Smart but greedy move from Shannon!

Fan House: Shannon Brown said it would “make a lot of sense” to opt out of his contract this summer due to the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement soon to expire. But the Lakers guard will reserve any final judgment until after the playoffs.

Brown last summer signed a two-year, $4.148 million deal using the biannual exception. He’s making $1.99 million this season and has a player option worth $2.149 million for next season.

The general assumption is that Brown will opt out and seek a new deal because it remains to be seen what the NBA landscape will be when the current collective bargaining agreement expires June 30, 2011, and there could be a lockout. So is the assumption correct it would make sense for Brown to opt out?

“It would definitely make a lot of sense with how my contract is,” Brown said in an interview with FanHouse before Saturday’s Game 4 of a West first-round series against Oklahoma City. “It would make a lot of sense. But I’m going to play the rest of these games out and then think about it then.”

One thing is for sure. Brown, who said his contract situation is in “the back of my mind,” said he wants to remain next season with the Lakers.

“Oh yeah,” he said. “I don’t want to go nowhere. I definitely want to stay here.”

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  • LakersFirst

    If Shannon Brown opts out for more money, the Lakers should let him walk. He has not shown any type of consistent play this year. Some games he plays well, and other games he’s done absolutely nothing (like in this OKC series). You don’t reward that type of inconsistent play with more money, especially if you’re a team that’s over the salary cap.

    • expo

      Isn’t he playing w/ a fractured hand though?

      • LakersFirst

        I don’t think his hand is fractured.

        • Josh Herrington

          Its sprained. I think.

        • Marwan Marzina

          Torn ligament in the right thumb.

  • only one laker fan

    Send his ass packing.
    Dude does nothing but dunk.His shooting is horrible dribbles way to much and defense is no better than fisher.
    Bye you chump who has been around the league and got lucky to be a laker.
    Go back and wait for a call because nobodys going to call you. Your game is as weak as you was at the dunk contest,

  • lakers0828

    Good for all I care get the WHole Bench to OPT out cause this Bench SUCKS !!!!


    Shannon….Shannon Brown….OPT OUT…? What… lookin’ 4 mor $…? :o/
    Y-C-N-B-S…! (quote John McEnroe) you can not be serious!
    How ’bout tryna perfect ur GAME 1st!
    How ’bout playin’ on spot “D” 1st!
    How ’bout comin’ off da bench, wit a Killer instinct, offense and defensive boards, chase down loose balls, spot on shots, zero turnovers… 4 every game! Huh…

  • Sasha4Lvp

    fine by me…don’t let the door hit you on your way out!


    be my guess shannon go to some team like indiana and have fun

  • justdogm1

    just another SPOILED under-achieving laker……….

  • 09champs!

    Trevor Ariza 2 :/

  • expo

    That’s whats wrong w/ this entire team, they’re all tryna get their shine on!

  • Jack Y.

    If Shannon opts out, I’d want to see the team keep only Shannon OR Farmar. I don’t want to see BOTH of them back. We need to get someone else via mid-level exception this summer.

    • expo

      Oh Jordan is gone for sure after this season!

      • Jack Y.

        Oh. I don’t know about that. Fisher’s contract is up as well ( I think ). Lakers will have to keep at least 1 or 2 of the three players somehow unless they can sign someone else better in the via Free Agency.

  • siempreawesome

    Get the hell out of here you overrated piece of crap. I hate how so many Lakers fans love him just because he can jump high and dunk the ball.

    All he’s ever done is play inconsistently. If there’s anything he’s done well, it’s holding the ball on offense & restricting the movement of the triangle.

    If it was a choice between Shannon & Jordan, I’d choose Jordan anyday of the week. He was the leader of the “good” bench mob a few years ago & now, his game just clashes with Shannon’s. And do you guys remember the little run the Lakers made when Kobe was out with his injury? Sasha was back in the line-up & I saw flashes of the old bench mob. Shannon’s game just clashes with everyone else. More like

    • 09champs!

      Yeah, I like Shannon, but I´d keep Jordan and Sasha and try to get them to play like the old bench mob.
      Remember Sasha will be playing in a contract year next season; just remember how he played in his last contract year.

  • mytiman

    We need veterans or Ronny Turiaf-type of players. Energy guys.

    • Josh Herrington

      How about Ronny Turiaf? He’s got energy.

  • gus26

    YES!!!… opt out!!… it makes A LOT of sense!!!…

    speaking from the laker’s perspective… opt out!!… we can sign nate robinson… some one who can actually dunk when the pressure is on.. and can at least handle the mofo ball!!!!…

    as for fisher and farmar…. i want to see fisher come back for the vet min but there is no way he should be our starter… farmar’s play is still questionable and at this point in his carreer we should at least know what to expect out of him, and we don’t….

    sign raymond felton… thats it…

    sign felton and robinson… or at least felton…

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  • Robert

    He should def. wait until the end of the season to decide. If the Lakers were to fall short (for any reason), his stock goes down – then he should stay with the Lakers and get at least some pay. But that may not be good for the Lakers.
    If the Lakers conquer all (which of course, we all hope), then he should def. opt out, and the Lakers should let him go and re-tool with a fresh pick from one of the free agents this summer.
    Ariza was a ‘much better’ player, and only did as well as $5M. Shannon won’t do better than that, in today’s dwindling market (and, with all those free agents out there – not sure how well he’ll do). He might actually fit in with a run-n’-gun team like Golden State, or even the Suns. I think even Miami would consider him (a couple of those tend to be the “Lakers’ graveyard”).

  • only one laker fan

    He is all hype. A dunking guard who cant play defense.
    Over dribbles cant hit open shots and cant run a offense,
    How much you think you will get Shannon a bench player from the D league
    Lets see you Farmar and Morrisson for a six pack and a blount .
    Fair trade


    I am less concerned about him opting out because of the current economic market. He will not get more than what the Lakers would pay him if he were to stay. As far as I’m concerned, the CORE group of this Laker team is intact and just need to find guys out there that are hungry for the championship. These guys aren’t hungry anymore coz they got what they came for, a ring. Gasol, Bynum, Kobe, LO, and Artest are all signed for long term deals. The Lakers need to find HUNGRY guys and they will come back to the glory days.

    Sorry guys, as much as I want them to repeat, I don’t see it happening. Let’s not kid ourselves…maybe I’m just being realistic. They have several players that have been playing injured through the season and they just don’t have that look in their eye that they want to repeat as champs. I truly hope that I’m completely wrong and the Lakers win it all this year. Time will tell…GO LAKERS!

  • Robert

    Winless, generally right on about the ‘core’. Anyone else who is on the Lakers is simply a role player. I suspect the Lakers will do a better job of stocking up ‘capable’ role players in the off season. There is a nice crop of free agents, and also many players WANT to come to the Lakers to get a ring.
    Cavs already stacked up, so they’re set. This may be their only shot (just like Boston 2 years ago). The Lakers can ‘only’ improve this summer, and then ‘look out’!
    But yes, they do need ‘hungry’ players. I thought Ron-Ron would be hungrier that it appears he is. He is not playing as rough as he used to – he’s actually a great defender, but sometimes great defenders need to ‘foul’ more (it’s not a ‘badge’ of greatness to defend by fouling – he needs to give that up, and commit more fouls – even a flagrant or two will slow down those speedy guards).

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    As far as PG goes I don’t care if Brown and Farmar leave. I liked both of them but they just have never been consistent. I’ll be pulling for them as long as they are in a Laker jersey but I won’t really be sad to see them go.

    Let’s sign Fish for the min and he can come off the bench next year. Then we sign a good pg in free agency to start. Keep Sasha since he’s going into a contract year and maybe we can move him before the trade deadline for his expiring contract.

  • Scott Forrest

    It’s business folks…of course he’s going to test the market…but he should’ve waited until after the playoffs were over…and by saying that I say goodbye Shannon(if The Laker don’t re-sign’em)…hello Anthony Morrow.I can’t wait ’til the off season.Better win this ‘Chip or THE WHOLE BENCH (except LO,Luke,maybe DJ) ARE GONE.

    Anthony Morrow-SF
    Nick Young or Randy Foye-PG/SG
    Chrish B….I’m not even going to finish his name..we need’em,YES WE DO and him Pau would work..remember The Olympics “Kobe to Bosh for the Jam…YES!” Though to some this might be a pipedream…just call me Scott Angle..OH IT’S REAL,IT’S DAMN REAL!