According to ESPN LA’s Dave McMenamin, the Lakers will be one of the few teams to experiment with short-sleeve jerseys next season:

Personally, I am not a fan of the short-sleeves.  I was okay with the NBA introducing them last season when the Golden State Warriors wore them, but I truly thought that teams like the Lakers would not be adding them to their selection of jerseys.

I think the NBA is forcing the issue with these uniforms and ultimately it may backfire from a marketing stand point.   I do not know many adult fans that will want to purchase the short-sleeve jerseys.  The demographic of the jerseys may be directed more at teenagers and that’s where it may be popular, but I can’t see many older fans spending money on the gear that fits like a compression shirt.

The Lakers did have their summer team wear short-sleeve jerseys a few weeks ago.  Should be noted that Chris Douglas-Roberts cut the sleeves in one of the games because it felt tight around his shoulders and made a point to say that he “hated” the jerseys.

Let’s just hope we don’t try the short shorts experiment with these jerseys…. Yikes.