Not the best of dunk contests.

With the dunk contest minutes away, people anticipating Shannon’s first dunk and awaiting to see what he will do. Shannon walks in as the fan favorite, DeMar DeRozan walks in after winning the dunk in the previous night, Gerald Wallace enters as the most athletic of the group and Nate enters the dunk contest looking to capture his 3rd title.

Shannon walks onto the court showered with cheers and applause. With Shannon’s first dunk, he starts at the back court and takes a run up, with a 360 spin in mid air, it looked great till he flunked the dunk. Catching the ball, he walked over to the back court again, looking like he will attempt the same dunk but this time as he reached the free throw line, he jumped up with the ball in the right hand but changed to the left in mid air. That dunk gave him a score of 37.

His second attempt was something to look forward to, because not only would it be better than his first dunk, but to see how Kobe’s participation in the dunk would help Shannon. So starting at mid-court, Shannon takes a run and approaching the baseline, jumps up from an alley-oop from Kobe and Shannon finishes ferociously with the left hand, but sadly, it was a matter of too little too late as he received a score of 41, his final score was 78 which Gerald Wallace also received.

The final showdown was between the 2 time dunk contest winner, Nate Robinson and the rookie DeMar DeRozan. Nate would win with 51% of the fans’ votes and captured his 3rd dunk contest trophy.

The Dunk Contest for this year was a disappointment overall, nothing new and original was displayed in the dunks and maybe that after so many years of the dunk contest, it is hard to come up with anything new that will keep the fans guessing what will happen next.

Charles Barkley was right when he said “maybe no one should in it”. But since someone has to win, it was Nate.

All the hype around Shannon seemed to have been in vain as he failed to surprise the fans. But keeping in mind, it was his first dunk contest in the NBA and as long as he stays a Laker, nothing lost and nothing gained.

By the way, next year’s All Star is at the STAPLES Centre in Los Angeles and I’m sure dunking in font of the hometown fans would give Shannon the motivation to do better. Let Shannon Dunk Next Year!

  • Anthony

    I’m going to make a new site.

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    Worst Dunk Contest ever! #Fail

  • Marwan Marzina

    You can’t solely blame Shannon for the lack of entertainment. Gerald Wallace was ABSOLUTELY horrible. Deserved a lower score than Shannon.

  • k20

    i feel real bad for shannon!

  • FastEddie

    WOW!!! All that hype just to be dunked in the toilet. What was Kobe thinking by having Shannon go old school? Very disappointing contest to say the least. Hopefully they will let him compete next year at Staples. I’m telling you now, first dunker to pull off a 720 dunk wins hands down.

    • Drive_forFive24

      Damn, some people find a way to blame kobe for everything! I doubt Kobe told shannon to change his dunks mid-air! Its no ones fault, the whole competition sucked and Nate won by default!

  • LkrsFanToNgtive

    Lets Face it the Dunk contest isnt what it use to be with all the dominque and DR J and MJ and Kobe it just Plain out sucks and i dont think u can blame it all on shannon cause Geral Wallace stunk as well but had shannaon made that first atempt dunk he for sure would of been in the final with nate

  • drive-for-16th

    taht old school shit dont work anymore, people want to see props and shit like that, its all about putting a show on thsi aint the 90s anymore, or the early 2000s, this is a new decade and it started off pretty gay, last decade started with vince carter.

  • http://57.amklac a Million Misses!

    nice LAST PLACE,go lakers