Shaq wants Lakers to win (via Twitter)

So some of you may wonder who Shaq wants to win this years’ finals. Here was his answer…

@adamwohl I’m a go wit the lake show (via THE_REAL_SHAQ)

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  • JohnJohn

    Shaq tell me how my culo stinks

  • LongDongMamba

    Fat Shaq wants to jump on the Lakers bandwagon so badly. He knows Kobe is the only guy who can deliver him another title.
    Hopefully The Lakers will never bring him back. That guy is so egocentric that he would kill our team chemistry.

    I appreciate what Shaq has done during the three peat, but his time is over.

  • Adam Wohl

    I just hope he’s right.

  • Never2Gone

    The only way I’d like to see Shaq back is just in time for a jersey retirement ceremony. If he wants to play, he should keep doing it in Phoenix.

  • WifelovesLuke

    What, no “tell me how my a$$ tastes” comments? Are we sure that was the real shaq?

  • LakersFirst

    Geez, how the Laker faithful forget what Shaq did for the purple and gold. Yes, he was an a** because he was greedy for money, but at the end of the day, Shaq did a lot for the Laker organization. Don’t forget Laker fans, DON’T FORGET!


    Last year we had this up and everyone said LAKERS in 5, 6, 0r 7 and……. that didn’t happen. But f this not this year. No one is going to take what’s ours.

  • JohnJohn

    F**k Shaq. He was cool till he started talking about Lakers. If anyone leaves the Lakers and talks trash they can kiss my sweaty balls.

  • Zoom Kobe II

    Shaq is a circus. I live near Phoenix, and everyone here basically wants him gone. There were even mixed feeling all around when he first got here. They never used him for 1 game of back-to-backs, and was only voted into the all-star game because it was here in phoenix. trust me, everyone here (all my crazy Suns fans/Laker hater friends at work) want him gone. The guy thrives for attention. When all the discussion went to Amare or Nash for anything, he would always say/do something to bring the light back on him. He essentially “promised” Phoenix a ring when he got here and has only been able to give them a stranglehold on their cap space.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #74070 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Magic Johnson talked sh*t about the Lakers during the Lakers-Nuggest series and even called them “soft” and predicted the Lakers to lose Game 6 at Denver, you don’t go out and say F*ck Magic Johnson. A few weeks ago, Jerry West said Lebron is the best player in the NBA, you don’t go out and say f*ck Jerry West. Respect Laker legends that produced Laker championships, even those that play on other teams right now.

  • 123kid

    the past is the past and leave it there. i respect shaq as a player, as a contributor to championships, as one of the most dominant big men to ever play the game, as a comedian, and as a entertainer. though he sucks as an actor (kazaam was horrible) and a rapper, he still helped us to 3 rings! but come on peoples, just let it go and move on! if kobe can just remember the great times with shaq, then why cant some of you do the same.

  • sketch

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    because that fool’s constantly got his mouth open with his foot in it! he hates it when the attention is not on him and so we’re all obliging even if it hate mail! lol!

    look it, i’m sure we all remember his conributions towards our 3 straight championships and are extremely grateful and appreciative for the great memories. but just as we give him credit, we should dump the blame on him when warranted. if that fool wasn’t so lazy or selfish the Lakers could have won at least 2 more as the Kobe and Snaq tandem! he always came into the season FAT and out of shape and delayed his surgery and cut into the season which put extra pressure on the team which ultimately was the reason why Malone hurt his knee! you all need to remember that!

    this FAT FCUK won his 4th ring off of the coat tails of a certain D Wade in Miami and as soon as they got tired of him there, he started to mouth off about them. now there’s “renewed” talks of him possibly joining LeHype in Cleveland. i say go for it! this will just prove that he needs to ride on someone else’ coat tail to win the ring and also that LeHype needs to win it the same way that Kobe did in Kobe’s early years!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gugy

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    I agreed.
    Shaq just screwed in the end. If he kept his motivation and both Kobe and Shaq got along. We would easily have two more rings. Well past is past. Time to move one. Kobe will get his ring this year.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #74142 Will Be Quoted Here]

    “if that fool wasn’t so lazy or selfish the Lakers could have won at least 2 more as the Kobe and Snaq tandem!”

    Don’t blame just Shaq for the breakup. Kobe is also to blame for that one. YOU NEED TO REMEMBER THAT.



  • keno

    LakersFirst “Don’t blame just Shaq for the breakup. Kobe is also to blame for that one. YOU NEED TO REMEMBER THAT”

    Kobe didnt mind if Shaq got the attention since he was the captain and Kobe did say ‘its his team, hes the captain” My thing is, he didnt act like the captain (not counting 2000), he came to camp fat year after year to a point where it finally caught up to lakers. He didnt give credit to his teammates like himself, derek, etc. Not very captain-like to call out ur management like that acting like youre bigger than a franchise. If Shaq had a better attitude towards Kobe, Kobe wouldve responded the same. I dont think they are both to blame i think more in lines of 70/30 shaq to blame. Main reason is, if you’re going to call yourself the leader of your team and going to be a dick about it then then why dont u get in shape so other teammates would respect your work ethic and so u can dominate rather than taking everything for granted year after year and costing Lakers of a chance at more rings.

  • keno

    JohnJohn on June 1, 2009 at 4:19 pm said:

    F**k Shaq. He was cool till he started talking about Lakers. If anyone leaves the Lakers and talks trash they can kiss my sweaty balls.

    I agree. Not one individual is bigger than the Lakers franchise. If kobe left and he talked trash, then he can get the hell out too!!