LAist: The NBA season hasn’t even reached the All-Star break, yet talk of who is the league’s Most Valuable Player is already on the minds of the media, fans, players, twitterers and players who twitter alike.

Is it Dwayne Wade and his 28.8 points per game and 7.3 assists per game that has a young Miami Heat team in playoff contention? What about GQ cover boy LeBron James whose Cleveland Cavs currently have the best record in the East? Or maybe it’s that guy who plays down at the Staples Center, you know the one who grabbed MVP last year and currently is scoring 27 a night for the team with the best record in the league.

Earlier today, Shaquille O’Neal weighed in on the debate via Twitter. Yes, Shaq is on Twitter. In case you weren’t sure if it was really him or not, his username is THE_REAL_SHAQ just to avoid the confusion that occurred in November.

Shaq told his 30,000+ followers that he is endorsing a former teammate for MVP. Surprisingly it wasn’t the former teammate who carried his 300 pound ass to a championship in Miami, but the former teammate who would allegedly know the taste of Shaq’s ass – Kobe Bryant.


  • sketch

    yo SNAQ,

    how’s kobe’s ass taste?

    man, this fool is more than kissin kobe’s ass lately…he’s basically washin his balls! looks like he desperately wants back on the lakers huh?

  • deemac1

    Lol!!! I swear he wants to be a laker again bad! Either he has reallty grown up and see’s Kobe is the best or just trying to get back in purple and gold. I wouldn’t mind having him back and retiring his jersey. He could end up being another good mentor for Drew aswell as Kareem

  • Chris Manning

    I think Shaq knows what is up…

  • Paul

    That’s respect right there.


  • sketch

    to tell y’all the truth…i wouldn’t mind SNAQ coming back either, but not this year! i wanna see kobe get one without the BIG LANDFILL this season, then his stinkness can come crawling back next season!

  • imfasterthanur

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    couldn’t have said it better myself. Let Kobe win the next 2 years without Shaq-a-claus, and then maybe we’ll let him play a back-up role to Bynum as we win a 3rd championship in 2010 ;)

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #59145 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yo imfasterthanur,

    you know what SNAQ will be to our team by then? he’ll be the Mbenga on our team now! LOL!!!

  • ab4sure

    LO and Walton or Radman for Shaq???