Good read on Phil’s thoughts about a possible return of Shaq

DailyNews: It certainly wouldn’t be the first NBA All-Star game where a bit of craziness broke out. Whenever the NBA’s finest get together in early February, zaniness often is the order of the day.

But on Friday, it was the 63-year-old coach in the corner of the room shaking up the desert sands, as Lakers coach Phil Jackson implied that he wouldn’t be averse to seeing Shaquille O’Neal take a final dance in a Lakers uniform one day.

“We know that there’s always a chance you’ll have an opportunity to have a player like that,” Jackson said, a wry smile coming across his face. “I was thinking about Robert Parish coming and playing one season with the Chicago Bulls. Playing a limited role, but being an influence on a team when he’s 40 years old.

“So, we always say these old crocodiles, these alligators that patrol the lanes, have a long life span. So it would be great to see (O’Neal) back someday and, you know, coaching him.”

For months, O’Neal has been writing a rosy revision to his history with the Lakers, sending glowing compliments to Jackson and Kobe Bryant through the media, then chalking up their notorious public feuds to “marketing.”

When told of Jackson’s comments, O’Neal laughed heartily and said, “He’s right,” then sent another compliment Jackson’s way.

“He (Jackson) was great. He let us do what we did. His thing was, we’re winning and we won the championship, so he’s not going to mess with it. That’s what it was about.”

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  • lakerschamps09

    i think that if we win the ship this yr then shaq can come back for 09-10 season(assuming suns buy him out) otherwise he waits this yr and nxt and comes for the 10-11 season…. i wouldnt mind havin him but hes gotta play nice and fair… its kobes team… no BS shaq…

  • 123kid

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  • Retrospect

    Yeah I agree, champs 09.

    I want Kobe to prove to the world and haters that he can win a Championship without SHaq.

  • Butch

    Totally agree with all the comments. Let Kobe win with HIS team , then Shaq can come back in the 09-10 season and talk smack all he wants.

  • MILO

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    there is nothing to prove! the champ years consisted of a lot more than just Kobe and Shaq dont be ignorant and oblivious about all the other players who contributed…

  • Fred A.

    Maybe for a 2 year 2 million dollar deal!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Jackson 5

    This is never easy.