Shaquille O’Neal will not play Wednesday

    Even with Big Daddy missing in the Center, it should still be a fun game nonetheless. And of course, condolences to the O’Neal family…

    Inside The Lakers: Just got word that Suns center Shaquille O’Neal will not play in Wednesday’s night’s game against the Lakers in order to attend the funeral of his great-grandmother, Cillar O’Neal.

    O’Neal had his best game of the season Tuesday night, finishing with 35 points and eight rebounds in the Suns victory over Milwaukee.

    Update: Bell, Diaw and Singletary also won’t suit up today due to just being traded to the Bobcats for Jason Richardson and Jared Dudley.

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      Likewise to the o’neal family.

    • sketch

      be nice…he had a big day at the buffet line the night before.


      Our respects to the O’neal family.

    • The Cougar

      Condolences to the O’Neal Family…. God be with the family at this time!

    • megaloco10

      condolences to him and family..

      now with lakers hopefully lakers start playing ’cause Sac beat us without kevin martin…

      Go Lakers…

    • Michael_23

      Raja Bell and Boris Diaw will not play either …

    • Joey

      He had a great-grandmother at 36? Wow.

    • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

      yea bell and diaw wont play, its not really a hyped game anymore

    • kobe4ever

      just wondering if anyone else feels the same…is phoenix a possible contender now? check out the starting five…

      nash pg
      j. rich sg
      g. hill sf
      a. stoudemire pf
      shaq c

      with barbosa, barnes to lead their bench…

      i’m not saying i’m really worried but…thats a big time lineup if they can gel like we can.