89760957NBC: Shaquille O’Neal knows marketing.

In trying to promote his new reality show “Shaq vs.” (which premiers tonight) he said that he would like to play out this final year of his contract in Cleveland, then see if returning to the Lakers is an option for next year.

Great marketing comment. Not in the least based in reality, but a great marketing comment. Already one LA television morning program talked about it today, I’m writing about it and you can bet sports talk radio will squeeze that in between Brett Favre talk today. And every time it’s mentioned his new reality show gets another free plug.

But Shaq is not coming back to the Lakers. There are as many reasons as Shaq has had nicknames though his career.

First, remember the preseason game before Shaq was traded to Miami when he ran down the court screaming at Lakers owner Jerry Buss, “Pay me! Pay me!” because he wanted a contract extension. I guarantee you that Buss does, and that he still fumes a little at that. Those comments greased the rails for Shaq’s slide out of town, and Buss does not forgive that easily.

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  • 242LakerFan

    Great article for detailing exactly why indulging “The Big Coattail Cling-on” in this utter fantasy would be a complete mistake. Bottom line is this would be a slap in the face to Kobe, to Dr. Buss (this one self-inflicted), to the whole Laker organization and, especially to us fans, who are just now able to get away from the “you guys can’t win without Shaq” bullcrap.
    I’ll be right there (on tv) watching them retire #34 and remembering the good times and probably shedding a tear, but I never want to see him in a Forum Blue and Gold uni again!

  • Sako

    If he’s willing to play for minimum, w/ limited minutes, and if he can keep his mouth shut, then i’m all for it.

  • ricky

    I think Shaq’s opportunity for another championship is out the window. He won’t be as lucky to get another shot at the finals anymore. He was great up until he won with Miami, but since then, he ruined Miami just after their season of winning the title, then coming to Phoenix, he dismantled their successful, albeit non-championship style, run and gun offense and absolutely blew that team apart. Now he’s in Cleveland with “The King”, who knows what will happen. All I know is his chance of winning it all again is all over!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1460601006&ref=profile OaklandLakers

    Yeah I’d definitely be down to take him if he was willing to play with that second unit with lamar for 5-6 limited minutes & Vets min. Shaq did alot for LA basketball & you gotta recognize. People will hate on him & hate on him all the while braggin & boasting about the 3 peat he was largely apart of. The best 1-2 punch in NBA history baby.

  • http://www.visionofthefans.com Chris Manning

    I wouldn’t oppose, surprisingly.

  • http://www.visionofthefans.com Chris Manning

    How many of you WOULD oppose it?

  • Mitch4Pres

    honestly if he plays for 1-2 mil i dont see why anyone would object having shaq as our 3rd string center. that would be the greatest 3rd string center in the history of basketball. i mean come on shaq at 50 > dj mbenga. sorry dacos.

  • lakers0828

    As Much As I would love to see the big Diesel back In Purple N Gold I doubt it will Happen Cause of Dr Buss and His Ego and I just dont Think Buss will let it happen

  • dracul

    If Lakers win in 2010 – Kobe will have 5 championships – if Shaq wants to come back, that’s the only way Kobe will ok this aquisition, so Shaq can never have more than him. Also, obviously, Shaq would have to be ‘paid’ and accept the bare minimum possible. Either way, just like Marbury – if it doesnt work out, who cares, you can keep him on the bench, but beyond that, there’s no reason not to sign him in that case.


  • Eidraq

    i would oppose this. he left us for dead to prove that this team would never be able to win without him and now that we are fully capable of winning again without him, he wants back in. though i dont think his intentions might be completely bad about returning, the era with shaq is over. the next time i would welcome him back with open arms is when his jersey goes up next to the greats. i thank him for everything he’s done for us but the shaq’s sun has set in lakerland and we should focus on what we have now and on the guy who didnt leave us (yes he did threaten us, but never did leave now did he?)

  • rizzo

    love shaq for what he’s done for the lakers–three straight titles baby! but thats the past and the future doesn’t have shaq in it. he bailed on the team when he didn’t have to. he’s history and i don’t want him back, but he does deserve his number 34 retired.

  • 8plus24ismagic

    Well well well looks like times have really changed LOL, you know you have to wonder how dose all this sound to cavs fans and players . I went up on espn and they didn’t print this story I wonder why? think how that sounds shaq is playing with the KING yet he still wants to play with the BLACK MAMBA.

  • Source

    I can confirm the negotiations are in talks.

  • http://lakersnation Aaron24

    We need him back so he could retire as a laker and have o’neal number 34 jersey hanged next with kareem, magic, and Wilt + others great laker legends

  • http://lakersnation.com Aaron2416377

    We need him back so he could retire as a laker and have o’neal number 34 jersey hanged next with kareem, magic, and Wilt + others great laker legends

  • Eli

    NO NO NO NO. Are people still listening to this fat bastard? Let him and LeChoke have each other. I mean, isn’t Shaq’s goal to “get a ring for the King”? Whatever. Besides, Kobe would rather crawl over broken glass than have to deal with Shaq’s fat ass again.

  • matthew

    its all marketing, haha. as shaq would say.

  • http://www.vidaguerrasbutt.com/vida-guerra-playboy-picture-a_17.html#pic daboss1849

    I think the way Shaq has been gaining weight he’ll take up 2 seats. Do we have 2 roster spots open for him? Since the vet min is 1 million do we have to pay him 2 mil? Something to think about.

  • Lakers69

    Fu-ck Shaq, we do not need this fat basterd anymore. His time is over and he would cause huge problems due his fat ego. Let him see the BlackMamba fill his fingers with rings.

  • lakerman1

    Too many burned bridges. Lets remember Shaq for the greatness he brought and not hate him for the confusion he will cause. Still you gotta love him’ the best entertainer the NBA has ever had.

  • D-Fish4Governor

    you people freakin lost ur minds? WE DONT NEED SHAQ. stop the hypes and get real. he is old, has still “issues” with the lakers etc. this is kobe’s team. remember he said “kobe cant do..” we dont need his disrespectful boastful and loser ass in LA. even if he accepts a 1m pay per season i still dont like it. it will cause complications. we’re done with shaq. get over it.

  • Robert

    Maybe Shaq is working for the Lakers now, and this is a motivational ploy to get Drew B. to bust is a$$ and dominate for the next year.

    If the improbable happens, and Bynum gets a third injury in 3 years, then maybe it’s worth considering (for the Vet. Minimum).

    Otherwise, fuggedaboutit … the Lakers would become a circus if Shaq came back. We already have 2 attack dobermans on the team (KB and Ron-Ron) – if we got the Big PitBull, there would be too many wolves in the pack.

  • http://www.inverter-china.com/blog lovekb

    Return to the Lakers? :) it looks cool!

    Although Shaq is not so powersul now, I still love this big guy.

  • lakers#1

    We have Andrew Bynum. He is our future. I do not want shaq to come back to steal the spotlight away from ANDREW BYNUM.

  • http://N/A SUPER ARN

    if he wants to hang his jersey in lakers arena, then he should play little minutes and should cooperate with other guys who became his closest rivals kobe and bynum.

  • Toon

    He should be allowed to return on 2 conditions:

    – Apologize to KB and Buss. Figuratively display a speech to kiss their buttocks.

    – Lose weight so he can run faster.

    • Warren

      what up Toon? I couldn’t agree more!

  • D-Fish4Governor

    shaq has grown more immature over the years. i kinda feel sorry for him. too much hype and media has driven his head to be like a balloon. i hope he becomes a fat bastard in the near future. yeah right, thanks for the rings shaq. thank you. dont shìt on yourself.

  • gugy

    Boy, long gone are the days Shaq was news for his basketball skills.

    The guy is desperately trying to still be relevant and on the spotlight.

  • BShawk

    Hells yeah, as our back up for Mbenga.

  • Robert

    hm.. having second thoughts. Shaq stole the reality show (Shaq vs.) from Steve Nash:


    He obviously recognizes a good thing when he needs to steal it. The Lakers have something he wants. What do you think he wants to steal from the Lakers?

  • http://www.myspace.com/peopleofthesun Evil Empire

    I wouldn’t mind him back, like someone mentioned before, for the vet minimum and if he agrees to come off the bench. Poor Mbenga, he would be pushed back down the pine even more if this happens.

  • http://6thgenaccord.com King

    shaq has been hinting at this for a while, ever since he started complimenting kobe and the whole laker organization. its been pretty obvious for a couple of months that he wants back in. the lakers are like that hot ex-girlfriend you would love to hit one more time. remember her?… lol. i wouldnt mind him coming back in 2011 hopefully by them bynum will develop his own identity and know his role on the team, and know that shaq would just be a back up… and honestly i’ve always wanted shaq to tutor bynum… kareem is good and all, but his game is finess. bynum should be drop step dunking on everybodys face, and thats something he could learn from the Most Dominant of all Time… i know u guys saw that “Journey Through Glorious History Of Los Angeles Lakers” video… didnt it make u miss all the dominance and power? the swagger

  • LakersFirst

    If you guys don’t think Shaq would make a difference joining the Lakers again, you either do not know anything about basketball, or are simply viewing the world through anger/bitter eyeglasses. Shaq would make a difference on the Lakers and a positive difference at that.

    First off, the only way Shaq could sign with the Lakers after this coming season is if he took the veterans minimum (or a sign and trade, but the Lakers wouldn’t do that). The reason for this is because the Lakers are over the salary and luxury cap going into the 10/11 season.

    I agree that Shaq is not the dominating player he was earlier this decade. However, last year Shaq averaged 18 ppg and 7.6 rpg during the regular season. This is not far from what Gasol averaged – 19 ppg and 9.6 rpg. For a 37 year Shaq, these are not bad numbers.

    Shaq will make a difference on that Cleveland team. Shaq takes up so much attention that Lebron is going to be freed up to do basically whatever he wants to. I don’t see how Cleveland does not make it to the Finals, to eventually lose to the Lakers because the Lakers have the overall better team. But make no mistake about, Shaq’s sheer size will make the Cavs a better team and Lebron more dangerous (he did it for Kobe and Wade, there is no reason to believe he won’t do it for Lebron).

    Now of course, if Shaq should come back to the Lakers, he would have to come off the bench. Andrew Bynum is and will remain the starting center for the Lakers, and how GREAT would that be to have Shaq be a mentor for Bynum on the power game of basketball. Yes, Kareem is teaching Bynum the finesse game of basketball, but there has been no one more powerful than Shaq this decade. Not to mention, having your starting center sit, and bringing in Shaq would tire out any team.

    Many have said Buss won’t forgive Shaq for yelling for more money. Well, Buss was also quite upset with LO earlier this summer and at the end of the day resigned him. Why? Because Buss wants to win a championship. An already stacked Laker team bringing Shaq, would almost guarantee the Lakers another ring.

    And for those of you who think Kobe won’t allow it. Think again! The Laker front office quit listening to Kobe’s advice for player personnel long ago (remember, Kobe wanted to trade Bynum for Jason Kidd). Kobe himself said he has taken himself out of the GM game.

    You guys can talk sh*t about Shaq all you want, but at the end of the day, Shaq’s mere presence on a basketball court changes the game.

    • dracul

      Very well put LakersFirst, a very insightful assessment.

      A couple of things I would add:

      1-Shaq signing in 2011 depends if the Lakers win the title in 2010, because then Kobe and PJ have a different take on Shaq returning:

      2-It depends if PJ still wants to coach after 2010, and if they won in 2010. If Shaq really is serious about it, this can actually keep PJ around for the 3peat, and this would basically turn into the Final Fantasy for Shaq, PJ and the Lakers 2peat 3peat, New Dynasty and all time glory. PJ would then have one final challenge, and can have fun wielding all these different powerful players against the opposition, and can retire on top. Shaq can retire a winner on top. Lakers have their complete glory, New Dynasty, and can despite having the same amount of titles, can surpass the Celtics in terms of achievement.

      2- If they win in 2010, this is the only way Kobe will sign off on bringing Shaq back, since then he’ll have more rings than Shaq no matter what.

      As far as Shaq himself is concerned, while there are people here who are against bringing Shaq back after this season, based on past events, ego/personality clashes/issues/etc, I say there’s tremendeous upside and little downside:

      Who would you rather have at backup center off the bench, Mbenga- 2.7ppg/3rpg at 900k a year, or Shaq-17.8ppg/8.4rpg, at 1.9million a year? Shaq would probably play about 14 minutes per game, since the Hack-a-Shaq has once again become effective. And while he doesn’t command the double team anymore, he can still be used as a big decoy in the post, one who can pass over the top to slashers or who can fake a low post incursion followed by a kick out to a fairly open shooter.

      So he’s Bynum’s backup, and all this for surely the veteran’s minimum and a clearly reduced, accepted and understood support role to the team.

      Also, you don’t even have to play him that much in the regular season – you just have to gear him up for the playoffs in the last 2 months, so he’d essentially have the energy for the playoffs, which is something he does anyway.

      And if all this still oesn’t work out, you can just sit his ass on the bench, like the Celtics did with Stephon “Vaseline Is Delicious” Marbury.


  • lakerfanatico

    First of all we don’t need another center and if Shaq was not a lazy, undicisive not taking care of is injuries when he needed to be a Laker big man we would not be having this conversation….so no, he can stay is unstastefull ass in Cleveland. we dont need him, he NEEDS US.

  • doob dupree

    Geez shaq all dat shunk alunk dunk shaq wit da master dunk scorchen the paint dissin’ the fear 66 double doubles took rookie of the year 32 LSU, and on to three lakerts championships with the LA Lakers. Id hate to se shaq with labron

  • LaALLday

    Shaq betrayed all the Lakers fans. He’s was in it for the money, and now he just wants another ring. I say screw that. We have Gasol who can actually make free throws and jumpers. Shaq can retire on some crap team, but not LA.

  • lakerbunny