Looks like Shaq wants Kobe to win his 4th title…

THE_REAL_SHAQ: thats right i am saying it today and today only, i want kobe bryant to get number 4, spread da word (via Twitter).

  • gugy

    Shaq really wants to be a Laker again.
    He finally figure out the best course of action was compromising something between Kobe, Shaq and Buss back in 2004.
    Too bad this realization came so late for the Fat Cactus.

  • http://getgarnett.com golakers75

    shaq is doing everything he can to become a lakers when his contract runs out next season. shaq cheering for kobe is like the lakers nation saying go celtdicks. it wont happen.
    ps to shaq be ready to tell the whole world how kobe’s ass taste when he get #4, then 5 next season… yeahhhhhhhhhhh boyyyyyyyyyyy

  • JC

    That’s good to hear from Shaq. :)


    i herd different?? shaq is a kobe hater!! go 2 thisis50.com so u can listen 2 the interview .

  • WifelovesLuke

    Apparently there is more bad blood with Shaq and the city of Orlando than there is with Kobe. Besides, Shaq knows he still has a lot of fans in LA including some Homers here on TLN.

  • lakers2000

    Bullsh*t, this is just a ploy to be in the spotlight. Enjoy fishing with the other losers! You and Kobe would have over a handful of rings by now if you would had stayed and stayed in shape! You are the big Cactus, big prick! Go Lakers!!!!!!!!

  • Al The Laker fan you should meet

    Shaq cant stand not being in the spotlight.

  • sketch

    HA! I y’all are all missin the point! SNAQ wants Kobe to win his 4th ring not because he’s really pullin for Kobe. He’s doin this because he already called Stan Van Jeremy out as the “MASTER OF PANIC”… he can’t have SVJ win and make him look bad!

    See, this move here by THE BIG SLUR is calculative and strategic! He’s not only pickin the lesser of 2 evils, but he’s also workin it so that he might find himself in Kobe and the Buss’s good graces again so that he might be able to don that purple and gold uni one last time before he rides off into the sunset!

    I see you workin it SNAFU! But this all looks to me like you’re the real MASTER OF PANIC! You need to cover your @$$ somehow because you thought that the C3ld!cks would have taken care of the Magic. And when the tea party was over, you had hoped that the HYPE from LeBrat would do the deed. And when his bubble burst, you have to then go all in with the MAMBA! When it’s all said and done, you still have to count on your trusty ROBIN to finish the job.

    The funny thing is that you definitely were not Batman, but FATMAN and Kobe was definitely not Robin, he was more like the SILVER SURFER! Kobe can’t be touched when it comes to superheros. He’s in a class of his own! Kobe is more like the master that let’s his student take on the bad guys first and when they can’t finish the job then he steps in. Kobe’s like Bruce Lee fighting Chuck Norris. When all else fails, it’s the master that’s gotta step and finish the gig, and that’s KOBE BEAN BRYANT!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    ^^^^Nuff Said!

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    [Comment ID #74443 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ahaha sketch

  • Eliezer

    Does it really matter what Shaq’s ulterior motives are? As a Laker fan who appreciates what Shaq did when he was wearing purple and gold, I am glad to hear that he is rooting for Kobe. Sure, it may be because he doesn’t llike Van Gundy or Howard, or because he wants to be in the spotlight, or because he wants to sign on with the Lakers and ride Kobe’s coattails to another title… but who cares?

  • LakersFirst

    Man, such little respect for the real Superman who was the center piece in 3 straight Laker championship.

  • sketch

    Man, RESPECT is earned fools! It ain’t given out for free! I’ve always said that “I have mad love and respect for Shaq’s role in our 3 straight ‘ships”! But you guys have to remember that HE’s the one who DISRESPECTED the franchise, the team, the fans, the city, and the game by not working hard and being FAT and LAZY!

    I don’t soon FORGET! And I sure as hell haven’t FORGIVEN him since he’s never APOLOGIZED! I’m not no lemming ready to follow another off of the cliff! I don’t know why you guys so happy that he says that the Lakers are gonna win when he’s not truly feelin it! If he’s got ULTERIOR motives for his statements, predictions, or wishes then HELL YEAH that matters!

    What? If you got a GOLD DIGGIN girl who’s stayin with you only for your CHEDDAR… that’s ok then? ULTERIOR motives count son! Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, I’ve got enough confidence,game, and respect for myself to know that I ain’t gonna let that fly! And you think that that’s gonna be fine for the Lakers and their fans? Please! So until that FAT FCUK is back in a purple and gold uni, then I’ma go on hatin on him! He’s now the enemy and you guys have got to realize that! He’s been doin well for himself out in the desert, but he ain’t playin for the Lakes! Until he comes grovelin back and takes the vet exemption, every word and line that comes outta his pie hole is gonna be seen through some difficult filters my friends!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • naveed

    shaq wants to be in the spotlight. he does hate van gundy and the magic. the only reason he said that is he knows he wont ever win another championship again UNLESS if he comes back with KOBE and the lakers. now that kobe won his fourth noone can say anything. i do respect shaq for winning 3 championships for LA. but he betrayed us and he knew they would have more championships if he stayed but instead he had to make the fued with kobe WAY bigger by moving and saying all these things that he couldnt have won without him. first of all he definetly wouldnt have won it without kobe either because they would have probably been eliminated in the other rounds if it wasnt for kobes heroics late in the game and all the open shots kobe got shaq. EVERYBODY NEEDS EVERYBODY IN THIS LEAGUE TO WIN. it is too hard to win even a game let alone a championship by yourself.nomatter how good you are. you need stars to win a championship. you just cant do it alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!