Sooner or later, will have to have “Shaq Watch” category… I’m kidding. Seriously. I am. Anywho, here’s a few quotes from the article…

L.A. Times: O’Neal had nothing but high praise, for the Lakers and for Bryant.

“They are the best team,” O’Neal said. “They are 9-1. They are playing pretty good. Kobe is playing excellent ball, keeping everybody involved. He’s got a lot of shooters around. They are a very dangerous team. . . . They are probably the best team in the West right now.”

When asked if that’s how he wished Bryant had played when the two were teammates, O’Neal wanted no part of that question.

Instead, O’Neal talked about how impressive Bryant was.

“He’s playing excellent ball,” O’Neal said. “I can’t say anything bad about him now.”

O’Neal stopped and smiled.

He recalled how the Lakers seemingly always were in turmoil when he played there, how he and Bryant bickered, how Lakers Coach Phil Jackson kept an eye on the situation while it brewed.

“All the stuff we went through, it didn’t really matter,” O’Neal said. “We won.”

The Lakers have a new, young center in Andrew Bynum, who had 10 points and seven rebounds in 21 minutes.

O’Neal said Bynum is playing like a 7-footer should.

“He does what he’s supposed to do,” O’Neal said. “He catches it, keeps it up high and throws it down. He’s bigger, a lot stronger. He’s not really the first, second or third option. He just gets lobs, gets rebounds. He does what he’s supposed to do as a 7-footer.”



  • kobe124

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    It’s over cuz The big Cactus wants to be back in LA when the time comes to pick another team to play with.

    WIll Shaq Retire as a Laker or a Magic?

  • jason420_7

    its been over for a few years now except the media has nothin better to talk about.

  • kb24_1OVERJORDAN

    i wouldnt mind if shaq comesback hell be a good mentor for bynum…

  • sketch

    it’s not over because shaq can’t keep his mouth shut!!! the media is only responsible for fishing material outta shaq. shaq just can’t help himself…he’s like a pedophile at day care. he’s got diarreah of the mouth, he just keeps spewin sh*t!

    i wouldn’t mind him comin back to back up bynum after kobe wins the ship this year. cause you know that if the lakers sign shaq and we don’t win, kobe ain’t stickin around. if we do win i can see kobe goin for the idea. otherwise shaq will be able to continue claimin that kobe can’t without him.

    if shaq comes back, he needs to apologize to the organization, jerry buss, the city of los angeles and all its fans for dissin us 5 years ago. the BIG BENEDICT ARNOLD!!!

  • sketch

    kb24, good mentor for bynum…really? what can he teach him? how to gain 30 lbs in a week? how to not work hard during the off season? how to shoot free throws? how to get surgery on company time? how to diss the fans that supported his fat ass? how to bite the hand that fed him?

    shaq can’t teach bynum anything because all shaq basically did was to bulldoze his way through the defense. shaq was extremely quick and agile in his youth, but that’s not something you can teach…that’s natural gifts and athleticism, either you have it or you don’t.

    bynum already has better low post moves than shaq, he’s got the hook shot, he’s got the aggression to throw it down, he’s got the nice bank shot, he’s got the 5-10 foot jumper, he’s a better team defender, and a better shot blocker and rebounder.

    all of the above is hustle and hard work, which unfortunately is nothing that shaq can pass on to anybody. shaq can however mentor bynum on how to self promote…in other words, be his agent!

  • west213

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    laker bro, thats were he wont his first 3 rings. lakers.

  • thelakerfuture

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    shaq was a 320 pound quickster