To get us prepared for the upcoming season, ESPN conducted an interviewed the one the only “Big Cactus.”

He was all praise for our MVP and team USA, and shared his thoughts on players like Kobe and LeBron getting offers to play overseas.

He was later questioned about his favorite moments with his former teams, stating “playing with one of the greatest players ever – Kobe Bryant” was his favorite when he was a Laker.

He went on to say the rivalry and tension between the two was fun and it made them play better, claiming it ultimately made it the key to their success when they won the three championships together.

The inevitable “Kobe can’t do without me” rap was brought up and Shaq being himself tried his best to blow it off saying it was entertainment and it was the media who misconstrued the whole ordeal. However, he made it clear he did personally apologize to Kobe about the incident.

  • ocho cinco jr.

    yea yea yea. just wait till later in the season when the suns and lakers meet. THE BIG PUMPKIN will start talking trash to Kobe and the Lakers. this is all a front from Mr. O’neal. I can’t wait when BYNUM dunks on shaq again! LAKERS > suns!!!1


    Shaq,out of his own mouth on ESPN yesterday,said “if I could do it all again..I would’ve left and stayed knowing the way Kobe plays.We’re still the best Duo EVER,2nd to none”,WOW!,he REALLY hates being in Phoenix.

  • sketch

    i take every word that comes outta his mouth with a grain of salt. “that one” just freestyles and says whatever is on his mind based on how he feels at that time. remember when he said that he would only play for phil? then he went on to say that riles was a great coach…and look how that turned out. you can’t really take his words as gospel. he lacks conviction and integrity. he just says and does things based on how he feels at that moment, just a big ass kid. so no, i don’t want him back. and i don’t want to see him win another ring. he could’ve been the best center ever, but he was too lazy! he should no longer be called the desiel, it should be the esiel, since he’s got no “D” in his game. i’m with ocho cinco jr on this one. dclaker, i think that you review your memory banks on all of “shack’s” drama in the past and how he supposedly would say the right things afterwards, but turns out to be only lip service. if you do that, i think that you’d agree with us.

  • sketch this is the site that we should all promote.

    and too bad for hating phoenix, i hope his career ends there in the desert!


    That was CLASSIC,HAHAHA.

    Good one sketch.

  • kobethegreat

    shaq is a kobe hater…..

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    Shaq is now a Kobe lover. Although I won’t be 100% convinced until he signs with the Lakers for Minimum xD.

  • Michael_23

    He’s playing nice now cause the only way to win a ring (at least on the west coast) is the Lakers.

  • yellowpurplefever

    Shaq, Just Shut Up and Grow Up. Go work on your marriage or something. We dont need your kind around, stay away from town and stay in the desert, ya’ hear.


    shaq is still fat

  • lakernation1

    Cant wait for Lakers vs Suns!!!

  • gugy

    Shaq and the Suns are old news.

    Why are we wasting time talking about them?

  • vida8

    Blah bLah blah…he is trying to do this to gain his image back…
    Not Working at ALL !

  • Lakers4REalz

    Exactly this guy is a farse…..seriously.

    he wants to be second to russell_?

    in front of kareem?

    yah right….

    why not put me there in front of kareem as well..

    whatever shaq…shut your mouth…go eat some dunkin donuts…