The question was asked and the answer was sincerely given. I would welcome Shaq’s jersey to hang among the greats… one day, of course

ESPN: “Hopefully it’ll be here,” he said, walking through the hallway in Staples Center. “I was part of the greatest one-two punch in Laker history. Hopefully they still remember that.

“In a perfect world, I have four teams, I’d be the first guy standing there with all four jerseys, number retired in all four places. It’s not something I really think about. If I had my first wish, it would be here. Because when I first came here, I made the statement I would love to have my name next to Kareem and those greats.”

  • Brando

    No thanks Shaq your pathetic just go get ur jersey retired in Miami.

  • lyk13

    He should get his jersey retired, no doubt.

  • asdf

    Hate him or love him, you can’t deny his impact he had on the championship Lakers. I wanna see his jersey retired.

  • LAKERSstateofmind

    Shaq most definently deserves to get his jersey retired at staples. 3 peat 1 mvp season, countless amount of posters on numerous opponents. We wouldn’t have 3 parades in LA if it wasn’t for the Big Cactus. Now it’s time for this deep talented squad to bring another trophy and parade to LA.

  • jason

    how can any lakers fan hate shaq…what he did for our team can not be ignored no matter what happened afterwards..his number will indeed hang up in staples center..after all its pretty much the house that shaq built (Sorry Kobe)…we should all still love shaq and after he retires he’ll always be remembered as a laker!!!

  • Anonymous

    He deserves it and should get his jersey retired. Anyone who says otherwise must be a bandwagoner.


    Putting aside all his dumb comments and love for the media, he does deserve it

  • gugy

    Shaq deserves his jersey retire. But he is just a big crybaby for asking for this.

    Buss and Lakers fans know will happen. They will probably wait his retirement and maybe Kobe’s in order to do that. Until then enjoy your time on the losing Phoenix Suns big cactus.

  • T.A.

    Shaq is the best big man in Laker history.

    Better than Kareem , better than Wilt, better than Mikan

    Shaq’s jersey deserves to hang in Staples.

    Kobes’ will be there one day and it is possible that one day Bynums’ and Gasols’ could be there too

    • john smith

      see you have the right point shaq has done more then kobe because kobe did more for his own legacy then the franchise

  • lakaluva

    Only if he makes a public apology to Buss, Kobe and the fans. Shaq was at the center of the whole fiasco that went down for the fall of our team. He demanded to be traded, and bashed the Lakers and Kobe on his way out.

  • 323 TOWN


  • True Lakers Fan

    i say Lets Do Work!

  • patrick

    @ 323 i die a little on the inside when i think of what could have been…

    i got love for shaq dies now that he’s grown up (kobe too) and for the most part just says crazy shit to the media and sits out half the regular season anyway.


    I STILL LOVE HIM!!!!!!

  • lakerschamps09

    i think when a player helps bring in 3 ships in a row then yea the number should be retired…

  • Makaveli3

    I think we should retire his jersey in the Lakers. Even though we hate him, he still deserves to have his jersey retired. Without him we wouldnt have the 3 championships we had when kobe was here.

  • xtro

    shaq, fox, fish, horry, kobe, shaw all belong to l.a.

  • LakersFirst

    As much as I no longer support Shaq because he is not a Laker, I still do remember those 3 championships he brought (YES, HE BROUGHT THEM) and I remember his dominance in a Laker jersey.

    Consider #34 retired (Also, the Lakers are mostl likely going to retire it. When Shaq was traded, Brian Cook wanted #34 but Lakers management denied Cook’s request).

  • Anonymous

    I’m also sure Kobe wouldn’t be the player he is today without Shaq.

    Notice how after Shaq leaving a team after a championship, Kobe and Dwade became ultimately better after his departure. The taste of success they tasted, to be known as a player who needed Shaq for championships, that is one of the many reasons Kobe and Dwade are two of the best in the league right now.

  • Mitch4Pres

    i dont think its a question shaq will definitely have his number hanging up there one day

  • lakers2000

    I want:
    1: Kobe to win a ring without Shaq.
    2: Shaq to come back for a humble price and mentor Bynum in the art of intimidation (no finesse crap).
    3: Have Shaq retire as a Laker.
    4: Lakers begin a better Dynasty than the last!
    Go Lakers!!!!!!


    That is a fake ab4sure. It seems like it is Whimpy Warlock.

  • dub824

    he deserves it but i dont want his jersey retired here after all the crap he did

  • as1084

    after all the sh*t he talked about jeery buss, u think buss will allow his jersey to get retired in staples center??? think again!

  • Oakrhum

    There’s no reason not to.

  • Dracul

    If Shaq wants his jersey retired, then he should sign with LA after his contract is up in 2009 for less than the veteran’s minimum, give us AT LEAST ONE monster game in each post-season series, which leads to a Laker championship.

    Then he can retire honorably and on top as winner, with the franchise that brought him the most success.


  • Smush Walton

    Yes Shaq’s number should be retired. Back then he was the dominant player.

    I think eventually we should retire Michael Cooper’s and Byron Scott’s numbers too.


    [Comment ID #58311 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Yeah, that might be the fake ab4sure, but 4sureUR-(ab4sure aka LEADERFISH);
    …Rolling on the floor – just can’t help, but LAUGH out loud ABOUT you!

  • steven

    shaq should retire at lakers…He deserves it cause of the 3 championship won.And if he comes back it would be like old time when shaq and kobe where the underdog of the yeah shaq should come back and retire in it too.

  • udechukwu

    i went to the bobcat game (unfortunately)
    and me and my friend were staring up at the rafters
    and were discussin the same thing
    i think he should get his jersey up there forsure
    i also am not against trying to trade for shaq
    now that bynum is down
    lakers need a center and he wants to come back

  • Phelps

    NO WAY!!! SHAQ retire your jersey somewhere. You are a traitor! You are a Kobe hater! Drama King too…

  • Lakers09champs

    Even though he didnt finish his career with the lakers he still did some outstanding thing with the team. Remember if he wasnt part of the lakers there would probably not be a three peat so i think shaq is well deserving to have his number retired along with the greats.

  • Eddie

    Shaq’s Laker number 34 has no business being anywhere near Laker greats such as West, Baylor and Chamberlin.

  • john smith

    man all you foos forgot that without him we would have never had that tthree peat and all the kobe followers you have to admit at this time he brought more than kobe has even if kobe can get the three peat there still tied man shaq was a fukin animal a beast the man was not human on the court how can you foos say his jersey shouldnt hang up and dont get it wrong kobe did alot but for his stats not for the franchis shaq stopped hogging the ball to win kobe recently since 2008 has started to pass the ball!!!

  • RP boy

    RP boy:

  • RP boy

    RP boy:
    shaq’s not a traitor to the LAL..kobe wants too much exposure and fame that he cannot get along with shaq(because he is just the sidekick)so he(kobe) as a free agent, made demands that he won’t stay as a laker if still be with shaq..that statement of kobe was favored by LAL gen manager Mitch kupchak an owner jerry shaq wanted a trade because of uncertainty of his extension with the team..even coach Phil Jackson heavily criticized kobe and calle him “uncoachable”. after that offseason transactions,phil and shaq left the LAL.. so hellooo,even phil blamed kobe…kobe wants to be the star..well,he could be. but not in a right way..i feel pity on shaq because of the response of LAL fans..they treat him as a traitor…..IF THEY ONLY KNEW what really had happened…KUDOS to SHAQ!..:)

    • RcZpl

      completely agree