And the war of the words begin!

WEEI: After overpowering the Nets while scoring 25 and hauling in 11 rebounds, Celtics center Shaquille O’Neal — who owns four NBA championship rings — proclaimed the 2010-11 Celtcs to be “the best team I’ve been on.”

“This is a great team. The best team I’ve been on,” said O’Neal. “They’ve got a lot of weapons on this team, so on any given night anybody can be the leading scorer. The team’s very unselfish. … .”

O’Neal confirmed that assessment in response to a follow-up question when asked to compare the Celtics to his three championship Lakers teams and the 2006 Heat.

“Yes. Best team,” O’Neal repeated. “As far as players….as far as guys being really close…I know we’ve only been at this for two months, but hopefully the outcome to be a good one.”

  • Jack

    Shaq says something similar for every team he’s been on.

  • 242LakerFan

    Yeah, and the higher the praise, the worse he rips them after he skips town.

  • kevin

    When will this f king lazy fat ass guy will shut his big
    Mouth. I’m so tired of his bs attention grabber

  • rondo

    Kevin why do you keep calling black players lazy? stop it moron.

    • 242LakerFan

      Oh, I thought he meant me. My bad.

  • trippleoccho

    Snaq is full of nonsense

  • Leo

    Utterly laughable…Any of the Lakers teams he was on would crush this Celtics team.

    • LakerNationCitizen


    • 242LakerFan

      Yea, those three championship Laker teams he was on were hard-nosed, physical, tough teams. Just like this Laker team. I hope they win the East so bad!

      • laffs atu.

        I hope the Celtics don’t make it to the Finals because don’t give Shaq any chance at gracing onto the Finals court again! I use to have respect for Shaq, now every time he speaks, it’s like a 13 year old child pouting over being traded from L.A. He’s a 6 year old in a 39 year old mans body.

  • phenor jenkins

  • jtshoopsblog

    Can’t blame him for feeling that way. After all, Mitch Kupchack sent him away choosing Kobe over him.

  • Day

    Technically he’s right. It’s the best team HE’S BEEN ON. I don’t think you would include yourself when you say that. So, the players around him probably are better than the players around him during the 3 peat. The difference is that Shaq is garbage now. So the 3peat lakers, with shaq in his prime, would crush this celtics team. But in that sense, Shaq is right.

    • andy

      Yeah that’s what I said lol

  • Robert.

    Right on, Day! I was gonna say something like that, and so instead I will add to that:
    Shaq has never been a member of any team that he has been on! (is that Russel’s paradox? Or didn’t Groucho Marx say something like that?).
    What I mean by that, is that he is not a ‘team’ player. And that includes the 3-peat Lakers. He ‘reluctantly’ had to defer to Kobe during those years, on many occasions. It was ‘in some respects’ a collection of egos, that were held together by Phil, and not the same as an ‘operating team’. This year’s Celtics are clearly a ‘team’, and this may be the first time Shaq has had to fit into the ‘team’ paradigm, instead of the other way around with other teams (Suns, Cavs), trying to reconcile having Shaq there, and figuring out what to do with him and keep his ego in check. Remember the ‘Suns’ motto was ‘7 seconds PLUS Shaq’ (implying that the run & gun style of the Suns was clearly hampered by the slowness of Shaq, so they tried to ‘fit’ him in by having him lag and be part of the offense ONLY if they got stuck in a 1/2 court set, instead of the quick fast break).
    What he should have said, is that this is the FIRST team he has ‘been on’, because he hasn’t really ‘been on’ any team – he has ‘been with’ other teams, and that’s it.
    As for THIS Lakers team, it is the BEST team that he ‘won’t have’ been on. Not including him, this is a better team than the 3-peat Lakers.

  • LkrFn4Lf

    We’ll see if the Celtics 3-peat all of a sudden… Doubt it

  • pat oslon

    The Big Prostitute lies again! LMAO…. he’s a joke & a hater!

  • pat oslon

    PS: shack & boston suck

  • cjm

    he’s talking about the lunch buffet at practice.

  • lakers0828

    And yet America still Blames Kobe for Shaq departure from LA And yet shaq has been on 6 teams Now he wants to Rip Laker Fan by winning Ring with the Celtics

  • Danny

    Just Retire Shaq, dont even know what hes sayin anymore

  • pat oslon

    Shaq-less is worthless. Bum will do anything for some press; he’s an embarrassment to himself

  • KB24venom

    sounds like shaq is fine with never having his jersey in the rafters of staples with all the laker greats . maybe the celtics will offer a spot after he leaves in three years. i can’t wait to hear what this lazy ignorant pce of shit will say next.

  • LMFAOmiami

    Who cares what the big F@t@$$ has to say?!

  • kobe owns shaq

    kobe owns shaq any day!

  • Trem

    Shaq just says random shit, doesn’t even think before he speaks.

  • i0ioooooi0i

    Gotta give it to Shaq. He even made ‘laffs at u’ join us, Lakers
    Nation, in clowning him.

  • nbafl

    i gotta give shaq some respect, leading the lakers to 3 championships, 34 definitely should be retired, also, he’s the best athlete ever in the NBA and there won’t b another shaq, on top of that i love his show shaq vs…. he clearly beat justin beiber, the only reason jbeibs won was cuz he had all those girls on his side, also realise shaq also would have done a good job in the NFL, especially since there are no free throws in football



  • kevin

    hey rondo, did i ever call kobe lazy, the last time i know he is black too. Shaq will call one of the euro team next year when no one sign him to a contract the best team that he is ever been with.

  • kevin

    man, if i was the lakers, i will have kobe statue in front of staples center then have his damn face attachs to kobe be ass so i can feel how is kobe ass taste

  • Ruin818

    Just mad cause your campaining to join the best team in the LEAGUE didn’t work and you got stuck with the celtics… When he retires im sure he’ll just say “I will always be a Laker”… He’s lucky if we even retire his number.