurs to win another championship, the numbers when they were on top were awful.(ratings)