This is great news! Great way to cap off a great off-season.

New York Post: The Knicks’ chances of landing free agent shooting guard Shannon Brown are just about over.

Mark Bartelstein, Brown’s agent, told The Post the Lakers guard is “leaning” toward returning to the Lakers to go for a “three-peat.”

Brown is expected to make his final decision Thursday.

  • rizzo

    a championship ring and appearing in music videos is more important than money. glad to have shannon back

    • ThEMVP


    • DCLakeshow

      2nd that! My bad..3rd that!

      Best comment of the day.

  • Sal jimenez

    Come back my boy and show everone how you get down in the slam dunk this year in la

  • givemekobeorgivemedeath

    I hope everyone realize how important this guy really is!

  • keepon_keepinon18

    Let Shannon dunk!

    All-Star festivities in LA!!

  • BreedLAKERS

    welp there goes hope for T-Mac welcome back Shannon

  • Kobe 279

    so glad your coming back

  • givemekobeorgivemedeath

    Bad knees big ego don’t need him. Shannon’s a good defender and way more athletic than Mcgrady. Be happy with a proven role player in Brown, Mcgrady needs 2 wake up and smell the damn coffee!

  • Not too old

    YES! We need some young guys on this team. Glad to have him back.

    I saw on ESPN today the average age of NBA teams. Lakers were top with an age of over 30. Boston was second with ~28.4. We’re the old guys now.

    • RonRonGq

      are u handicap?
      ur retarded

      • Wilt

        Lets not forget the spurs they r getting up there to.

      • Kobe 279

        Yes we need all the young talent we can get

      • LANative

        dude ronron Gq calm down watch that on espn.

        ron 30
        Kobe 31 turning 31 on the 23rd
        fish turning 36 on the 9th
        Odom 30
        barnes 30
        pau 30
        theo 37
        luke 30
        blake 30

        ur pretty retarded

        • LANative

          * sorry kobe turning 32

          • RonRonGq

            they’re still in they primes for at least 3 more years while the celtics are gonna be shit by the next couple of seasons

      • LANative

        i agree with you ronronGq, although we do have more players 30 and over and a higher average age they are complete dinosaurs. plus we just younger. hopefully more so with the 2nd rounders

    • Slammin’ Brown

      The average age will drop once, D. Ebanks, D. Caracter and Shannon Brown are signed.

  • stucktrader

    Brown will definitely be the best option left. He can slash to the basket. His 3-ball is decent. He can play decent-D. He better be working on all his weaknesses… if he wants to play ahead of Sasha(if LA can’t trade him). All I know is, if Sasha stinks it up enough, he will be traded before the deadline.

  • Mike

    This is a story by the New York Post and was posted by Marwan Marzina… I’ll believe it when it happens

    • 242LakerFan

      You’re doubting the story because Marwan posted it? WTH?

      • Mike

        He also posted a story written by a 3rd grader (so it seemed) saying the Lakers were close to signing Delonte West… Marwan posts anything that’s about the Lakers whether it is credible or not

        • 242LakerFan

          That’s what TLN is for, to discuss Laker news. They’re not responsible for the quality of the writing, unless they wrote it themselves. This is a blog, not a news site. They’re supposed to post it so that we, the fans, can then discuss it…as you and I are doing right now.
          It’s your right to say “this or that article is full of crap”, but it’s not Marwan’s fault for posting it.
          And since this one’s been proven true, well maybe you should rethink your mindset.

          • lakerman34

            Dude, can you do me a favor and go on to Look for the Lakers thread, and look for ‘huevonkiller.’ Help us talk some sense into him! He used to be a Laker fan, now he “doesn’t like the direction the Lakers are going in,” and is joining the Heat bandwagon, yet won’t call himself a bandwagon fan. HAHAHA

  • Genius

    this is good,,
    think about this guys
    trade sasha and 2nd round pick for turiaf
    why would this trade happen ?
    NY: gets sasha and his expiring contract,,they are trying to get expiring contracts so they can sign melo,,and they wanted sasha bfore
    Lakers: gets a big man and turiaf is no stranger in our system,,and with sasha gone,,we can sign West,,so its like getting 2 guys for 1,,

    • RonRonGq

      r u gih, trying to make the knicks better? Cp3, Melo, Amar’e

      • Genius

        its not gurantee that melo would sign with the knicks
        but the knicks would try to get expiring contracts
        so they would welcome sasha
        who would you rather have: sasha or turiaf ?

  • willmo

    One thing about shannon is that he is only 24 yrs old. if they sign him for cheap and invest in him like in bynum or in bringing in chuck person to keep an eye on Ron Ron, it will help. Unlike Farmar, Brown knows that he is a role player. If you watch Games 6 and 7 of the finals on NBA TV this summer, it was Brown that was the first of the bench cause Fish got into foul trouble and he did alot better on Ray Allen than in Game 2. He is still young and cheap…not calling him the best out there but with Blake, Brown, Barnes, Odom and either Pau or Drew in the lineup that’s pretty damn good.

    • LANative

      or we could play theo too. man we got options!!! woot

  • Ryan Rod.

    Man Just sign the contract already.

  • mister idea

    i agree with genius when it comes to trading for turiaf. just think about it in the 2008 season our bench was unstoppable. they were active on defense forcing steals and bad shots for long rebounds and they fought forevery loose ball. and when they got them they got out and ran. thats why the bench disappeared after 2008. phill slowed them down and had them trying to run the triangle on every possession. the 2008 bench was all about energy and hard work. thats wat we’ve been missing for the past two years. energy. who was the high energy guy in 2008 off the bench. the guy clapping for every dunk or long distance three. who was the guy sprinting down the floor after giving up the outlet pass. turiaf. he was the one doing all the little things that no one noticed, that didn’t show up in the stats sheet. he allowed odom to play his game becuz face it although LO is the best 6th man option the Lakers could ever have he is not the rah rah pick everyone up guy. he is just worried about being lamar. I think that if we have any chance of getting turiaf back we should jump on it. becuz in all honesty sasha for turiaf is a steal becuz what he brings to the team is more consistent than sasha’s jumper and more reliable. (maybe turiaf should have gotten the extention sasha signed after 2008. )

    • mister idea

      he also gives us more someone that knows the offense and has a lot less miles on his legs than theo in case bynum has issues again this season. (i think its worth looking into)

      • mister idea

        so what do you think about sasha and a second round pick for turiaf and bill walker? that give lakers another guard/forward for garbage minutes an active big man down low with triangle experience for less money then sasha. This also gives us more youth to work with in the future.

        • Genius

          this is wat im talking about,,,
          turiaf gives everyone a positive impact,,,
          and kobe would love to hav his brother back
          since they call each other brothers

  • Brown Hater

    Well I’m not a fan of Brown that for sure but with what’s left out there Delonte is a head case & T-mac wanting a starting role what’s left & I guess he is better than Sasha so as long as he is real cheap I’ll take it. Let’s just hope he worked on his game this summer because if he has another crappy year I don’t wanna hear about how this guy has a great upside.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    really really …a bigger prima-donna than the BRYANT?…maimi is laughing at you..

    • Robert.

      Dez Bryant? Agreed! As a rookie, he should have adhered to the tradition associated with what is called ‘rookie hazing’, but it really isn’t like that. So what happens to this prima donna? He gets injured! It’s shoulder pad karma, and …
      .wait a minute … this is a basketball blog. Why are you bringing up a football player?
      and … which team is “maimi”. It’s not like miami, is it? Although ‘maimi’ certainly describes a player on the miami team, named LeBron James, who “maimed” at least 4 NBA teams.
      Boy, this is confusing. Football rookies, bad nicknames .. what’s going on?!?!

      • 242LakerFan

        You’re not asking him for a cogent explanation of anything he says, are you?

  • Slammin’ Brown

    I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack! Well, maybe. I don’t know yet. I’ll see on Thursday. But I’m leaning, towards returning. I’m coming to dunk on Lechoke, D as in douche, Wade and RuPaul Bosh!

  • givemekobeorgivemedeath

    Bosh is pretty fruity right!

  • The Big Clover

    Please send him to the D-League!!!

    • Clue

      Send Luke to D League!

  • gus26

    i hope he doesn’t play as selfish with his stupid “me first” attitude… his new contract better not have a player option after the first year… otherwise he’ll be jacking up shots and making stupid plays once again… his dunks got him another contract, i hope he is working on his game because he is still very very very raw… whoever said he is a knock down 3 pointer is smoking crack… seriously he is coming back because he is good locker room guy…

  • flight

    Man we gud!!

  • Long

    as much of a loser shannon brown is, we need him for big guards like westbrook, d-will, billups, rose and wade etc. im glad he’s back because he’s the most athletic guy on our team. but please no more of this “let shannon dunk” talk. that was total fail.

  • Brown Hater

    I gotta agree with Gus26 No one else wanted this guy and the Lakers are only taken him back because there really isn’t anyone else out there & Brown knows the offense ( now lets see if he can follow it ) & he gets along with most of the guys on the team. I actually hope he works on his game and can make me eat these words come October, but for now this is a 0 sum move it doesn’t make us any better or any worse we’re just the Lakers plus Brown.

  • Ikjyot Singh Kohli

    Cut him loose. What exactly did he do this year?
    This is the problem, we keep as Lakers fans defending sub-par performances of our players.

    The truth is that if the Celtics played slightly harder, or if Game 7 was in Boston, we probably wouldn’t have won, because we were the first NBA championship team to win WITHOUT a bench!!

    Our starters would get us 20-25 point leads in our games, and the bench would come on and diminish that lead in no time, Vujacic, Benga, Powell, Farmar, etc.., you can even throw Bynum in that mix.

    What ticks me off about Shannon Brown is that he really thinks he deserves more than the Lakers initially offered him, which is a joke. This is what Jordan talked about long time ago on Oprah. Today’s NBA players want to be paid before they prove anything, not the other way around. Jordan got his 80 million dollar contracts from the Bulls, but that was in ’95-96, about 11 years after playing in the NBA.

    The players of today need to grow up.

  • Brown Hater

    Oh and 1 last thing for all you Brown lover the reason he doesn’t just sign with the Lakers and annouced that he is leaning that way is because he is hoping that NY will raise there offer. Which they probably won’t because let’s face it he’s not worth it. Prove me wrong Brown prove me wrong.

  • Flow

    Shannon will make 1 to 1 1/2 mil a year. Walton 5 to 6 mil. Vujacic 5 mil. Double standard. Shannon was a throwin on the Morrison deal and not expected to even make the team. Sasha and Luke eat up nearly 20 mil a year in salary and taxes… they are the problem. Shannon’s not even supposed to start. Those two overpaid, underachieving prima donnas are the only reason he even plays…. But let’s just ignore them. Please.

    • Clue


  • Cheryle

    I love it! :)

  • Ikjyot Singh Kohli

    I personally hope Kupchak sticks around for a long time. If not, this team will be in the direct hands of Jim Buss. Yes, the same Jim Buss that forced Jackson out the first time, traded Shaq for basically Lamar, paid Rudy T. 30 Mil for “5 years”, forced Kupchak into getting Malone and Payton for that glorious 4-1 loss to Detroit. He’s the same one responsible for Bynum, and all the bad deals the Lakers have made in the past. The reason why we’re even paying Luke and Sasha so much is because of Jimmy Buss as well.

    • ThEMVP

      Kupchak is a young guy and he is just getting warmed up when the Lakers get 4-5 rings in a row his jersey will get retired but he has a loooooooong way to go.

  • ThEMVP

    It’s like Shannon’s been holding the off-season for ransom, forget LeBrook joining his friends RuPaul and Edwina the Shannon saga spanned his 2 former ball clubs vying to get him back, the big Apple and several in-conference rivals also trying to get him early on. Then several other free agent notables being spurned to get Mr Dunk.

  • 151rummer

    Shaq is such a poser now! he could have gone down as one of the greates lakers ever, but he could keep himself and Kobe in check…now hes with the Cel-dicks????????? come on!!!!

    • ThEMVP

      C*cksucker now no doubt. Lakers are good to go, Celtics are slower, older, more injury prone than ever, they don’t have Tony Allen. The Magic don’t have Barnes as their go-to enforcer, and the Heat have holes they have yet to figure out.

  • Clue

    Shannon Brown already resigned a 2 year 4.6m