Kobe thinks so (obviously joking)…

Press Enterprise: “I told him he shouldn’t play,” Kobe Bryant said. “I’m not throwing him one pass. “Why you laughing?” he continued. “I’m not throwing him anything. No lobs. Nothing. If he so much as jumps off the floor, I’ll smack him.

  • http://www.teamsupastar.com 123kid

    it aint funny, but if i was kobe, i would just steal the ball from him if he gets the ball.

  • kb24mvpsquared

    I’m with you KOBE!!! Bynum please dont play buddy!!! im shi t terrified of the Grizzlies!!!!!

  • lakeshow

    lakers have to do it the hard way if they get cavs in the final because we all know that lecrab is going to get alot of calls just because hes lebron yup homecourt advantage is a biatch.

  • lilkobe24

    if kobe is laughing then its funny bish

  • kobe8

    I hope Bynum doesn’t play. We already lost HCA and the regular season games don’t mean shit for us anymore. Playoffs is what we’re supposed to be focused on.

  • Mitch4Pres

    bench bynum


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    I agree 100%. No point of trying on these last games. We won’t be able to catch the Cavs and the Celts won’t be able to catch us so the next two games should just be blowouts since it doesn’t matter anymore.