Ron might color his hair purple tomorrow. Let him know your answer via twitter!

Twitter: Shin Shin wants my hair purple/gold for tomorrows game vs Magic! Leave a message on section Talk To Ron if you think I should!

  • 09champs!

    as long as he keeps getting 3-5 steals a game, im all for it LOL

    • lakechamps!

      All for it as long as he knocks down his shots or drives to the rim instead. Ariza was a spark that not only got Huge stops consistently, but also scored consistently. Ariza had a balanced game the lakers needed and I hope Artest takes the advice Kobe gave Ariza as seriously as he’s dieting and starts shooting way more in practice.

      • http://thelakersnation pwned

        yes, im sure he got huge stops consistently.
        im sure he stopped melo and pissed him off through out the game. im sure he did the same with iggy, granger.
        huge stop? sure, a foul to give and he doesnt get off the floor to contest iggy’s game winning shot.
        i loved ariza but the dude’s defense isnt as good as ron’s.
        as for offense, ariza counted on open shots from double teamed kobe and pau. as for his drives, thats probably the only thing he doesnt need people to set him up for. other than that, ariza was a “im open, i need the ball” type of player.
        artest can create his own shot but he doesnt need to becasue he has high iq and is a willing passer. i say nothing lost, more gained in the “swap” for the 2.
        as for the record, artest’s performance isnt the reason the lakers have a bad record. its the fact that pau missed 17 games, ron missing 5 games, and just battling through injuries throughout the season, all that and still are 2 1/2 games behind a healthy cleveland.
        artest > ariza

  • Matthew
    • 09champs!

      Some blondes are hot, but i dont think Ron looks very good like that LOL… Anyways i like the team spirit xD

      i know we are getting a W tomorrow and the streak of not losing 3 straight since pau arrived will still be alive :)

  • Michael Perez

    since Ron Ron can be considered the Rodman of our team, i guess its fitting

  • ampatuan

    lol the guy on the back of ron looks like shannon brown. hahaha

  • iiTzDanny


  • 007

    is it just me or can anyone else not see the picture?

  • http://57.amklac REALITY

    ugly is ugly, ratlike is ratlike……..