Mr. O’Neal is back to his old ways.

TMZ: Shaquille O’Neal took the mic at a NYC club last night, unleashing a freestyle verbal assault directed at his arch-enemy Kobe Bryant — blaming his former teammate for ruining his marriage and imploring him to “Tell me how my ass tastes.”

The line most likely references a comment Kobe made during his infamous 2003 rape case, when he told Colorado police that he “Should have done what Shaq does … Shaq would pay his women not to say anything.” The two became famously bitter rivals after the incident.

After spending several verses shredding Kobe apart for losing in the NBA playoffs, Shaq drops the line, “I’m a horse, Kobe ratted me out, that’s why I’m getting divorced.”

Watch the video on TMZ.

UPDATE: Here is Shaq’s response to the his freestyle. Anyone actually believe a word this man says?

  • Isaac

    Shaq sure can’t rap.. And those ppl chanting that thing probably hadn’t heard a rap song since artest rap CD came out.. Funny stuff tho haha

  • lakersdynasty09

    Wow..what a b!tch..
    He just hating cuz he’s closer to a ring than him…its alright this will motivate kobe. !LAKES4LIFE!.

  • BringDFishBack

    It’s over, just let it go.

  • Thuggishdeer

    ummm didnt he just say he was proud of kobe a month ago? shaq was playing up to the crowd of course because he started this kobe cant win without shaq crap and thus giving the haters their only amo.

  • daboss1848

    Shaq getting divorced – looking for scapegoat . . .

    Not everything he said was wrong though – “KB couldnt do it w/o me” . . .lets just hope he eats those words next year and the following years to come.

  • fabz24lakers

    too much ….let it go shaq!

  • Lakers4Life

    How old are you!!??


    shaq is a dumb ass

    kobe please tomahawk this fool

  • KING-BQ1981


  • thevoiceofreason

    Kobes more mature than Shaq now.

  • lakerfan

    Why so much hate Shaq? You make yourself look like an idiot when you open your mouth. Your rhymes suck and so does your game nowadays.

    But heres the truth Laker Nation. Without Shaq we have no rings. Kobe should be sending thank you notes to Shaq for the three rings that he’s wearing.

  • morrningwood

    hey shaq how do steve nash nuts taste

  • LD2k


  • dub824

    haha i knew shaq still hated kobe


    So being a Sheriff(The WORST type of cop,EVER)is really bringin Shaq’s true colors out.I got veeeeeeeeeeeeeery little respect left for a man that won 3 ‘Chips with Kobe and because you paid ‘Superhead’ for a Blow’J'(Check Superbad)and you blame Kobe for that?Well if you ask me GROWN MEN DON’T BLAME OTHER GROWN MEN FOR …… short comings(OUCH).

    Jealousy is the NO.1 killer of black folks,MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY and here’s prime example,talk about CONTRADICTIONS.

  • kobe124

    Shaq always needs to be news in the offseason.
    too bad kobe can say “shaq telling how falling short in the playoffs taste?”
    The cactus is asking for it.


    Kobe needs to cut it down when they meet again.
    you know who will win.
    not shaq my friend.
    and kobe didnt ruin him.
    shaq just had to pay for his sin.hahaha!

  • Kobe8>24

    that is just low. i thought Shaq was better than that..

  • xtro

    Shaq is classless as my pal BD.

  • e

    shaq’s just a punk

  • lakersno834

    too bad.. your wife cheated with your personal trainer.. beat that.



  • lakerfan

    I just heard the recording. Thats some funny stuff!!!!! However very low blow. That is some low stuff….even by Shaq standards. He even slams Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

    Kobe has got to get another ring or Shaq will keep bringing this crap until they die.

    Kobe better respond. If he doesn’t, the entire league and his teammates will know he’s soft. And don’t give me bull crap that he “should be mature and not respond”. Someone talks $hit about you like that you better call him out.

  • DBricks

    I think Shaq broke his own law, no man under should critcize any man above. Just not right, just disrespectful. The bottom line is the Suns are going to fight just to make the playoffs and he is going to be a non-factor, and be out of the league in a year. Why Kobe continues to compete and win NBA championships. So NBA player ordinance code 2557, no player under should critcize a player above…its just not right shaq, respect your own rules HATER

  • TonyStarks79

    That’s what happens when your a RAT.

  • RD

    i know it was club… was shaq drunk? they just showed the full vid on sportscenter a couple seconds ago, and it didnt look like he was drunk. he was prbably just being an A$$ again, like he always has been. whats new? FUCC SHAQ!

  • Theenfinit

    Anyone who calls themself a Lakers fan will remember that they didn’t just get rid of Shaq. The year after Shaq was dealt, where was Derek Fisher, Robert Horry, Rick Fox or anyone else who contributed to the Lakers championship seasons? It wasn’t just Shaq and Kobe winning those rings.

    As for “Snaq” as in “I like to snack and come to camp fat” O’Neal, two things:

    1. You complain that Kobe ratted you out and destroyed your marriage. I guess your CHEATING ON YOUR WIFE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH HURTING YOUR MARRIAGE.

    2. You went to a team that had gone to the conference Finals the year before. You didn’t turn that team from a bunch of scrubs into a high caliber team simply by your addition, and as I remember, it was Alonzo Mourning that really made a difference in the Finals you did win, not to mention Posey, Haslem, WADE! Even Gary (I didn’t show up for the Lakers against Billups and the Pistons) Payton showed up and produced. Anyways, if you’re so above Kobe, why can’t you just move on?

    Like Kobe did.

  • theLAKESHOW22

    This fat ass needs to die! Wtf is his problem? He serioulsy has split personalities? Man of Steel and Kazaam? Let it go Shaq…you are done fat ass.

  • RD

    maybe he’s just old, lonley, and going through mid-life crisis and needed some publicity like he used to have?….

  • Clownin’

    Ha!! That was some funny stuff. Laker fans couldn’t get on their knees enough when Shaq was winning rings out here in LA (I call all y’all Superhead). Now when he tells the truth about Kobe you guys can’t get off your knees and Kobe’s jock out your mouth enough to admit Shaq’s right. Face it. Shaq/Kobe was the best combo and Kobe, Gasoft, Lamar SoDumb and Andrew Bynumbskull jus ain’t gonna do it.

    Leave the herd… join the Clipper Nation. We got the same number of rings since Shaq left LA as Kobe/Phil does!!

  • daboss1849

    Hate to tell the big inconsequential but kb isn’t done yet like u are. i guarantee kb will have at least 5 rings before its all said and done…

  • daboss1849

    Maybe we should call him the big child support or the big alimony LOL…

  • Lakers 24 7

    That’s why Shaq was huggin Kobe’s nuts this season talkin about “Kobe deserves the MVP” and “He’s proud of Kobe that he is back in the finals” lollll silly shaq, your fat, retire.

  • Fantastic5LAL


    The reason he is getting divorced is cause he cheated on his wife. Bottom line. Blame it on Kobe if you want, but it’s not like he made you go down on other woman.

  • True Lakers Fan

    shaq is a fatt ass i lost TOTAL respect for him how come he didn’t rap bout how ROOKIE Bynum dunked on him haha Shaq will never win an ring again

  • shakobe

    call me crazy but i think shaq is bitter for getting traded from the lakers… he did win a ring in miami but his team mate called him lazy Dwade said he needs to learn to play threw injuries and help us more, his coach didnt like his attitude and now he went to the suns and could not deliver so he is at his lowest point in his career…. i think he is just pissed about the team divorce more ( HIM GETTING TRADED FROM THE LAKERS MORE THEN HIM DIVORCING FROM HIS WIFE)…… But thats a new low for Shaq….. Shame…

  • Sako


    I get dumber as I get older. Who am I?

    Answer: Snaq O’Meal

  • Sako


    My IQ is the same as my age. Who am I?

    Answer: Snaq O’Meal

  • allan

    How does Shaq get away with this stuff? Because he’s big and goofy he’s allowed to trash whoever he wants? Don’t forget, he’s also done this sort of thing to Phil Jackson & Pat Riley. Whenever he does something like this, most people just laugh it off. On the other hand, when Kobe was recorded trashing Bynum for a legitimate reason (wanting to win, wanting Jason Kidd, not happy with Bynum’s work ethic up to that point) he’s crucified.

  • willow

    It’s really sad now how he has to do something this stupid and low just to get attention to him. I’m not mad at him, I feel sorry for him. He’s just a pathetic has been. Instead of riding on a horse into the sunset, he’s goin down in flames. I’m grateful for the rings he helped brought to this city but this is just pathetic. He’s 36 years old. He needs to just grow the f*ck up. He’s still bitter about something that happened 5-6 years ago. PATHETIC!

  • candace parker

    it’s true shaq is the worst player, wors han kwme, worse han smush, worse than fluke

  • Michael_23

    Kobe is too busy to be dealing with Shaq, he’s got his basketball academy and Team USA. Shaq has nothing to do this summer.

  • nyla

    I really want to play the Suns in the conference finals!


    I’ma ghostwrite Kobe’s rebuttal,check it

    Damn,Shaq paid 10 g’s for ‘head

    must’ve really been good when her knees hit the bed

    probably shot blanks like your self at the throw line

    F%$% a ‘chip you too busy worrying tryin’ to get back on Hoe line

    I’m not worried about fatty and what he said at a show

    I was in Atlanta with sherri(shaq’s ex-wife)gettin’BANKHEAD on the low

    She bought me some clothes,cars and phat A%% crib


    That last line will have Jay-Z sayin'”Damn dog,I couldn’t even diss NAS like that”.

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #41697 Will Be Quoted Here]

    hahahah that sh!t was good DC

  • lakers2000

    Shaq, your a clown your careers 6 feet down,Shawnees with a guy from Cuba, don’t hate on kobe ’cause she’s playin’ his tuba! Go Lakers. Go Kobe!!!!!

  • daboss1848

    [Comment ID #41696 Will Be Quoted Here]

    just like those hoping to play BOS in Finals – – be careful what u wish for . . .

  • 123KID

    thank you shaq for saying that! its only gonna make kobe angrier and angrier before he brings out a can of whoop A$$ on every team tryna keep him away from an nba title next year!!!!

  • RoWyN

    just proves how much of a btch he really is. he played it safe in case lakers win so he don’t look sour when he still is.

  • Mitch Kupchak

    an unclassy move from a very unclassy person. plain and simple.

  • lakerfan

    [Comment ID #41695 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Kobe better respond. Say something….
    Otherwise the Lakers really are “soft” like everyone outside of L.A. thinks.

  • Whatsa

    [Comment ID #41704 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Well freakin said yo.

    And eh. This guy didn’t even make it past the 1st round this year. I can’t wait to get them back next year.

  • lakerfan

    [Comment ID #41680 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Join the Clipper Nation? I didn’t know there was one.

  • daboss1848

    [Comment ID #41705 Will Be Quoted Here]

    not saying something has nothing to do with being soft – its called class. The Lakers are a 1st class organization, KB represents the Lakers – lets hope he doesnt misrepresent the Lakers as he has in the past . . . let this Putz talk, dont give it any attention.


  • LD2k

    [Comment ID #41674 Will Be Quoted Here]
    I thought he’s just setting the stone path to returning next to Kobe to hop onboard. ;)

    haha, but seriously, I totally agree. WTF is he thinking?

  • joe blow

    Hey Clownin,
    You are right Shaq/Kobe was the best combo.
    And yes if you listen to entire rhyme, it is funny.

    As low as it was I still respect Shaq because he came to my kid brothers elementary school here in L.A. (this was after he went to the heat). Brought them some computers and gave the teachers Laker gear.

    It just puzzles me as to why he has so much hate against Kobe.

  • Rinnegato

    F U Shaq-fu!

    Shaq’s whack and jealous –

    Kobe rated higher on Forbes, is on the BEST team/franchise/tradition from Day 1 of being drafted, leading a USA team to gold, fear and respect from everyone-

  • Nyc2cali

    clownin…The clippers….are not or ever good face it…dont hate..just join the purple and gold…Watch what happens the next few years

  • lakers2000

    Bad Shaq, No donut!! Haa Haa. Fat Ba$tard!!! Can’t wait ’till Bynum posterizes your a$$. He’s going to make Shaq pay for trashing the greatest center that ever played. Kareem is training Bynum against an elephant right now as we speak to show him how to defend against his fat a$$.

  • Zen Master

    Hell yeah…..Kobe better better not lay down on this one.
    And FU ….SHAQ FU. He always lays down to Shaq…that why Shaq keeps bringing it. He lays down again and he’s nothing but a P*SSy.

    Even little punk ass Iverson had something for Shaq in 2003 when Shaq said he better not come in the paint. Iverson came back and said “I don’t care if he’s 8 foot tall, I’ll be comin down the lane with all I got. Try to stop me.” Not much, but its a response and that punk did bring it.

    Class? OK. Don’t respond Kobe. Show some class. F*^% class. Do something. Say something. Use DCLAKERS rhyme…something. You got the balls to call out everyone on the team last summer but won’t even step up to Shaqs clownin?

  • mihaithemiraculous

    [Comment ID #41707 Will Be Quoted Here]

    hahaha clipper nation, that brought tears to my eyes, we’d be better off cheering for the LA sparks

  • LAKER52

    Lakernation dont need to post any of this non sense anymore. Lets not waste our website to post any stupid stuff from Shaq. That is the past, let it go. Fuck Shaq, He is in the club running his mouth and thats why his wife left his ass and also took off with all his money. He needs to join the worst franchise in the history of the league which is the Clippers. DO NOT POST ANY SHAQS BULLSHIT ON THE WEBSITE!!! Lakers 4 Life!!!

  • gugy

    Very bad taste from Shaq.

    The truth is Shaq would not win 3 rings without Kobe and won without Wade. Kobe has not won one yet without Shaq, but he has way better chances to accomplish that than Shaq.
    Shaq is just a bitter old fat man because he knows the Suns has absolutely no chance to win again. It’s over for him.
    Meanwhile, Kobe needs to win the ship to shut the fu ck of Shaq forever. It will come soon.

    I used to respect Shaq, but after the whole Lakers fiasco his departure and his betrayal again with the Heat. F U C K him!

  • friendly

    some brilliant lyricism

  • CD3

    I hope the organization won’t hang his jersey.

  • Freshh

    this is why im never gonna forgive shaq.
    i never take for granted what hes done for us

    but after he leaves a team, he always fires the remainin shells.

    He was prob drunk anyways. LIVE WITH KOBE!

  • two0one7

    How is this guy still relevant? He’s done. His team got bounced in the 1st round and he’s talking crap about Kobe? Please. Shaq is an immature two-faced whiner. Always is, always will be. He even goes on to insult KAJ.

    Typical, ESPN will just laugh it off as Shaq just kidding.

  • Kobefan24

    . Does Shaq ever STFU? Are any of the problems in his life EVER his fault, or is he just the eternal victim? Orlando, LA, and Miami don’t want him anymore because he’s nothing but a whiny bitch, who has difficulty getting along with others. Just retire and fade away in the background already. Nobody cares about your giant ass anymore.

  • Sako

    [Comment ID #41717 Will Be Quoted Here]

    BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!

    Clippers are being moved to the D-League. They will now play at the basketball court at Valley Plaza. Nobody in the Clippers Organization is allowed 200 yards near the Staples Center. Anybody who gets less than 200 yards from the Staples Center can and will be asked to leave.

  • Michael24
  • borsche28

    [Comment ID #41724 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Agreed. Orlando wont. He was only in Miami for 2 and a half seasons. And his recent stint with phoenix doesn’t even count.

    If he keeps talking crap about anything to do with the Lakers, he sure won’t see his jersey in staples center. If it does, I bet they would retire Kobe’s jersey before they retire Shaqs.

    He did slam Kareem on that song too. Is Kareem better than him statstically? Yes. and does he have more rings? Yes. He’s lucky he didn’t say anything about Jerry West. Cause “The Logo” rules the NBA.

    I can’t wait for the big ovation he will get at Staples this year.

  • George Titus

    Glen Davis is not the Baby
    It is shaq that is the real ‘Big Baby’

  • LakersAllDay

    can’t wait to see Bynum Jam on him

  • killo15

    shaq is so washed up. he isn’t a damn MC! real MC’s don’t say the say sh1t over and over again. he should stick to his day job…matter of fact retire from playing.

    you guys should hold a contest about this. one where laker fans freestyle about shaq in behalf of kobe. i think its a pretty good idea idk about you guys. please put this in consideration i would love to see the different things people would come up with. the prize is up to you…but the satisfaction of dissing shaq after what he did is priceless =]

  • kobe124

    [Comment ID #41745 Will Be Quoted Here]

    DAMN! dog i freestyled earlier and it was just a warm up!

  • dawg09

    immature like earl

  • hZm

    [Comment ID #41680 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Funny, because the post-Shaq Lakers still have more Western Conference and Pacific division championships than the Clippers have had in franchise history.

  • D Lo

    What really burns me up is that we’re gonna see replays of this and countless discussions about this a friggin’ WEEK in advance all the way up to EVERY SINGLE suns-lakers games. asking the same questions getting the same answers, every pregame show mentioning it, commentators during games talking about it, half time interviews about it, post game interviews and highlights starting out with it….oh gawd the horror.


    The Big Crybaby…did we forget how Hakeem used him in the Finals during the early 90’s…without a great guard he wouldn’t get to Finals give good grace that you had Penny, Wade, and especially Kobe B I A T C H!!!

  • yellowpurplefever

    Hes old and JEALOUS. The past year or so the media only talk about KOBE and the LAKERS. The FAT a$$ is old news, NBA past and will not get a chance at another ring. Kobe still has a good window 3-5 yrs. This should be a good motivation tool for Kobe. By the way who got Dumped for a Trainer who makes less money than Shag’s phone bill in a year salary. HA HA HA! Now thats pay back.

  • Nabil

    I hope this gets Kobe more pissed then a 20 point 3rd quarter deficit to the Raptors, and he drops 60 in a half on the Suns in Phoenix, then sits out the entire second half and everytime the fans their chant for Kobe to come back in the game, he just throws a finger to them while looking at Snak and laughing his ass off.

  • west213

    yahhh i think he was drunk and maybe a lit bit of that sticky icky.

  • west213

  • lakerferlife7

    shaqueer is a f uckin fata ss b itch


    stupid stupid shaq… what a poor poor fool he is

  • zzLAKESHOWzz

    Kobe’s Rap Response:

    “Shaq, tell me how Steve Nash’s pussy tastes
    Shaq, tell me how the first-round tastes
    Shaq, tell me how you can’t win without me or Wyade tastes.”

  • Peanut Butter Spread

    Lakerfan: it works both ways. You can’t win championships on your own. Shaq couldn’t have won those championships without Kobe just as Kobe couldn’t have won those championships without Shaq. Shaq couldn’t have won that one in Miami without Wade.

    That being said, Shaq is a jerk. I don’t care how great of a player he is, leave bygone be bygones. I thought we, as a collective in nba watching, was over this “feud” and now Shaq just has to drag it back as he was not content on watching the Lakers go to the Finals without him.

    This isn’t about Kobe, it’s about Shaq and his insecurities. He knows he isn’t going to win with Phoenix and he knows he couldn’t have won those championships without Kobe or Wade.

  • LA_Hova12

    Kobe couldn’t have done it without Shaq as Shaq couldn’t have done it without Kobe. Shaq has always had an All-Star guard…Shaq/Penny…Shaq/Kobe…Shaq/Wade…now Shaq/??? Oh yeah bumped in the first round. Shaq just needs to stop thinking he is the reason for everything when in reality he is only a piece of the pie.

  • BEC

    I hate shaq a much as the next guy but its a f’in rap, dont take it seriously, shaq was just having fun. People talk crap in raps all the time, its all in good fun. Some of it was obviously inappropriate like the divorce comment, but shaq was just freestyling. I bet if kobe made a rap dissing shaq, everyone here would be on board. Its all in good fun, dont make more of it than it really is.

  • joseph

    kobe response:

    With Shaq, it’s kind of funny,It’s almost like Jay-Z [responding to a negative comment] made by Soulja Boy. It doesn’t make sense…



    you’re not jordan where is kobe… boston all the way baby!

  • kb24 4life

    wow!!,, shaq looked like if he was drunk!!
    and whatsup with his rap, nonsense….

    just an IDIOT… and he should start working on his body
    the dude looks as fat as ever … lol

    anyway… i hope kobe says something in return, but i dont think he will.. he has matured and knows when and how to respond!!! LAL4LIFE !!

  • Kobe2k9

    YOU KNOW WHAT SHAQ “Yo Shawni tell me how my D1CK taste!”- Cuban Trainer

  • Lakers Galore

    shaq is a fat b!tch.
    he likes to eat a d!ck
    cant even hang with kobe
    that’s why he talkin’ sh!t
    shaq isnt BIG
    he’s a slobbering pig
    washed up has been who can only get down and dig..
    for some donuts
    cuz he likes to lick nash’s nuts
    hey shaq how does nash’s balls taste?
    get the fck outta kobe’s face!
    shaq is nothing but a disgrace!
    :the end:
    hahahahah =]

  • west213

    “I was freestyling. That’s all. It was all done in fun. Nothing serious whatsoever,” O’Neal told Monday. “That is what MC’s do. They freestyle when called upon. I’m totally cool with Kobe. No issue at all.”

  • west213

    cmonn guys u all know shaq’s a clown

  • e

    the little fat fuc* wont be able to win anymore championships..a little jealous? i think so…

    kobe is winning for sure these next few years =)

  • Tangoman

    so low

  • Showtime

    Bill Walton said it best: “Shaq’s arrogance is an insult to those who think!”

  • mike

    I’d hold some animosity towards Kobe too if he contributed to the end of my marriage. The man made a mistake and it seems as if Shaq has been less than honest about his true feelings towards Kobe except when he is criticizing him.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #41674 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Shaq considers himself above Kobe 4-3.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #41687 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i think u nailed it. He is still bitter about the divorce. Make no mistake if Shaq was 25 and kobe was 32 Shaq would have been the one staying in LA.

  • xtro

    shaq daddy is a bitter old man like my classless pal BD

  • ab4sure

    This video could actually be a great gift to Kobe. For the last several years Kobe never got any sympathy for much of anything due to the past. This year he won the MVP. I think now he might win the Sympathy Vote. Maybe Kobe should thank Shaq for this. Shaq looking bad makes kobe less the bad guy in the divorce 4yrs ago.


    [Comment ID #41767 Will Be Quoted Here]

  • gugy

    [Comment ID #41792 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I agreed, it feels now that the whole Lakers fiasco 4 years ago is more Shaq’s fault than Kobe’s.
    Anyway, for sure Lakers made the right decision sending Shaq out of the town. He is just a fu ckin spoiled old fat brat.

  • kobe4ever

    he’s just mad cuz the Lakers won’t take his old washed up @$$ back. grow up Big Aristotle, Big Cactus, Diesel, Superman, Big Idiot or w/e you call yourself. Grow some balls and be a man Shaq.

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #41771 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Josph go lick Jordans balls!!! TLN staff do not erase this! please stop censoring me!!!!

  • long legga lai

    “shaq, you call yourself a horse?….well, move on b!tch!”

  • sniper24

    who is shaq?

  • Butch

    Totally agree with CD3. Nobody likes a backstabber or turncoat. But I expected something like this from Shaq. He’s just jealous of Kobe. He knows KB will win another ring before he does. Time to grow up and let it go.

  • Michael24
  • Kobe8>24

    its a damn shame. Kobe always takes shots from a lotta people but still manages to play well everytime. Dude is mentally strong..


    I used to rap,so don’t sit here and tell me he didn’t mean what he said about Kobe,THAT’S A BUNCH OF CRAP!When I would freestyle against my competitor I’m goin to use everything in my power to destroy whoever.If his/her Mother/Father is a crackhead on their sick bed….I’ma talk about it,if I just got finished having ‘quickie’ with their sister…and her girlfriend,I’ma talk about it,Multiple Sclorosis,Aids,Gotta Caucasian step daddy who wears a Jamaican wig………I’MA TALK ABOUT IT!

    Shaq snitched on hisself,he ratted you out…OH,WORD!…OH!like when you RATTED ON EDDIE JONES AND GOT HIM CUT FROM THE LAKERS,TWICE IF YOU COUNT MIAMI…..and please let’s not forget Stan Van Gundy,everybody in Florida knows YOU GOT THAT MAN FIRED!

    Penny Hardaway,Eddie Jones,Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade have felt what it is like to be burned by WAQ-DIESEL….JEALOUSY!

  • David Togawa

    Shaq you were traded to Phoenix to take them to the championship you and Amare with the two time MVP Steve Nash and you could’nt get out of the first round all you are his a big A-hoe.

  • two0one7

    Shaq has badge revoked! LOL.

    ESPN: Shaquille O’Neal will lose his special deputy’s badge in Maricopa County because of language he used in a rap video that mocks former teammate Kobe Bryant.

    Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said the Phoenix Suns center’s use of a racially derogatory word and other foul language left him no choice. Arpaio made Shaq a special deputy in January and promoted him to colonel of his largely ceremonial posse earlier this month.

    “I want his two badges back,” Arpaio told The Associated Press on Tuesday. “Because if any one of my deputies did something like this, they’re fired. I don’t condone this type of racial conduct.”

    “Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I don’t think that either conduct should be out there publicly, even if media wasn’t there,” Arpaio said.

    O’Neal previously served as a reserve officer with the Miami Beach Police Department while playing for the Miami Heat. He also volunteered with the Tempe Police Department after being traded to the Suns in February.

  • long legga lai

    shaq is a bum.

  • S-quire

    Props to MILO, good comeback rap, I esp. like the bankhead line. Speaking of comeback raps, last night the Joe McDonnel Experience on KLAC (AM 570) did a rap-off where people could call in and do a rap supporting Kobe or supporting Shaq, there were a couple okay ones, mostly about Shani.

    My ultimate view on this, considering myself a rap fan, a kobe fan, someone who occasionally freestyles for fun, and former Shaq fan (not sure what I am now, just objective I guess):

    Shaq is and always has been funny. I was annoyed at the petty attack on Kobe especially at this semi-painful time BUT I have to admit that his rhymes are so silly that I can’t help but laugh. C’mon! “Kobe, tell me how my a** tastes” and this part about him having a vasectomy? That being said, don’t blame your divorce on Kobe. And I’ll also clear it up that this was definitely NOT “freestyled,” i.e., this was not off the top of the head. I don’t think he rehearsed it over and over but he had some lines ready and pulled them off as best as he could. Now he’s trying to downplay (which is what he AND Kobe should do). I’ll me damned if this isn’t funny though.

    I don’t hate Shaq or anything, I think he is a formerly great player, great Laker, a great entertainer, and kind of a selfish baby as well as bitter and lazy. He can still be a potential game-changer, but not for more than short spurts and those are fading fast. But I still got some love for the Big ‘Fella, Kobesters not perfect either…

  • Killo15

    i got a freestyle…it may not be good but either way…F*CK SHAQ

    Shaq you aren’t a diesel you just a cactus…jack
    We’ll see who laughs last when kobe posterizes you at the rack
    He may be down 3-4 but he still has years left
    Your @ss is washed up and like your wife n kids your good years left
    You’re on the right team we don’t need you
    We have kobe, odom, fisher, and big andrew
    You may have lost pounds but the lakers are the ones who’ve dropped dead weight
    You be distrespectin but unlike kareem and kobe you’ll never be a laker great
    Kobe has real shoes, your sh1ts sold at payless
    Your retarded @ss freethrow percentage is the reason why you play less
    You wanna know how your ass smells? We’ll let nash be the judge of that
    Your so desperate you paid for head from a little hoodrat
    You’re not even close to superman, more like fat albert with a cape
    I think bynum dunking on your dumb@ss is the closest thing to rape
    You’re only dissin out of anger and frustration
    Cause you know you can’t beat the lakers and the HEART OF ITS NATION



  • lakerschamps08

    WOW.. ummm kobe needs to watch this and then win gold medal…. and then 09 nba finals…. and never say anything bout it just make the kobe expression that kobe always does when he is mad…. u know the look… hold the trophy high and pride…..shaq gonna eat those words then…lol hahahahaha.. but it shows the class shaq has…

  • dub824

    i bet when we play phx again.. laker fans are gonna chant… “shaq, tell me how my ass tastes”