Welcome back Get ready for the beating of your life Shaq.

L.A. Times: Shaquille O’Neal will come to town with the dreaded and hated Boston Celtics on Jan. 30 to face Kobe Bryant and  friends at Staples Center, NBA sources told The Times. The Lakers will play at Boston on Feb. 10.

  • alive86

    IF LA decides to retire his jersey, I will no longer be a Laker fan. You NEVER join the celtd*cks.

    • http://www.twitter.com/TLN24 Marwan Marzina

      Brian Shaw and Rick Fox were both Celtics players before they were Lakers players. They are considered 2 of the best role players of the Kobe-Shaq era.
      With Shaq, its all business. He wants to play and make money for his family, you can’t blame the guy for joining the Celtics. The rivalry is nothing to him since he is no longer a Laker, its just another basketball team for him.

      • CountBogdan

        If all he wanted to do was to support his family, he’d play in Europe and make much more than the vet minimum. No, he wants to spite the Lakers and Kobe in particular. He’d take less money to deny them a win.

        • bLuE

          Ya , they love Foxy in Celtic Land. Just as much as I love Shaq for joining the green goblins

          • bLuE

            T R A I T O R !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • bLuE

            Actually it only bothers me him joining if we end up hanging his jersey at Staples. Other then that , I could care less where he goes.

        • LbC Ya562

          Are you kiddin me?!?! If he wanted to support his family he shouda went to Europe?! Why the hell would he go to europe when he can still play in the U.S, closer to his family and STILL make millions like he is now…. Why should he HAVE to go to europe? To not anger a dummy like you who dont realize the NBA is a Business…. I havent been a Shaq fan since he left L.A. but I dont dislike the cat for goin to Boston.. and Im as big as of a Laker fan as ANYBODY here. He’s a grown man, he went where he got a decent offer he liked.

          • chad b

            million plural.. he’s making 1.5mm year with player option on the 2nd year. Its not about the money for Shaq. He wants the rings so he can claim to be the greatest center of all time.. The Big Vanity

          • PRLaker

            starting next season we should give the # 34 jersey to drew, what do you think guys?

      • PRLaker

        they converted from celtics to lakers not the other way around, this is shaq trying to one up kobe once again, but it will be one up his ass at the end when he’s stock in four and kobe gets his sixth championship.

      • 24/8

        Make money for his family? He could make more if he concentrated on reality TV shows and rap albums and crappy movies. He could make more playing in Europe. It’s not about “making money”, he’s so rich that he could play for free. Do you really think that $1.5 mil even registers in his bank account? He could do Icy Hot commercials instead. When he was with the Heat he had an estimated net worth of $250 million! Now it’s more like $130 million. Oh no, how will his poor family survive?!?!? You should hold a telethon to raise money to keep his family fed and clothed.
        It’s about trying to catch Kobe. 5 > 4. He’s been a ring chaser for years now. Too bad the Heat couldn’t sign him to team him up with the other ring chaser LeQuit. He claims now that he’s all about winning (just like Prince James lied) but if he was truly all about winning he would have never demanded that the Lakers trade him because they wouldn’t pay him the most millions ever, he would have shut up and done what the Lakers wanted him to do for less money than he wanted. He could have probably 7 rings by now.
        No guy who has millions of dollars and makes millions of dollars can ever play that “support my family” card. You don’t need millions to do that. You do need millions to buy Escalades and mansions and gigantic suits. Shaq wants the spotlight and he wants to outdo Kobe and he’s willing to whore himself out to a team that doesn’t even need him if that will get him a 5th ring. He’s the Adam Morrison of the Celtics. You watch, if the Celtics don’t win this coming year he’ll be off that team.

    • PRLaker


      • bLuE

        Ya, I had a couple “typo’s” from frustration earlier. What I meant to say is that Foxy left the celtic’s to join the Lakers, not the other way around. He’s been disliked there since then. So Marwan what you said is not valid-It’s the other way around for SNAQ.. He’s joining them. I’ve enjoyed the 3-peat years and Loved! The Deisel. But since he left, he’s been The Big Turd. Before he joined the greeen goblins, I was one to support his jersey hung with the greats. Even after all the hatin he’s been since he left. He was on the Jimmy Kimmel show and asked “Would you feel weird about putting on a Celtic’s Jersey? He said “No” . WHAT??? FU_CK YOU SNAQ- MAY YOUR JERSEY NEVER BE HUNG WITH THE GREATS AT STAPLES CENTER!!!!!!

      • Brad Philips

        the Snaq will be a staple of our celtic related jokes for the rest of time, and nothing will ever stop it since he joined the Celtics.. excuses and poo-pooed champion chance related posts will not get him out of it so he made his own bed

  • Leandro


    • Hunt4Six

      I think you’ve found Shaq’s new name he’s been lookin’ for….”THE BIG TRAITOR”!!

  • 3 Peat

    Traitor !!!!!!!! a fat Traitor !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lakers3peat

    shaq is aging

  • Flow

    The Lakers don’t want him. The Celtics do. It does’nt make him a traitor, he wants to play basketball. Simple as that.

    • PRLaker

      im so pissed that i fell like talking forever, he’s a traitor, kobe its going to kick your ass!!!!!!!!

  • Rio Rondo College

    Revenge will be served when the C’s come to town!!!!

    • 242LakerFan

      What’s that, some new chili dish you cooked up?


      Hey, look who decided to come out of the WITLESS PROTECTION PROGRAM? It’s been a little boring in here without your ridiculous posts to rag on. Hahaha.

      Yeah, I’m just as curious as 242LakerFan as to what this dish called “revenge” will look like. You guys probably cleaned out all of the 70s shag carpet from all of the basements from all of the homes in Cockston huh? Cause, how else could you have had all the material to put together that number 36 jersey that the BIG GREEN CARPET is holding?

      I bet that if he lays down flat, helicopters will try to land on him!

      I see you guys beating the sh!t outta the Heat and then the Lakers doing you in 5 in the Finals! Ok, maybe 6 if Gay Allen goes off for 12 points! Haha.

      GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sonny

    F’all those FatAzz Celtics.

    • 3 Peat

      lol ~ can’t imagine shaq & Davis running the floor at same time … holy …

  • Ruin818

    So what??? Shaq hasnt been important since the season following the Heats’ championship run.

  • TheLakerGenera11

    Ughh knowing Shaq is ending his career with the celtics is sooo corny I had bets that he would join the bulls atl or Boston, he would have IMO helped the Bulls far more then the celtics. As mad as I am can we really be pissed he is banned from Staples forever until Kobe retires Shaq would love to come back but Kob aint havin it so he gotta keep himself relevant he is a dwarf star man all I want 2 say 2 da nation is ESPN n himself has majority of ppl remembering him for his antics. Plse plse plse dnt 4get how good this guy was…n if yall too young YouTube some of his games Shaq was a bad man…

  • Slammin’ Brown

    Who cares about Snaq O’Meal. Their roster looks like The expendables’ movie cast. A bunch of has beens who were once great, but are now hanging on for dear life!

    • TheLakerGenera11

      Lol awww man yall ragg’n shaq…snaq O meal??!!! Lol yea he’s a bum now but this guy was great he and Kobe gave us 3 championships!!! all kidding aside he might have hurt his chance to get his jersey hung in the rafters. With the Celtic signing but fox n shaw was celtics @ 1 point so I guess LA will forgive him…man I gotta get tickets to that game.

      • Slammin’ Brown

        I’ve been a Shaq fan. But he’s not on the Lakers right now, so can’t root for the guy.

    • PRLaker

      the expendables LMAO!!!!!!

    • cjm

      shaq is starring in a movie with roseanne barr called “The Expandables”

      • Brad Philips

        I think Roseanne would be ticked off the fact shaq gets to steal all of the leftovers

  • Robert.

    HAHAHA! The Expendables. That’s priceless.
    Also reminds me of that Asteroid movie with Bruce Willis, in which the team of ‘experts’ are seen running in slow motion in the vehicle hangar. Someone comments: “Talk about the ‘Wrong Stuff'”.
    Seriously, the biological clock of the Celtics has slowed down a few notches with Shaq coming aboard. It isn’t even an ‘age’ factor – it’s a ‘weight and conditioning’ factor. They are going to have trouble staying healthy through the season, and recall they pushed it to the Finals this year – it’s always tough the year after a Finals run.
    Shaq compared with Kobe, is more like a ‘movie star’ compared with an ‘actor’. Shaq has become entertainment, and less sports. His signing with the Celtics is sort of a poetic irony, considering his great run with the Lakers. So, it will provide with some NBA entertainment, that’s all.
    They just need to ‘beat up the East’ during the regular season, to wear them out for the playoffs. But the Celtics might not make it too far into the playoffs. I just hope they do have a chance to beat up the Heat, and wear them down (in case they make it to the Finals).
    BTW, Shaq could have signed with the Hawks, for MORE than what he took for the Celtics. But the Hawks did not offer him the full MLE, so he balked on the deal. The Celtics gave him all the cash they had left to spend, which wasn’t much. He would have been a much better fit with the Hawks, and had more $$. So, it isn’t all about $$ – and it isn’t all about the NBA – it’s about – what …. pride?
    So, as Count Dooku said to Anakin Skywalker, “Twice the pride, double the fall”.

  • LakerFanThinkinReal

    shaq sucks!!! the big cry baby broke up the last dynasty in la. now, we have a new one! and i’m happy to see it blow up in fatman’s face. he is the t.o. of basketball. celtics are going no where with him and that other cry baby pierce…man, why did sheed retire? i would’ve bought the shirt of those three knuckle heads (in an oversized crib) whining and crying the entire season together. paybacks a biatch.

  • TheLakerGenera11

    Yea yall right I guess I’m just a lil older 2 remember how dominant Shaq was and how cool he was on n off the court wit LA…but at the end of the day you guys r right snaq is the enemy especially wearing green…if Kobe had ever left LA I would root for his success bc he’s a hard worker but it’s Purple n Gold b4 any name or number on the jersey so it’s always F the leauge n F the Celtics LWO baby!

    • PRLaker

      i was around 15 in the shaq kobe era, i remember him and how dominant he was, that doesnt cfhange the fact that he is a traitor who has spend the last three seasons trying to one up kobe

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    if shaq had gasoft doing all the heavy lifting, like little dick bryant does……who knows.

    • Brad Philips

      why don’t u tell us about it since you seem to know everything about it miami heat logo kneepads seem to be a pre-requisite to any miami-induced Kobe haterade conversation anyway, it all leads back to the love-affair you have with lebronze

    • 6’9

      damn you must be gay for that dick comment and ole girl was bragging about his dick so you must be the little dick

      • Showtime4eva

        I’m sure this thing is a fag every time it comments it’s gay ALWAYS ! !

  • Brad Philips

    Heat who? Who are they?

  • Carlos Osorio

    Shaq of course will always be remember for our first run in the early 2000’s. But look at the recent trend the last couple of years. He just wants to be above Kobe and will do whatever it takes. Dont get me me wrong, yes he was very great but he also could not have won without Kobe and vice versa.

  • i0ioooooi0i

    Kobe’s “one more (ring) than shaq” comment is what got Shaq to boston more than anything else. I called it the day of the parade.
    This is also another reason why i think we need another big man, knowing bynum’s injury history. in a situation with bynum injured (either missing games or or where he’s not 100% but still playing), we have gasol, ratliff, caracter, odom. celtics have shaq, j.o. neal, perkins, kg, big baby. perkins, kg, big baby, held it down with rasheed’s corpse last year, but now have a replacement for him in j. o’ neal, ALONG WITH A MOTIVATED SHAQ. Celtics have the advantage as far as the front line goes. ratliff is just as old if not older than these geezers, but is caracter ready to bang with perk and big baby (two finals under their belt)…
    i understand that our wing players (SG, SF)’s are better than anything the celtics have to offer outside of allen and pierce, but the way the celtics’ defense is geared to funnel everyone into the middle, it’ll be tough. celtics are old, but deep and experienced and well-coached, and it’s not like we blew them out of the water last year. they WiLL be tough to beat. much tougher than trying to beat miami in my opinion.
    Lakers-Celtics III would be epic: this era’s tiebreak, kobe vs. shaq (ring count).

  • Phone


    I just heard Jeanie Buss on radio yesterday afternoon. The Lakers WILL DEFINITELY retire Shaq’s jersey IF / WHEN he is inducted into the Hall of Fame. There you go! Like him or Not, his jersey will hang at the Staples sooner or later.

    • daboss1848



    Regardless how fans feel about Shaq, Mr. Buss will do the classy thing and retire the number. The big question is when. In all likehood, probably when Shaq is gone and forgotten. As far as the notion of Shaq being a traitor, every man should have the right to choose his own destiny. It’s not against the law to be a malcontent, it’s just a shame.

  • Robert.

    Just need Shaq in the East to beat down the Heat, that’s all. He needs to be in all 4 games with them during the reg season, and in the playoffs – taken to 7 games. That will poop out the Heat (who will probably need a nice beatdown by then).
    But, as I said before, the Celtics got heavier, slower, and older. Also, they made a run to the Finals this year. It’s ‘always’ difficult for teams in the Finals to get through the following year (even for the Lakers). The East is continuing to get better. The Pacers just got Collison. Good luck with that one, East. The Bucks aren’t too shabby. The Hawks and Bobcats will not be pushovers. And Orlando will be ‘there’ too. It’s not as fun in the East, as it was.
    Anyway, who cares where Shaq goes. He’s just ‘basketball entertainment’ .. or … ‘sports entertainment’. His skills in basketball are just incidental. Can’t wait for the next Shaq Vs. episode! Or the new “Shaq meets the Khardashians”. Or Shaq and Hulk, “The Next Boutique Star”. Or “Shaq’s ex-Teams vs. Shaq’s ex-Wives”. Or “Shaq’s ex’s vs. Mickey Rooney’s ex’s”. Special guest, Elizabeth Taylor. Or, “Shaq’s next rap star pick”. Or, “Ebert and Shaq, at the movies”. Or, “Shaq and Steven Seagal, New Orleans Cops”. It’s all fun!!!! There might even be some basketball involved.

  • pio2u

    The Big Prostitute returns to LA with Gangrene! LMAO