I was ready to post a Odom/Walton for Marion article ’til I updated my Inbox, received an e-mail, and saw that Marion has decided not to opt out. Freakin’ rumors! Now, we can put all this talk to rest… *cough*Elton Brand*cough*!

Miami Herald: Agent Dan Fegan said he has reached an impasse with Heat president Pat Riley after a month of on-and-off negotiations on an extension. Fegan said he informed the Heat of Marion’s decision.

Marion faced a deadline of 6 p.m. Tuesday to notify the Heat and league of his intensions. Fegan declined to discuss details of the negotiations. But Marion, 30, was believed to be seeking an extension of at least three seasons at an average salary of about $13 million a season.

Riley, whose priority has been to create maximum salary-cap space by the summer of 2010, is believed to have preferred an extension that averaged about $10 million a season.

”I spoke to Shawn again [Monday night] and we’ve decided that he’s not going to opt out,” Fegan said. “It just wasn’t in Shawn’s best interest. That’s all I can really say about it right now.”

Marion, who worked out in Chicago on Monday with Heat guard Dwyane Wade, could not be reached for comment. By declining to opt out, Marion faces the likelihood of playing out a lame-duck season with the Heat. He already has been mentioned in trade rumors because he stands to enter the 2008-09 season with an expiring contract that could be attractive to teams seeking relief.

  • T.A.

    This means more than ever that he could be traded

  • mplakers

    it’s ok to post that article. the fact that he didn’t opt out makes him more tradeable than before since he has an expiring contract ala kwame brown.

  • gugy

    I don’t think this matter, Seriously I heard so many talks about not opting out that in the even the players opt out. I do think Marion is looking into the possibilities out there.
    Elton Brand
    one of them would help the Lakers big time. Can we do it?

  • xtro

    The Matrix in L.A.

  • D Lo

    What would we do with Elton Brand? Are you suggesting trading or benching Pau or Bynum???

    Anyway, I agree that this means it makes him even MORE tradeable and more likely to be part of a sign and trade.

  • MILO

    How about we trade Vladi and Lamar to washington for Caron Butler! we need to repair that stupid trade when we gave away talent for Kwame scryb Brown!!!


    Y’all keep looking at ‘big names’,after the season’s over with and we win in the finals they’ll be asking for ridiculous money.Better off tryin’ to get CARON BUTLER back.

    They need to stop fakin’and sign someone NOW that would love the opportunity to put on that PURPLE/GOLD with some DAMN PRIDE…..Mickael Pietrus,Caron Butler and Udonis Haslem.

    Remember y’all wanted Arenas and he’s for…..120,000,000!

  • http://hzmdesigns.com hZm

    Doesn’t mean he won’t get traded.

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #41822 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i agree with you DC i also think we need to get rid of Vlady cause we need Ronny more than him! and we also need to keep in mind that next season Bynum will be back and Gasol will be fill the P-Foward starting Role!!! Make room for Ronny pull of a trade for Butler or Pietrus or maybe even Mike Miller! My friend DC always has it right!!!

  • lakerferlife7

    lamar is worth way more than pietrus and mike miller!!!!!!!!

  • Michael24

    how about we trade up to the draft huh?

  • dub824

    lamar for the 2nd pick in the draft


    Whatup Milo,why do people think that every time I say or you say or My man Billy Kupckak says get this player or that player some think that we’re tryin’ to sabotage the Lakers gettin’ Artest or we’re sayin’ trade LO….Not True.

    Yes!LO is essential to the Lakers but he does have relapses(Too many to name)which means he’s not giving his all on nightly basis.He lost his son and I’ve sympathized even ’til this but basketball wise,he has NO CHOICE BUT TO STEP UP OR SHIP OUT and Billy,Milo and myself have NUTHIN’ to do with that.

    ….and being worth more than Pietrus and Mike Miller?FO’REAL!Well that’s the problem,he’s WORHT TOo DAMN MUCH and doesn’t show up…….he’s lucky Jerry West ain’t around ’cause it wouldn’t been NO RUMOR about Richard Jefferson or Artest,Both of them would’ve been Lakers!!!

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #41843 Will Be Quoted Here]

    great rebuttal DC! i think Lamar is owed too much next season and realy is not worth it!!! sorry LO but we need a sf that can shoot the three and open up the floor for Farmar and kobe to drive!!!

  • Lakersfan9

    That Hoopsworld thing was kinda intriguing. After the initial shock of Game 6 wore down, I was more for keeping LO than trading him immediately, but if Miami would take Luke in an LO/Marion swap that would make it a lot more appealing. I know a lot of you would rather trade Vlad, but if you think of Ronny as the backup 4 and Trevor as the backup 3, Vlad can play either forward position as a shooting specialist while Luke could barely play one or the other. The only thing is it’d probably affect the team chemsitry and Marion is considered a headcase too, plus he wants more money and probably wouldn’t be as flexible as LO about a paycut. If Marion got jealous playing behind Nash and Amare imagine him as the fourth option behind Kobe, Pau and Andrew…would Phil be able to handle him?

  • Freshh

    Heat may be contending agaiN.
    wade, marion, rose,

  • D Lo

    [Comment ID #41848 Will Be Quoted Here]

    No one is getting Marion, paying him what he wants, and making him the 4th option. He’d be the 2nd and sometimes third option trading off with Gasol. Bynum would be the 4th option plus the put backs and alley-oops.


    My new slogan is……GET PIETRUS AND HASLEM!If Marion stays and Michael Beasley goes to Miami,Haslem WILL BE TRADED,GET’EM.

    Pietrus is lightyears ahead of Vlad and is an ARIZA type player wuth similar skills but here’s where they differ,LENGTH(I could say a Barbosa/Wade type too ’cause of his quick 1st step,HE’S GONE).All that and we don’t have to trade LO,everyone’s happy.

    Haslem adds Artest-ish toughness and we seen that in )’06 when they won the title.

    Pietrus could help Kobe tremendously scoring and especially defensive,go to ANY highlights on this guy and Y’ALL TELL ME HE WOULDN’T BE LIKE THAT AS A LAKER or would you rather we keep PUKE WALTON AND VLADI.

  • ab4sure

    Trade is possible now. LO and Radman or Walton.. plus the lakers should get the heats 2nd round pick.. which is close to a late first. Not bad.

  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

    idk, the matrix is one of the best small forwards in the league, and i think that he can do a little bit of everything, but i love LO´s playing style even though he is a little bit inconsistent, and i dont know, i dont think that lamar´s versatility can be find in other players…

  • Rpoc

    “an extension of at least three seasons at an average salary of about $13 million a season.”

    Not bad. This is less than what I expected of him to demand. A million or more lower would be better.

    If the Lakers go for him, I’m gonna count on Bynum as the secondary crunch time shot creator. Pau is too hesitant and Marion isn’t known for that. He could come up with clutch steals or rebounds, however.

    If Mitch can get rid of Walton or Rad, then I’m way more for this trade. It makes Bynum’s, Sasha’s, and Turiaf’s extensions easier to manage.


    Too many high priced players we keep looking when there are others guys then the typical Artest,Marion etc.Azubuike is availible and could be the piece they’re looking for but…..Haslem is another piece but….. Pietrus wants out of GS but…..Jamario Moon is out there but….OUR FRONT OFFICE IS SLOW AGAIN at aquiring someone,NOW.

    Damn I wish Jerry West was still around,not to take Mitch’s spot but to assist ’cause if he were here LUKE & VLAD WOULD BE GONE,BABY,GONE!!!

  • http://kb24.com Ed2424

    The answer to all our problems is COREY MAGGETTE. THE PERFECT SF FOR OUR SYSTEM.


    DAMN GOOD PICK!Now we talkin’.

  • sclakerfan

    Just crazy speculation:
    Sign and trade Brandt for Odom.
    Trade Gasol and Farmar for Haslam and Wade.
    Lakers line up:
    Wade, Kobe, Ariza, Brandt, and Bynum.
    Heat line up:
    Farmar, Cook, Marion, Beasley, Gasol.


    Lakers get 2 more go to guys and Heat get a point guard with potential and a center.

  • WeDaBest

    I would trade Odom for just about anyone. I hate that guy. It sucks to be Kupchak right now because there are just so many options the Lakers could choose from in the way of trades. Anyway… best of luck to them on draft night and in the offseason.

  • daboss1849

    [Comment ID #41896 Will Be Quoted Here]

    what wilt and Jordan weren’t available?

  • Shaq786

    Odom, waltom, mihm, and our second round pick… for shawn marion adn daqueen cook!

    trade sasha for a pick!….and sign Alonzo morning and kwame brown for the vets/ minimum…. WE GET A GRIP OF CAP SPACE!


  • http://deleted berks24

    obviously mitch has nothing to do with it again,maybe he will try again to start the season with its current rosters and then wait till bynum or kobe to get injured,and when it happen he will use again his bate an expiring contract to get a calimber player,that is how mitch work.he does have not a balls like west by aquiring a high school rookie for a starting cener that gives them 3 rings.but now is diffnt.they only been looking for a piece of puzzle.odom played w/kobe for 4years and he still can’t help.mitch has to trade him now.bcoz odom will be odom.so sad about matrix bcoz he can be the pippen type player.obviously artest,matrix can opt out and choose to play in la same as kg last year they don’t want to be shadowed by kobes greatness,they want to be the kobe themselves.do something mitch but pls no rookies.were going for the ship were not rebuilding.

  • T.A.


  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #41934 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Having balls can sometimes make you look like an idiot. So you want Mitch to trade Bynum for a high school rookie? Balls would have been trading Bynum for kidd. That is also called stupidity. Please enlighten us on a trade that would give Mitch some balls……

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #41934 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Having balls can sometimes make you look like an idiot. So you want Mitch to trade Bynum for a high school rookie? Balls would have been trading Bynum for kidd. That is also called stupidity. Please enlighten us on a trade that would give Mitch some balls……

  • sclakerfan

    We won’t know how Bynum will be until he plays a few games. Remember that he had a great start 2 years ago, but faded as the season went on. So far, he’s had maybe 1 good full season. He needs to keep working on his offensive game from 10 feet in. Also, making a few baskets during the 1st half of regular season is a lot different than having to be the 2nd option during the 4th quarter in the Western Conference Finals against Tim Duncan.


    Vlad(5,632,200) for Pietrus(3,470,771)and Marco Belinelli(1,345,800),Try it.

    Luke(4,000,000) and Mihm(2,500,000) for Udonis Haslem(6,050,000),Try it.

    Luke and Vlad for…….MY MOMS,SHE CAN DUNK,DO IT,HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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    sign and trade for josh smith

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