Shaw wants shot at Bulls position

    UPDATE: Looks like Shaw won’t be heading over at all! Yahoo! is reporting Doug Collins will be back as the Bulls head coach next season. I think that’s a great fit, and selfishly, I never wanted Shaw to leave us. But IF he did/does, I as well as many out there wish him the best of luck.

    O.C. Register: “I want to take a shot at it,” Shaw said. “I think I’m ready but that remains to be seen. I’ve always been the type of person that is ready to take on a new challenge and be placed in situation where it’s up to you, whether you sink or swim.”

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    • Fred A.

      But anyway I believe I heard Jerry West turned 70 today.
      Happy Birthday Mr. Clutch!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    • zgum

      hm.. well if he really wants it then go…

      Fisher can move up to being an assistant coach, then bring sun yue for pg…He has a nice court vision and can play very well.

    • Michael_23

      Too late, Doug Collins will coach the Bulls after announcing two weeks ago he doesn’t want to coach anymore.


      I hope he stays so when Phil decides to step down,Shaw will takes over.

    • laketown

      [Comment ID #37369 Will Be Quoted Here]

      Understandably so since they won the #1 pick.

    • HereWeGo

      hahaha of course doug collins took the job.. once the bulls go the #1 pick, probably all of the jobless ex coaches wanted the job.

    • west213

      Collins got d job, 2 late bro