Shaq had some more comments about Kobe and LeBron… “Kobe’s probably a 10,” O’Neal said Tuesday night. “LeBron’s a 9.7, 9.8. He’s a fabulous player who does it the right way and gets everybody involved. Those guys [Cavaliers] are playing at a very, very high level right now because of him.”

  • Mitch Kupchak

    Shaq is totally sucking Kobe’s balls right NOW!!!

    Can the Big Cactus be anymore obvious about coming back?!!!

  • shaqsannoying

    shaqs annoying. he needs to shut the eff up already. hes done. finito. no way is he coming back to LA.


    Hey if he`s willing to take the veteran minimum and come of the bench as Bynum`s backup thats fine. But if he thinks he is coming here and starting it would be dumb of him to even attempt

  • xtro

    big diesel wants to come back to the lakers so bad.

  • Makaveli3

    I have to agree with LA4LIFE, if shaq thinks he wants to come back and be a starter f__ that! Only if he take minimum vet price and be a back up of bynum then its fine. But overall he aint gonna be a show time.

  • Jake


    “Mitch, if you’re listening: please take me back. I’m on a terrible team now, and you know the Diesel/Big Sun/Aristotle/Superman/Shaqovich can’t roll like that. I love Kobe. He’s the best thing since sliced bread. Phil is a genius. Please Mitch, I beg you: get me the heck out of Phoenix!”

  • trdsol23

    only after kobe wins a championship by himself cuz u know the big cactus gonna say shit about how kobe cant win without him…this guy know his time is up and he wants more rings, the big cactus is drying up in phoenix…”water…need water…”

  • KB8124

    I agree with trdsol23, Kobe needs to win one on his own without shaq because if he came back and they won a championship, Kobe would get the second-hand credit again. He can come next year.

  • Robert

    Shaq’s Quote is a miss print: Here’s the correct quote
    “KOBE” is a 100,
    LeBron James 9.7 or 9.8

    LeBron’s Really falls apart when he meets up with KOBE.

  • Fred A.

    SHAQ got this one a little wrong.
    Kobe a 10.
    Lebron a 7.

  • gugy

    Shaq is desperate to come back. hahahaha

    Even if Shaq takes the minimum, I would be concern of having him back.
    Couple of reasons.

    He will not sit quietly on the bench. His ego is too big and because of that he might infuse problems to our team. Seriously, do we need that?

    Bynum probably will be back before the playoffs and be in full swing by the finals. Do we really need Shaq?

    Finally, the whole Kobe-Shaq equation. Kobe wants to win without Shaq and shut up all the critics out there that think he can’t do it.

    Sorry, but I rather see the big cactus dry in the desert. We don’t need him. I thank him for what he’s done for us, but his time is over with the Lakers.

  • lakerschamps09

    shaq is jus sayin all this get to on our good side.. cuz when he becomes FA noone gonna take him back lakers mite be onlky ones to get him.. we dont need em now kobe wouldnt allow that.. when kobe wins one or 2 by himslef then shaq can come back if that wat team needs….

  • jason

    I dont understand how so many laker fans hate on Shaq. Have we not forgotten what this man did for this franchise. I will always love Shaq and every Laker fan should. That being said, we dont need him anymore.

  • Michael_23

    This guy definitely wants to come back to the Lakers! Especially with us being the top record and team in the league. I bet if we were ranked #4 (Lakers, Cavs, Boston, Spurs are in league of it’s own. The rest of the teams suck and analysts know that, they just wont say it) or below he wouldn’t think about it.

    It’s just his huge contract is hard to take up.

    … Wouldn’t mind ending his career in LA. But his contract is too large right now. We’ll wait til he’s mid-level and apologizes to Dr. Buss.

  • zako

    shaq just wants to come to LA

  • Mitch Kupchak

    Very sorry Shaq Daddy, but when Kobe finally wins one or two rings, then maybe we’ll think about resigning you.

    As of right now, your services are not needed. Kobe and THIS Laker squad needs to prove something to the fans, management, and to themselves that they can WIN in this league and ultimately the Championship.

    Shaq is pure ego and I most definitely agree with everyone here that he will most likely say some stuff if he ends up coming this year and winning a ring, without Kobe showing that he can win one on his own.

    This is something Kobe needs to do, WITHOUT SHAQ!

  • Robert

    Just like the LAKER’S
    there no place like L.A.

  • lafanfromindiana

    All he is doing is answering a question honestly. I don’t see why that implores that he is begging to coming back or kissing Kobe’s a$$. What’s he suppose to do, lie?

  • lakerferlife7

    i wonder if kobe would realy care if he got thatt 4th ring with shaqs help….i say come back but wit out that big contract

  • sketch

    DESPERADO!!!! Hell no, you ain’t comin back until yo fat ass contract is up in PHX! We ain’t payin you no cheddar! You said “no” to Lakers’ offer of over $90 million and took less to go to the Heat. Now you’ll have to come back for the veterans exemption after your current contract expires! Wow, tell me SNAQ, how does the Lakers’ ass taste?!?! LOL!!!! Stupid ball washin MOFO!!!!! I love it!

  • YellowPurpleFever

    Its smell like Kobe’s $hit in here! Opps its on Shaq’s nose.LOL

  • celtic killa

    KOBE = 10

    LBJ = 9.7 OR 9.8

    SHAQ = 1.4

  • Phupboy

    Lebron is faster, quicker, bigger, stronger, better passer, better leader, and can get to the bucket easier, than Kobe!!! All his stats are better except FT%, Shaq????? Kobe is probably best scorer that ever lived…. but Lebron has the whole package!!!!

  • LazyTech

    Kobe is no doubt way better than Lebron. Lebron is overhyped, he just has more commercials but that doesn’t mean he’s the face of the NBA. Anyone who thinks Lebron is better than Kobe must be a Kobe hater and already made up his mind. Kobe doesn’t need Shaq. Shaq can come back until Kobe wins one or two championships without him.

  • imfasterthanur

    [Comment ID #61789 Will Be Quoted Here]

    As ironic as this sounds, those “facts” you put up there, whether they are true or not, still do not make Lebron james a better BASKETBALL PLAYER than Kobe.

    A better athlete? yes. A better basketball player? No.

    James is still a mid-range jumper/clutch factor away from being close to Kobe’s level. Kobe’s repertoire is too well-rounded in ALL facets of the game, as opposed to being dominant in a few like James.

  • what will be

    [Comment ID #61752 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Lakers fans that are saying all this negitive stuff about Shaq need to understand that they are saying this to a guy who’s jersey is going to be hanging up someday in Staples…

  • Butch

    Kobe says, “Hey Shaq, how’s mt a$$ taste?”
    Phoenix deserves him, NOT L.A.

  • Butch

    Sorry, “My”, not mt.

  • ab4sure

    If Kobe was on Cleveland and Lebron was on the Lakers then Shaq would say Lebron is the 10 and kobe is the 9.7. Shaq is being Shaq.

  • Mitch Kupchak

    what does location have anything to do with it?

    its all about who is the more complete player, and hands down its Kobe!

  • ab4sure

    He did it for selfish reasons. He just wants to be a laker again. That is his goal so the location for him is LA.

  • JC

    Shaq must like the way Kobe’s A$$ tastes… LoL.

  • Kcohlnor

    RNKyxI comment5 ,

  • thediesel1221

    why you all be hatin on shaq, he got you 3 banners, yeah he is gettin old but he is one of the best ever.

  • saxtell10

    lakers suck ass! go shaq go magic! fuckk kobe!

  • saxtell10

    f kobe**