Here is what Rasheed had to say…

Boston Herald: “Postseason is a whole different season,” said Rasheed Wallace. “It’s the added-on season when all the shots get bigger. That’s when you see who has the biggest machismo – I don’t want to say the other word – but that’s what it comes down to. Regular season, yeah, you get a few big games where anybody can hit shots, but when it’s for the hardware, some cats don’t want to take those shots. So I don’t think it’s a psychological advantage if you dominate or beat a team in the regular season.”

He does have a point, although, when you’re talking about guys like Kobe Bryant and D-Fish. They know how to win and hit “when all the shots get bigger.”

  • Trem

    Dumbass, but hey, what’s a quality Laker win over the Celtics without them running their mouths afterwards? lol

    • lakers4life2417

      kobe and d fish both know how to make big shots even in the post-season. common now sheed. even you know that’s something you cant guaransheed because you know you’ll be wrong.

  • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

    Boohoo Rasheed. Pau destroyed you and your still running your mouth off? What was your excuse for the airball against Magic?
    The Celtics probably (should) regret signing him. They couldve signed David Lee, or used the money used on Sheed for a more quality Free Agent this year after Ray Allen’s $18m contract expires, freeing up space and money… but hey, they can’t all have Mitch Kupchaks.

  • Randy’s Donuts

    Sh!t, with the amount of Technicals this mutha fuka gets every game, he may not even be around in the playoffs! Shut the fuk up Sheed, go get your teeth fixed!

  • Mr Terrific

    The only Hardware Sheed knows about is sold at Home Depot!

    • desecrator93

      he did win a title over us in 04 remember.

  • http://lakersnation showtime4eva


  • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

    I want to meet them in the finals. To be honest, regular season wins dont avenge our loss in the finals. I mean I love kicking their ass in any way we can, but doing it in the finals makes it that much more sweeter.

    • drive-for-16th

      thats if they make it to the finals which i dont think so.

      • Chris Manning

        When PP and KG heal up a bit (hopefully) then we’ll see them. They’re going to be tough as hell in a 7 game series. They still have it (as we saw today).

  • Salty

    Did Sheed forget that he already got beat by Kobe and D-Fish in 2000 and 2001?

  • drive-for-16th

    fuk rasheed hes a fukin washed up tool. Him and all the celdicks just talk shit these days nothing else cause they cant win any fukin games. forget about playoffs, there best player is rondo, the skinny fuk who thinks that his stupid vball fake he does EVERYTIME is gonna fool someone, we need to play them and beat the fuk out of them on our court, in our fukin house, in la la land, in the real fukin mecca of basketball. LA MOTHAFUKAS.

  • LA Lakers Pride

    shut the hell up sheed..ur an old failure..damn go fix that patch of no hair on ur head

    • NBAmazingKB24

      i shouldnt laugh… but lol ok thats funny

  • td

    Guess he doesn’t understand irony. This isn’t a random team that got lucky once…it’s the best team in the league when you account for how many calls the Cavs get

    • 242LakerFan

      Not to mention they still had to snatch THIS game out of the hands of the refs!
      At first, it was a few iffy no-calls. You live with those. But then they were clearly making calls the wrong way and that’s just wrong.
      Great job by RonRon selling that call on Pierce. Veteran move to force the ref’s hand.
      Sheed is just a frustrated old player near the end of his line. All he has left right now is mouth!

  • LakeShowAllDay

    even sheed knows they suck ass

  • http://57.amklac HE`S HURT AGAIN?

    sheed should be part of laker nation…his logic runs with all you punk-ass posers.

    • 242LakerFan

      When we want your opinion, we’ll ask LeBron to give it to you.

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  • onlyone laker fan in L.A.

    Ha ha Boston . Kobe kicked your ass with a broken finger ,bad ankle.
    Good to see Bynum and Ron play well.
    Celtics you need to worry about Atlanta,Orlando ,Clevland,You wont see us in the finals

  • xtro


  • gugy

    Sheed is Boston version of KMart. Dumb a-s-s who can’t keep a shut mouth.
    Who cares, Boston this season is a non-factor if they keep playing the way they are playing now.

  • lakerman1

    We never would have heard that comment if Ray Allen had of hit the last shot. It was good to see Lamar hustle over and put a hand in his face because if its not a clear shot for him he never makes them. Ray was draped all over Kobe and KB still made him look like a fool. Look for a total revamp of the Celtics next year because all they did when they added Sheed was add another over the hill player even the Doc can’t heal these old timers. LOL

  • deemac1

    He has a point tho… Some guys talk the talk but cant walk the walk. Not every1 can or should take the game winning shot and can it! Hence his airball last week against Magic. I think maybe he was talking bout himself with his comments! lol Like Rob once said, “Aint no luck shot, he better go read a newspaper or something!” Kobe been doing that sh*t for a career! His new nickname should simply be “DO” cause thats what he DO!


    Yo Rash!t Wallå$$! I hear what you’re sayin… but “DO YOU KNOW WHO THE FCUK I AM?” -Kobe Fcukin Mamba Bryant!

    What fcukin jack ass! Kobe will hit big shots after big shots all day! Even when he doesn’t have a great shooting night, you can always count on him to hit the big shots when it counts!

    I know that our Lakers lost to the Pistons in the finals back in 2004, but did that nappy headed motha fcuka forget that Kobe hit a three to tie the game and then a three to win it later? N_____a please!

    Move over Kyra Sedgwick, Kobe Bryant is the ‘CLOSER’!

    FCUK YOU GAY G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FCUK YOU GAY ALLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FCUK YOU GAYJON CONDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FCUK YOU KEND!CK PERKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FCUK YOU COCK RIVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FCUK YOU PUDGY PIERCEd (by a d!ck)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FCUK YOU COCKSTON FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • desecrator93

      ROFL!!! That was prolly the funniest sh*t I’ve read in a while.

    • Robert

      I think you covered all the alternate nicknames for Boston. Thanks! They’re all in one place now, and we can reference this blog whenever we use any one of them (Rondo’s nickname is particularly inventive).

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

    Forget the Celtics: they won’t make it to the Finals.

    It’s a shame, however, because a Laker victory over the Celtics in the Finals would be a nice capper.

  • Lakers 24 7

    LOL Sheed is one of the players I hate most. He will run his mouth non-stop. Even during game time, if there is a call made, either for or against him, he will always step up to the reff and say some shit. It’s like STFU and play already, that’s why he’s two techs away from being suspended.


    That coming from a guy who played a huge part in that famous game 7 western conference finals CHOKE SESSION when the jailbirds were up by 14 in the 4th quarter? We have the games most clutch shooter/s …I suggest he worry more about getting his bum a ss a haircut.

  • Zach

    The Baldspot used the word machismo? I didn’t know people of his intelligence knew such big words

  • Sonny

    STFU Rasheed (FatAzz) Wallace…

  • lakerbunny


  • sopi

    he forgot rondo was the one scared of shooting in the 4th quarter when the game comes down towards the end, nice pussy cat rondo lol, i didnt call u that, i was rasheed LOLOLOL

  • laker_girl85

    coming from a guy who couldn’t hit a shot ALL night!
    he only had 3 points all night.
    3 POINTS!!!!!!


  • Robert

    Sheed is done. The Celdicks are done. KG is done. Pierce is done. R Allen is done. They’re all done. 2008 was their first and last hurrah. Too bad we won’t see them in the Finals.
    They’re going fishing early. Can’t wait to see Kenny the Jet prep up the motorboat while Sir Charles pulls out the fishing rod. So long, Celdicks!

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