O’Neal says “Kobster” is the MVP…

Boston.com: When asked for his thoughts on the MVP race, Phoenix Suns center Shaquille O’Neal didn’t hesitate.

“The Kobester,” he said, referencing his old teammate and occasional foil, Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers. “He’s an assassin, with LeBron [James] coming in right behind. After that, I really haven’t been paying attention.”

So some brave soul raised the possibility that the guy across the hall in TD Banknorth Garden — Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett — might be in the discussion as well. O’Neal shook his head. No way.

“I’m going to have to go with my guy before him,” he said, motioning to teammate Amare Stoudemire’s locker. “All day, every day. Garnett doesn’t play defense”.

  • LAL

    ohh dang amare talkin sh!t to garnett neither of them play D

  • ab17

    wow bold statement

    “I’m going to have to go with my guy before him,” he said, motioning to teammate Amare Stoudemire’s locker. “All day, every day. Garnett doesn’t play defense”.

    haha wow garnett doesnt play defense.than explain this to me why did he get the dpoy award?? just putting it out there haha

  • west213

    lmao did shaq just say garnet does not play defense and told amare does!!???

  • rahil

    i agree with shaq that kobes the mvp
    but other than that hes been talkin a lot of shit lately


    lol garnett does play defense, but shaq can say anything he wants. He is the big Aristotle.

  • e


  • Voice_of_Reason

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    Garnett never won that award


    I disagree about Garnett not playing defense,TOTALLY!

  • lakerz

    lol, shaq owns KG.

  • http://www.hard-wood.org/?cat=34 Billy Kupchak

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    U R WRONG!!! WHERE does it ever say that Amare is talking sh!t to Garnett? this entire conversation was with WAQ SHAQ & the bullsh!t he always seems to stir up lately. i was once proud of WAQ SHAQ because he was good, but AFTER he threw the Miami Heat organization under the diesel truck, i have decided to let go of any connections i had with WAQ SHAQ altogether.

  • gugy

    F U C K Shaq and the Suns organization altogether!

  • kobe4ever

    Wow…this proves my theory that Shaq has the same I.Q. as Bush in that their both idiots. How in the world is he going to say Garnett plays no defense and that Amare does? The Suns got Shaq for defense and rebounding b/c at the time Amare was doing neither. Anyways Shaq needs to stop kissing Kobe’s @$$ just b/c he know’s he’s washed up and Kobe is the MAN IN LA. And whats up with all this Miami bashing now, everytime he leaves and goes to a scenario his new coach and superstar teammates are the greatest he’s ever played with while everyone else “disrespected” him or what not. Shaq’s an idiot.

  • lafanfromindiana

    Shaq won us 3 championships so he can say whatever he wants as far as I’m concerned. He says Kobe is the mvp and you still find something to cry about? I don’t get it!

    On a sidenote…. why did we sign Newble to a 10 day contract? I know I seen him play for a few seconds during the Utah game but has he played since? Is his contract going to be up before he plays again?

    Everyone that cries all game long and wants Luke traded is an idiot. Sure he has had a bad month but many people have bad years! He knows the triangle, has high basketball IQ, and is playing with an injury. We should be greatful that he isn’t like Arenas who is still sitting out because he isn’t 100 percent and makes alot more money than Luke.

  • xtro

    Wonder if Shaq will return to L.A. and play mentor to bynum?

  • as1084

    why the hell would we need shaq to come back and mentor andrew????! we have kareem (one of if not thee most greatest center of all time) for that and is doing a hell of a job!

  • kingkb24

    is that pic fotoshoped? he looks so skinny


    Once you start playing for the enemy,THAT’S A WRAP! Kobe tried to tell everybody about Shaq and his inability to get in shape and people kept talkin”bout how much of a ‘snitch’ Kobe is(comedians,actors and politicians talked that BS)and lookie-lookie Shaq turns around and bends over and SH!@S on his former teammates but the messed up thing is the people he was talkin’ about had nothing to do with the situation,they admired the man more than anything,I know Ricky(Davis) was happy to be sent to the Heat,DAMN SHAQ!

  • west213

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    and shaq hates bynum remember the rumble about 2 yrs ago.

  • http://skymicro.com hernando valenzuela

    shaq and kobe don’t hate each other, shaq thinks kobe should be mvp and kobe thinks shaq’s jersey should be retired

  • west213

    u damn s hit im sayin shaq hates bynum…

  • steve

    amare stodamire is a hell of a scorer but he just like melo all he does is score, no passion just scores. guys like wade chris paul tim duncan,kobe,ray allen,iverson,kg,even shaq are all special and do much more than simply score.thats why amare wont make the hall of fame.by age 31 he will suck.as for kobe at age 31 nothing has changed.only 2 years. people who say shaq sucks the dude had a prime that lasted 13-14 years of 20 points 10 rebounds.in miami at age 30 to 34 he averaged 21 and 11 and he was not nearly the same player he was when he was in his twenties.that just shows how dominant he was. oh yeah and whats wrong for a 36 year old to average 14 9 and 2 blocks.that to me is impressive. leave the big fella and the most dominant player in the history of basketball alone and give him the respect he deserves.