HOOPSWORLD.COM: Late last week HOOPSWORLD’s Eric Pincus contemplated a trade scenario that the Los Angeles Lakers were “rumored” to be pondering with the Miami Heat – a trade scenario that would bring Shaquille O’Neal back to the land of purple and gold. In his piece, Eric compared it to one infamous season finale to the television show Dallas, in which Bobby Ewing magically came back from the dead and the entire previous season was written off as a dream. Patrick Duffy, the actor who portrayed Bobby Ewing, just couldn’t stay away, and frankly the show had suffered greatly for his absence. An agreement was reached, a plot was written, and fans were so overjoyed to have the character back that they forgave the entire dream sequence scenario and happily welcomed their favorite Ewing back into the fold.

That was an apt comparison, but not for the same reason Eric points to. The Lakers can’t just wipe away the seasons since Shaq left, any more than they could wipe away the bad blood that has developed between Kobe Bryant and his former teammate. The two may be on speaking terms twice a year when the Lakers and Heat meet, but thinking they could somehow come back together and play cohesively is a stretch. But the real fantasy – the real shower scene – is the one that has the Heat willing to entertain the idea of trading away the most successful marketing icon they’ve ever had for what amounts to some junk no team would easily take in trade.

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