The reunion is almost here… The NBA All-Star Game will see the return of the Shaquille O’Neal-Kobe Bryant pairing that once dominated league headlines, on and off the court.

Together they led the Los Angeles Lakers to three straight championships and four finals berths in five years, but that success was eventually overshadowed by the bickering that triggered their breakup.

On Sunday they’ll be on the same team for the first time since the 2004 NBA Finals, when the Lakers were knocked off by Detroit. They traded sporadic barbs through the years after O’Neal’s departure, but say they’ve patched things up — with O’Neal saying they were never that bad in the first place.

“That will be kind of fun to see how well they hook up together,” said Lakers coach Phil Jackson, who will coach them in the Western Conference team. “I think there’s no doubt about the fact they’ll have a relationship. They still are very friendly.”

O’Neal was chosen to 14 straight All-Star Games before missing last year during an injury-plagued season. Few players match his level of popularity with fans and fellow players.

“I’m a very lucky player because I went through three different eras of the All-Star game,” O’Neal said. “I went through the Mike era, where it was Mike [Jordan] and [Charles] Barkley and all those guys, and I went through my era, where it was me all the time and Kobe, and now it’s the Kobe-LeBron, D-Wade era, Dwight Howard eras. So I’ve been lucky enough to go through all three of those transitions.”

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  • Jack

    Too bad….it would have been fun to see Kobe dunk on Shaq. Oh well…

  • Gasoline

    Again. Is very sad that Lakers fan only care Kobe. You know, there are TWO Lakers, not only Kobe, TWO LAKERS playing the All-Star Game. There is one guy called Pau Gasol who´s making his second All-Star game. I see this more important than Kobe participating again, since is very easy for Kobe to participate, but very difficult for Pau to participate.

    A pity that Lakers fans only care Kobe and Bynum and ignore Pau…



  • Michael_23

    Marv Albert: “Kobe to Shaq! Oh what a play!!!”

    Doug Collins: “What a great use of the triangle offense out of the timeout by Phil”

  • gugy

    Pau deserve HUGE credit for being there.

    Kobe congrats for once again be an All Star.

    Shaq congrats to you for making it. That will be the only time you will play alongside Kobe on the same team. No LAkers for you cactus.

  • xtro

    shaq and kobe will be together soon.

  • sketch

    Man, if SNAQ takes any more of Kobe down his throat then Kobe will be able to piss out what SNAQ had for dinner last night! This boy desperately wants back on our Lakers’ squad. I say, in a season and a half…we have an opening on the bench for the veteran’s exemption! LOL!

  • Dave

    Well, if Derek Fisher came back, why not Shaq? How about, “because we don’t need him?”

    Nothing personal, how ya doin’?

  • skim.

    [Comment ID #61880 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ur a fuckin idiot. this article is about shaq and kobe. it has nothing to do with pau gasol. y the hell would any1 talk about pau gasol when the article is about kobe and shaq. stupid

  • Gasoline

    skim, you´re a fucking son of a bitch who deserves to be fucked. Sure you´re one of these american racist who neglects Gasol because he´s american. Go to hell, you fucking idiot.

  • Butch

    For all you Shaq fans, enjoy this while you can, because you’ll never see them together on the same team again!

  • LakersLivefromDC

    I’M BAAAAAAAAAACK!!!I hate being unemployed but this is the reality I live in.I missed all y’all on this site(WE STILL THE BEST SITE)BILLY KUPCHAK,GUGY,SKETCH AND THE FAM IN THE SHOUTBOX.You guys are the best(and the ladies too),keep up the good work.

    I told y’all we was gettin’ Morrison.

  • sketch


    unemployed? yo, hittin some hard times bro? sorry to hear about that. i bet you’ll be bouncin up on your feet in no time! like kobe, you’ll be playin through lots of injuries bro…you’ll be alright!

  • vibe

    WTH does this gotta to do with pau…some one hasnt took their medicine in the morning. Cough Gasoline cough

    anyways back to kobe and shaq…i think it will something to really watch for.
    Hopefully it will be one for the ages.

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #61896 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Pau Gasol es un Heroe Del Silencio

  • HI

    Hey Idiots,

    Appreciate Shaq. You guys clearly dont know much about the lakers if you don’t appreciate shaq for what he did. I hated him when he got traded, but when i look back at those old games, nostalgia kicks in. At least give some respect to the big fella. Idiots, idiots.

  • MILO

  • Jay D

    [Comment ID #61910 Will Be Quoted Here]

    he said it right.

  • Jay D

    [Comment ID #61911 Will Be Quoted Here]

    … and no, dont go there.

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #61916 Will Be Quoted Here]

    umm dont go where???

  • Justin Fisher

    Lakers wont win anything without an injury prone Bynum, a trade for a tough rebounding foward is necessary, I wont ever forget last years Boston Massacre.