It looks like the big bandwagon Shaq is at it again…

ESPN: Shaquille O’Neal lounged in his family room last June observing the Lakers’ championship celebration on his flat-screen television, listening to the comments of former teammate Kobe Bryant with a bemused smile. When asked what his fifth championship meant to him personally, Bryant declared, “I got one more than Shaq. So you can take that to the bank.” My first thought [after hearing that] was, ‘Well, I guess I’m still relevant,'” O’Neal said. “Kobe is still thinking about me, I guess. I’m still someone to be measured against.  But I don’t compete with little guards. I don’t compete with little guys who run around dominating the ball, throwing up 30 shots a night — like D-Wade, Kobe.

  • Paul Lee

    DANGGGG… So he openly hating on Wade now also. Got a buddy who played with Shaq in Miami when he was there and he said when they were losing the following your after winning the championship D.Wade and Shaq’s relationship was really strained. Wade started to notice Shaq work ethic and how it feels to carry the load alone when your other superstar doesnt care enough to help. Remember thats when Wade separated his shoulder and had to sit out

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    Looks like Shaq is running his mouth again. All of these years people have talked about how Kobe ran Shaq out of town and how Kobe is bad teammate. Shaq has been bounced around the league and always seems to leave on a bad note wherever he lands. I don’t think things will be any different in Boston. I wouldn’t mind playing the Celdicks again so we can break the tie and shut Shaq up once and for all. Should be an interesting season, to say the least.

  • JR

    He’s only gonna be paid $1.3 m veteran’s minimum per year and yet he thinks like he’s still in his prime. Maybe he’s right. He shouldn’t be competing with Kobe. He’s no longer on the same level as Kobe. He’s already a “has-been”.

  • Str8 Ballin

    He dissed Wade 2 lol.

  • The artist formally known as Brown Hater

    I used to like Shaq and took everything he said as a joke but It clear that he was the bad teammate. Think about it he dissed Penny on his way out of Orlando , trashed Kobe & Dr Buss when he let LA , trashed Pat Riley & D-Wade when he left Miami, and wasn’t there a small dust up with him and Nash when he left the Suns over that TV show of his. Just give it a month or to and he’ll be bashing Lebron that’s just Shaq’s thing.

    • Paul Lee

      yeah it was but nash kinda kept quiet about it. Alot of people on that Sun team felt that Shaq was only about his #’s that year and not about the team winning overall the year after they lost to the spurs in the 1st round when shaq made the allstar team

  • Kristian

    “who run around dominating the ball”? haha, says the man that has been an offensive black hole all his career

  • F__K That!

    I will be honest.
    While I understand Kobe desire to have a shot at Shaq due the fact so many people and Mr. Fat himself dissed Kobe for so long, I thought Kobe should have been quiet and did not say that on the press conference.
    That said, this feud is so over that still amazes me that after so many years people still trying to put fire on it.
    The fact Wade now is on Shaq animosity list just confirms how immature Shaq is. And some of you here wanted him back on our team. No way!

    • prlaker

      i disagree, shaq talked so much crap that its a wonder kobe did’nt responded earlier to that fat fucking piece of shit

  • chris ekstedt

    i’m a huge laker fan so don’t come talking at me like i’m not..

    but shaq’s right. he doesn’t compete against guards like kobe. he’s a center, and they don’t directly compete against guards.

    that being said, i would take a chance on yao ming before i draft shaquille bigdeal.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    shaq is always right………….when he was here carrying kobe for most of his rings……….get laker land lew alcindor shaq ,jerry west, magic.gail goodrich laker greats

    • Paul Lee

      Shaq was 1a) on that laker 3peat team and kobe was 1b). Dont forget how Kobe tourched the western conference teams and how they had no answer for him also. In the NBA finals the lakers just came across teams where shaq was the desired matchup. Matt Geiger, Todd M. , Dikembe Motumbo, Old Rick Smitts??? Shaq may have been the man on those teams but kobe definitely carried his own weight and shaq didnt just carry him

      • Jordanaire

        I agree 100%! The Lakers’ 2nd title when they went 16-1 was mostly all Kobe in the Western Conference Playoffs where they played all the strong teams…Philly was just a formality.

        • Paul Lee

          Bro i just hate the whole Shaq carried kobe argument. How can that be true when every 4th quarter was kobe time… Either because Shaq was in foul trouble or because he couldnt make free throws

    • laffs atu sissy girl

      All talk and no action makes laffs atu a DULL GIRL!

  • PhilJax

    Lakers fans are such tools, because tools have no memories. Kobe did run shaq out of town. He also ran your beloved Phil Jackson out of town. Oh, you forgot that, huh? Did you forget how Kobe’s Eagle Colorado trip caused the rift? Or how Kobe demanded to leave saying your coveted bynum was trash?

    Lakers are so BS that they paid a new guy more than Derek Fisher, the only class you have in the organization. So, keep hating shaq, tools. Its not your fault, you just have no memories.

    • Leo

      Tired of watching us win, aren’t you. I don’t even know which team you root for, but they probably suck…Sorry about that, actually no. Not really.

    • Mr. Anonymous

      You’re probably a fucking Celtics fans, aren’t you?

    • LakersEnElCoco

      The last time I remember Shaq wanted more money and Buss said NO and thats why he left!
      Oh and we have no memory.

    • yash

      Yea ur right. Kobe was a lil ego maniac, he did run pj out. but he brought him back, he forced the team to make changes. kobe went public with the trade cuz he wanted to show them that he was serious bout winning. ever since that. look at how many superstars started copying kobe. melo is doin the same thing just not as bad. nuggs are tryna make themselves better cuz theyre scared if he leaves their ticket sales will die. if kobe went out of LA? most of the ppl would not come to a laker game.
      Shaq is the biggest ego maniac in the nba. he talks shit about evry1. he said dwade was best when he played with. then all star game “me and kobe, greatest 1-2 punch in the game” now this. hes just tryna stay relevant like he said. thas also why he has a show, so ppl wont forget him

    • 242LakerFan

      I was gonna reply with some really scathing remarks and detailed refutation of your every point…but I forgot what you said.

    • big II

      This guy really doesn’t kno what he is talkin about I’m a Shaq fan 2 but damn wake up I’m man enough 2 admit Kobe F’d up how come u won’t admit Shaq F’d up 2 his work ethic sucked Shaq was neva wrong wow shaq was as dominant as any true center but he neva knew how 2 humble his self he was as much a problem even more than kobe I meen penny,kobe,D-Wade,and come on Nash is as nyce of guy as it gets and it didn’t work there either and we don’t know what happened wit Labron don’t get me wrong I wish him da best but he was no saint

  • VicDog760

    R u even a laker fan Philjax,i would think u have more of a brain after using that name guess not.At the end of the day its both their faults each did and said stupid things none better or worse than the other,overall im happy with the outcome and wil have mi memory of shaqs looser fat cry baby ass when kobe gets three witout him.

  • JD

    Old shaq is big mouth again, he should’ve been proud he’s former a laker. he need get to move on focus his own kids and issues

    Kobe got straight two champions without shaq, which is old the past. In fact he already been moved on to keep foward to looking what’s coming.

  • drive-for-17th

    Now how many of ya’ll wanted him this offseason to come back? Fukk Snaq hes an idiot, he doesnt know when to shut the hell up. Kobes accomplished more then he has. Don’t expect shaq to retire his laker jersey anytime soon. Hes old as hell and he talkes like hes still in his prime, Your prime ended after you left LA u piece of shiit. Let him talk, he does this always.

  • drive-for-17th

    its funny how when kobe had 3 rings still, he said kobe couldnt do it without him, now kobe has 5 hes all ” i don’t compete with guards” wat a joke, he knows if he didnt run his mouth all those years, he would be in this position. LA sure don’t want his ass back.

  • lakersss

    It’s funny how shaq says he doesn’t “compete” with guards like kobe… anyone remember what happened in the summer of 2008 when the lakers lost to the celtics? “Kobe how my ass taste” ??? he feels like an idiot that the lakers ended up winning back 2 back after that.

  • Happy birthday weezy!

    only to shaq are 6’6 people classified as little.

    • prlaker

      if shaq was a foot shorter he would had never been on the nba, think about it, no jump shoot no dribling skills, i could probably beat him in a game of horse

  • trem

    Lol at the fat ass running his mouth again. fail.

  • JCbiglessworth

    This is so irresponsible of ESPN, this is taken completely out of context. Half the answer was about Kobe and the 2nd half of the answer was from a question they asked Shaq about Bill Russel

  • Leo

    While I don’t agree with Shaq’s second statement, I agree with the first. Why did you have to say that, Kobe? I thought you were over it, but apparently you let everyone know that you’re not yet over it. I thought it would be more relevant to say that he has more rings than Lebron or Wade.

    And while you can’t compare them directly, Shaq is wrong, in that you will have to compare the two when you discuss who the greatest player of this generation is.

  • Lakers 24 7


    • 24/8

      Exactly. Everywhere he’s gone where there was any success, there was Kobe there to help him. First was Penny, though they didn’t win in the Finals. Then Kobe, 3 rings. Then Wade, 1 more ring. Then the Suns, no Kobe type there, no rings. Then the Cavs, but LeCon is too big and clunky to be a Kobe or Wade, no rings. Now he’s on the Celtics, no Kobe type on that team. Prepare for zero rings.
      On the other hand, Kobe won 3 rings with Shaq and 2 more without a Shaq type player. Gasol ain’t Shaq, he’s the best power forward in the league. Bynum is Shaq if Shaq could stay in shape, score from the outside, have post moves, defend a pick and roll and sink a free throw. So, not Shaq. If Kobe needed a Shaq to win another ring he would have ended up in Orlando with Howard.
      Shaq better compete with guards because he can’t compete with centers. He’s a shitty center. If it wasn’t for his size he’d be useless. He’s no Dream, he’s no Ewing, he’s no Admiral. In fact he’s a giant version of LeCon, he uses his strength to intimidate those with more skill. Perkins doesn’t score as much but he’s a better center than Shaq.
      As for memory, I remember Shaq stupidly saying when he first showed up in L.A. that he not only wanted to retire a Laker but to be known as the greatest Lakers center of all time, no discussion when compared to Wilt or Kareem or Mikan. Really. How long did that last? No dedication in that fat pile of shit, no maturity, even now.
      Do you know when Shaq will say he competes with guards like Kobe? When he’s got more rings than Kobe again. Which means he will never, ever say that again.

  • keeponkeepinon18

    LOL. This must have just happened recently because wasn’t it Shaq who was repping Kobe for winning his 5th title on Twitter? From my experience with him, its just regular old Shaq trying to shake things up again.

    Lasty, HOW could Shaq think he is “still relevant”? OF COURSE, he is relavant… he might not be what he once was but, according to his legacy, he is one of the most dominant centers to ever play the game! Smh at you Shaq…

  • Jack Y.

    Jeez. Shaq can’t keep his mouth shut. He seems to trash any of his former teams whenever he reaches a new team. Then when his new, current team loses in playoffs, then he starts jumping teams. Make up your mind!

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    as long as kobe can ride GASOFTS EURO ASS he might be handed another ring….no gasoft no rings…………………..phil jax,keepin it real.

    • keeponkeepinon18

      No title without Kobe. No title without PJ. No title without Fisher. No title without Odom. No title without Artest. No title without Bynum. No title without Shannon. What is your point?

    • keeponkeepinon18

      And its “Gahard” ~ he is soft no more.

    • laffs atu sissy girl

      All talk and no action makes laffs atu a DULL GIRL!!

  • laffs atu


    • NBAmazingKB24

      Its one thing about hating a team
      but this racist comments gotta go
      You going to allow this kind of words in the LakersNation blog?

      • bbz62

        yeah that racist stuff has no place here. the mods should really do something about this.

        • prlaker

          really man, that’s over the edge, i only hope you get rapped by a black dude and a mexican you fucking rasist, people like you are the reson the world is in the stage it is, youre no different from a terrorist that straps a bomb to his chest to kill people just because they have different believes you worthless piece of shit.

    • laffs atu sissy girl

      All talk and no action makes laffs atu a DULL GIRL!!!

    • Kobe4Life

      POOR choice of words laffs atu. This is about sports, NOT RACE! The Laker nation is a brotherhood, and when you disrespect one, YOU MESS WITH THE WHOLE PACK!

    • KB24venom

      laffs atu you need to be banned from this board ,hating the best team in the nba is one thing ,hating race is off limits ,don’t get me wrong i do enjoy all of your idiotic takes on the lakers . racism is a whole noother category . just go away laffs atu.

    • 24/8

      Well, you’ve always got bowling to watch, I suppose.
      Check your family tree. I mean all the way back. You’re black.

  • NBAmazingKB24

    go practice your free throws

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    they can check the e-mail.thats not my post or style…some super loser laker fan with no guts.

    • laffs atu sissy girl

      All talk and no action make laffs atu a DULL GIRL!!!!

    • prlaker

      people like you usually end up the same way, rapped in in jail

  • Robert.

    Lakers have quietly gotten better (than last year) over the summer. Celtics have ‘loudly’ gotten heavier and slower. Miami has ridiculously gotten nothin’ but hype, because they haven’t played a lick.
    It even seems like the whole Miami fiasco is creating an even bigger NBA circus – Snaq is one of the chief clowns here.
    Basketball season is upon us, and a whole lotta hype is waiting in the wings (c.f., media day for Miami – they announced them as the ‘champs’ ???). Lakers are the Champs, until further notice (at least until next June, when they become Champs again – then they’ll be Champs for another year).

  • si pepe

    the big prostitute!

    • 3 Peat

      he sure is …

  • LakersEnElCoco

    Shaq me la pela!


  • mytiman

    Kobe did started it (*I just got one more than Shaq*). But Shaq’s right. He should be competing with Duncan as who’s the best big man in the NBA of the past decade. Because we all know Kobe’s the player of the decade.

    • 242LakerFan

      How is that starting it? Did you conveniently forget about “Kobe can’t do it without me” or “Kobe, how my ass taste”? Yeah, Kobe started it…

      • daboss1848

        doesnt it all come back to that fateful night: “should have done what Shaq does … Shaq would pay his women not to say anything.”

        • 242LakerFan

          You know what? It goes back further than that. Only two people know who really started it.

          • Leaderfish

            It goes back to Kobe wanting stardom before responsibility and Shaq not willing to big a big brother to kobe. Basically both had ego’s that got in the way.

  • Robert.

    Shaq really isn’t competing with anyone. He’s just an entertainer who happens to play basketball. He still has ‘entertainment value’. People do want to hear him blab, hear what he has to say, etc. Some people want to watch him miss free throws, dribble down the court, occasionally dunk. I usually watch how he ‘slows down’ the team – the rest of the team (e.g., Suns) are already set up to score, and here comes Shaq lumbering down the court. Is he gonna make it there before a shot gets off? Maybe he should lag at midcourt, and have less distance to run for defense.
    Anyway, it’s just pure entertainment, that’s all.
    Meantime …
    Everyone watches Kobe to see him ‘play’. They don’t care ‘that much’ about what he usually says – that’s why his comment about Shaq stood out – Kobe learned (after the Colorado fiasco) to keep quiet about ‘everything’ except basketball. That’s also why ESPN hates him – he doesn’t give them too much to talk about anymore. He just usually comments things like “well, we won this game, but it’s one game at a time. Only the “W” matters” etc. etc. … BUT, a dig, or two, will come out during the Final’s press conference.
    Let’s get ready to rumble !!!!

    • LakerNationCitizen

      Agreed! 100%. Kobe RARELY does media sh*t, even commercials and what-not. He doesn’t like the press. He does it because it’s part of the contract. He only wants to play ball….and let his game do the talking!!

  • Robert.

    p.s., Shaq won’t have to worry as much about ‘lagging behind’ his team anymore. I think he’ll be able to keep up with such heavy weights as Kendrick Perkins, Big Baby, Paul Pierce, etc. It’s gonna be a stampede!!

    • cjm

      i see shaq and perkins joined together into a 700lb three legged monster center.

  • sancho

    Shaq is a funny guy. Now he is bagging on Wade. I am curious on when he will diss LeQueen Shames.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    thinking and bryant is like oil and water……..he`s at least smart enough to shut his mouth… you think espn hates the mamaba?what aboutTNT?Barkley the number one talking head,well we know he thinks mamambas a joke..once again it comes down to taste or bad decide……………………..the east shall rise again.

    • laffs atu sissy girl

      All talk and no action makes laffs atu a DULL GIRL!!!!!!

  • Robert.

    Have to admit it – this is almost refreshing compared with all the hype that I’m anticipating with the whole heat deal. I never thought I’d say this, but I actually hope that Snaq & Co. give the heat a pounding.
    espn is even ramping up a whole media deal to follow the heat all year long, and are calling them the ‘soon to be’ champions, or something like that.
    they need a ‘pounding’. I hope Snaq runs his mouth off about the whole miami garbage.

  • KUSH

    When asked what his fifth championship meant to him personally, Bryant declared, “I got one more than Shaq. So you can take that to the bank.” My first thought [after hearing that] was, ‘Well, I guess I’m still relevant,’” O’Neal said. “Kobe is still thinking about me, I guess. I’m still someone to be measured against.

  • KUSH

    Count your blessing.. Take it one day at a time..