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Hot off the press (well, almost) enshrined Laker-legend Jerry West has penned somewhat of a tell-all autobiography, West by West, set to release sometime in the next couple of months. Mercury News columnist Tim Kawakami got his hands on an advanced copy and dropped some quite revealing information about what we’ll find inside.

While the book is said to offer a brutally honest and enlightening account of The Logo, that could be lost in the undertow of insight surrounding the Lakers organization, Jerry Buss, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant and more. Here are just a few excerpts that were noted:

On Phil Jackson:

”So one of the problems I had with Phil was this. His office was right near mine and when he would arrive in the morning, he would walk right past and never even bother to wave or duck his head in to say hello. He would later say that he felt the need to stake out his territory, that on top of that he was ’a wack job,’ but I am sure it was more than that.”

“Phil and I had no relationship. None. He didn’t want me around and had absolutely no respect for me–of that, I have no doubt.”

On his relationship with Jerry Buss:

“The close nature of our relationship began to change [after they moved from the Forum in ‘99], and not only did I feel more and more unappreciated, or under-appreciated, but my own personal demons, rooted in my childhood, were threatening me. The Lakers had been home to me, unlike the home I had grown up and felt apart from. But now the home was feeling less and less hospitable, and I was sensing that I didn’t belong, or wasn’t wanted, there any more, that I had stayed too long at the fair and it was time for me to go.”

On the Kobe, Shaq Fued:

“It pained me to see how much of a struggle it was for them me, how unwilling Kobe was to defer to Shaq in any way.”

As of right now, there is no exact release date set for this book. Based on Tim’s write up, we can only expect this to be nothing short of a must-read for Laker fans.

  • macdawg

    Jerry was, one of the greats, the Logo.  But now he has turned into this… this dude needs to kick rocks.

    • Jonacoles

      The book is being released on September 28.  Publication date is October 19th.  With all due respect, all of you who have posted might want to wait until you have a chance to read the whole book and see everything that Jerry has written in its proper context–Phil, Kobe, Shaq, Dr. Buss…..all of it.  It is nowhere near being a tell-all book; it is Jerry West speaking candidly, but primarily in an effort to enable the reader to discover who he is.  It is the most self-critical book imaginable.

      • Len Gillman

        Jonacoles, ” It is the most self-critical book imaginable”
        Have you read the book yet?

        • Jonacoles

          Yes, I am the coauthor.

  • lakers12345

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  • Impaler

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  • Roodypoo

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    • lakersown

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    • lakersown

      Your a douche, GTFO with your shitty team

  • Edgargn_1218

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  • charles young

    Jerry West is a class act,1 of the greatest basketball players who ever played. He didnt play to be in the spotlight, Bryant, Jackson did they are nothing be media, money hungary player, coachs jackasses,Jerry West has help keep the nba alive now let that sink in your retarted mind. Go to the shaq and let him stick his finger up your crack. C.E.Y.

  • Roberthennix

     unwilling Kobe was to defer to Shaq in any way.”,, the logo is the laker tru and tru he has to sell books and if this is true the combo whould have never won 3 rings together, now what i read in to this is yes to the media KB24 would never defer to anyone on his team KB has a chance to be the GREATEST LAKER EVER. i have been a laker since 1974 PURPLE AND GOLD FOR LIFE

    • noidol.kb24

      I think you meant to say Kobe is the GREATEST RAPIST THE LAKERS EVER HAD.

      • Nelly13b

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        • Nelly13b

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          • noidol.kb24

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          • Manba24Fan4Life

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          • 40yrlakierfan

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      • Mbsr25

        Are you ready for the lawsuit you may receive for evil defamation of Kobe’s character?  Are you sorry for anything deplorable that you have done, and I know you have done some deplorable things because of your take on what you have no clue of what really happened.  Were you there?  Find a real issue in life and be as passionate about it as you are with this years ago non-issue.  Really!!!!!

  • Beagamer

    Jerry West, if what he says is true is fine. With these comments didn’t throw anyone under the bus but rather just gave some insight. 

  • Lengilman

    Phil Jackson doesn’t do trivial and cliche behavioral acts.
    When his players came out of games he didn’t hug them or high five them 
    or shake their hands. Not because he didn’t like them or respect their work 
    but it was an unnecessary social ritual. He didn’t do it with Jordan or Shaq or
    Mr Clutch. But that didn’t stop Jerry from saying good morning to Phil if
    he thought it was so important. 
    Maybe if Jerry let Phil know he wanted him Coaching the team and kept to himself who Phil dated.

  • siempreawesome

    Aside from the Phil & West relationship, everything is pretty much already known. West already explained his split with the Lakers organization. And he pretty much restated what we already knew between the Shaq and Kobe feud.

    I like Jerry West and I wonder if there’s anything in that book we haven’t heard about, though. I’ll probably skim through the book at a bookstore or something.

  • Manba24Fan4Life

    I love you mister Logo, but we heard much of these before. I know you want to sell books, but not much is new. I still respect and love you!

  • Anonymous

    sounds like the most boring book in the world. one of the main topics is that a co-worker didn’t say hello in the morning?…

  • Urasoemike

    I can relate to Jerry West’s comments. Zeke, you’re still the greatest Laker in my book