“Cannon” Brown will be making a return to STAPLES!

Yahoo! Sports: With Raja Bell choosing to sign with the Utah Jazz, guard Shannon Brown has moved closer to re-signing with the Los Angeles Lakers, his agent told Yahoo! Sports on Wednesday night.

Lakers general manager “Mitch [Kupchak] and I have been talking and we’re getting there on something,” said Brown’s agent, Mark Bartelstein. Brown, 24, played 82 games for the Lakers, and averaged a career-high 8.1 points and 20 minutes last season.

  • mr.laker

    I mite be on the minority on this,but im glad to have Shanon coming back. I still think we need one more true hungry veteran in the mix. Preferbly a Forward. T-Mac?

    • jaydubb415

      Can’t you see the lakers or t-mac aren’t intrested in each other when you here that ”the clippers”are bringing in t-mac then you know where not looking at him.Maybe the lakers are put off by the ”injuries”that t-mac gets,remember when ”artest”said something about t-mac being injured or t-mac not wanting 2 play thru injuries,what ever the case may be we need 2 get over this mcrady crap

    • Jeremy

      Hope we get Brown back…T-Mac is DONE! At least Brown gives us energy off the bench and only being 24 he may still get better. Who knows maybe in a year or two he could spell Fisher.

  • http://nba.com John Robertson

    Uhm maybe a good move so we will not lose some speed and athletisicm…

    Just add another veteran big and another good defender…. I hope Barnes will not go to Miami

  • Sasha4Lvp

    We are the Lakers and 2-time defending champs and that best backup we can get for kobe is Shannon F’ing Brown???!! were screwed!

    • Mike

      Last time I checked wasn’t Shannon Brown the backup to Kobe these past 2 championships? Don’t be stupid! I am a Laker fan but I hate negative whiny Laker fans who can’t even be satisfied with a 2-time championship roster (tho I am glad to see Blake take over Farmar’s duties). T-MAC is not the answer, talk about the exact opposite of “tough” and “physical.”

      • a word of advice

        Yeah I’m a Laker fan too but I hate myopic “diehards” who seem to have excuses for certain players every time (ala Luke, ala odom, ala sasha, ala bynum). Yeah Shannon was Kobe’s backup but Kobe played majority making Shannon’s contributions hardly significant. I hate myopic Laker fans who think they’re better than people who aren’t afraid to criticize.

        • Khloe Odom

          I agree with Mike, I wouldn’t necessarily say the Lakers are “screwed” because we signed Shannon Brown as our backup… who else is out there? No one that is that much better than Brown; Bell was the last good option. T-MAC has the back of an 80 year old and couldn’t do any better, and I don’t think Mike is making an excuse for Brown he just realizes the same thing I see and that there are not that many quality free agents left to sign, so what do you expect?

          • DUMB ASS


        • bostonSUCKS88

          criticism is fine, but it seems like the lakers get overly criticized by their own fans. i dont see why. lakers continue to win, but fans continue to doubt their players. i would understand overly criticizing teams like the clippers, nets, knicks and so on, but not the lakers.

          • Kamakazi

            Nobody puts this into account but Jordan Farmar and Shannon came off the bench together many times. Part of the reason why Shannon didn’t get the triangle was b/c Jordan would go away from it. Steve Blake in the 2nd unit is like having a younger D Fish running the point with a little bit more spark. That being said, if you had bench mob of Odom/Ebanks, Caracter/Luke, Andrew Bynum, Sasha/Shannon, Blake, who would be the big offensive threat there? Shannon or Odom can slash better than everybody else in that list. So I still like that lineup. They can still get Tmac I guess as an offensive player, or Barnes (if he chooses the Lakers) etc. TMAC and Barnes are competing for the Heat it seems so. IDK…. And then there’s Mitch who will be forced to wheel and deal.. tougher off-season than we thought Mitch

      • jaydubb415

        ”Here here”mike you hit that on the nail i was just talking about when artest was with houston n he kind of ”questioned”t-mac toughness 2 play thru injuries.This dude has made more money ”sitting on his ass”at home don’t get me wrong t-mac use 2 be a baller but he’s soft,cried his way out of toronto,cried his way out of orlando,n injured his way out of houston.He finally met a coach ( rick aldemon)who wasn’t putting up with his BS.Trust if kobe was a t-mac fan we would of been brought him in but kobe’s not a fan.

      • Jeremy

        Well said thank you Mike!

      • kb24dbest

        Mike… we r not being negative, we r just giving our ideas that we think can improve this time.. Listen for the Lakers organization winning 16 titles is not enough (we need 2 more to beat the Celtics who has 17), 5 titles for Kobe is not enough (he wants to top Jordan and get 7, so he can hangin’ it up), and I’m definitely not satisfied with 2 back to back titles when in the past we have won several 3peats. The league are stacking up to compete with the Lakers. We can’t come back with the same bench as we did last year, when we know that teams are improving also to beat us. The truth is – we are spoiled of winning… because it’s the LAKERS.. The CELTICS and the LAKERS have the highest franchise expectation because they are the winningest NBA franchise, we are not like any other franchise in the NBA..

    • lol


      • Kamakazi

        TMAC can back people up in the interior, hows that not tough or physical? Ever since he came back from that injury as a starter with the Knicks he’s had decent averages. Not what he once was like 26 ppg or whatever, but he can still make it rain and move the ball around. That’s better than what Shannon can do and you can’t even argue against it, go on youtube and find his NYK debut highlights and he looke pretty solid to me. I would kill to have him in my roster. I used to be on the fence now I think he would be an awesome backup. Are you kidding me?? And BTW how’s Shannon any more “physical” or tougher than TMAC? So you didnt even make any sense Mike.

        • Khloe Odom

          hahaha you wanna sign TMAC based on one game back with the Knicks? I’d say you don’t make sense and plus we can’t even get TMAC I don’t know why people keep popping boners over him we have no Mid-level left now

        • John

          Decent averages? Are you on acid, Kamakazi?
          TMAC: 8.2 PPG, 3.1 RPG, 3.3 APG, 38.7% FG, 25% 3’s in 22 minuts a game.
          Brown: 8.1 PPG, 2.2 RPG, 1.3 APG, 42.7% FG, 32.8% 2’s in 20 minutes a game…..

          TMAC didn’t play any better when he went to the Knicks… haha TMAC CANNOT backup people into the interior, maybe when he was 25. Make it rain? Hardly, I’d take a young Shannon Brown over a crippling TMAC anyday… check your stats kamakazi before coming to the forgone conclusion that TMAC is better than Shannon Brown based on one game with the Knicks… STUPID! YOU don’t make any sense Kamakazi, Mike makes perfect sense.

          • John

            *32.8% 3’s

      • jaydubb415

        Yea if i’m ”phil jackson”after we re-sign him my only homework is ”work on your shot”once he gets more consistent on his shot espicially his 3s he will be hard 2 gaurd with his speed n hops ”pump fake”n then i’m dunking on that ass + ”the foul”

  • rizzo

    brown is a solid bench player. love his athleticism and physical defense. we’ll need him for the title defense.

    • DUMB ASS


      • Mike

        You’re so intelligent

        • BITCH


  • Kamakazi

    Anybody up with the news on Matt barnes? Direct quote from hoopsworld, via orlandosentinel blog: “Matt Barnes and his agent are close to finalizing a free-agent deal that could send Barnes to one of the Orlando Magic’s toughest rivals. Barnes posted the following message to his Twitter account minutes ago: “2maro is the day. I will let my fans know where I’m going to sign. Its gonna SURPRISE you!!!! Keep it locked..” I exchanged text messages with Barnes a few moments ago. He confirmed that he wrote the Twitter message, but he politely declined to comment on his specific plans. My colleague Brian Schmitz wrote earlier today that Barnes has drawn interest from the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics, among other teams. Orlando Sentinel”—— He is like Raja Bell. If i’m right on my notion that he wont help kobe etc, than that means he is going to to a team other than the Lakers.. maybe he does sign with the Lakers IDK.

    • Kamakazi

      Correction: Hoopshype.com

      • Kamakazi

        Either way I won’t be shocked, if he chooses the Heat.

    • jaydubb415

      Ive never seen this type of BS i mean is it that these players ”envy”kobe bryant ,okay i know kobe may have rubbed these players the wrong way but look at ”artest”they almost came 2 ”blows”but he didn’t ”hesitate”2 come 2 LA n look how it played out ”ron-ron”is a world champion 4 the rest of his ”life”but the raja’s n barne’s they act like their going out of their way ”2 spurn kobe n the lakers”it just really shows where a ”MAN’S”confidence is within his self,so ”fuck em”if thats what they won’t 2 do it i know the kobe wants 2 repeat 4 his legacy n phils 2 but the way that these ”sucka’s”raja n barnes are acting gives the mamba enough ”venom”2 do it again!!!!!!!!!

  • Kamakazi

    according to several circulations etc, they say that he likely isnt going to the C’s. ” Two league sources contacted Thursday evening said the C’s aren’t expected to sign the 6-foot-7 wing player, whose addition would fill the void left by Tony Allen, who recently signed a three-year, $10 million deal with Memphis. Dallas, the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami are considered Barnes’ top three teams now.”— I guess we will see tomorrow but right now

    • jaydubb415

      Hey ” kamakazi”what other free -agents or trade possibilities that the ”lakers”can potentially make?I livi in portland,oregon(born n raised if S.F) n they were talking about a trade with new orleans 4 (chris paul) n from how they were talking was like the hornets were willing 2 make the trade 4 the right people.Do you really think the hornets would trade ”chris paul”n if so why can’t we make that deal????

  • thefishthatsavedLA

    SB is young with 2 rings & can only get better. He bleeds purple & gold!

  • thefishthatsavedLA

    however he needs to work on his DEFENSE

  • SunnyC

    Niceee……Shannon….that midrange jumper needs improvement./..the high flying dunks and 3 points shot …good defender…. they are already good …

  • Laker s Army

    Thats guy has no game the IQ of snail. He over dribbles
    and cant hit a jumper. Why Why would you sign him?
    He cant back up Kobe . Maybe he could back up Luke.
    His one dimensional game is why nobody wants him.

    • jaydubb415

      That i do agree ”with you”on that he gots 2 make better decisions with ”ball”but he has upside,listen he’s been with us 4 a minute n should no the offense by now.Sooner or later we have 2 sign the ”ariza’s n shannon’s”of the NBA he’s young athletic n will be a part of are future,we have a few players that are 30yrsor older do you think we have 2 keep signing 30+ free agents like ”t-mac”4 example we have 2 look longer then this yr n thats what mitch is doing.

  • yellowpurplefever

    I am glad to see him resign for the right reason and the right price. Shannon thought he’d make more money but with the economy, no one is spending. He needs to work on the triangle and 20-25 foot jumper this summer. The cannon dunks and 3s are there, just dont enter the slamdunk contest. That was horendous

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  • LANative

    i dig this move. again we are not “screwed.” we’re the back to back champs and we upgraded our backup pg?! comeon guys whats to fear. the road still has to come to LA.

    has anyone discussed bringing in ronnie brewer?

    • Kamakazi

      Yeah I have heard about bringing ronnie and the deal to the bulls is all but done now. I have to admit that http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKcvLFpa_nU&feature=related watching these knicks highlights + a full half year to rehab makes me wish Barnes took the heat deal.. Cos in that Thunder game Tmac was driving past them. He still looks solidl, but he would have to take a MASSIVE paycut. It seems like he will since there were reports he was interested in joining the Heat. So I think if the health is right, he could what he did to the Thunder to barnes..

      • jaydubb415

        Yea but i think barnes wanting sign with ”heat”also has 2 do with location as in ”florida”not 2 mention his wife is in that reality show crap ”basketball wives”n ive heard she would be in this ”next season”if he signed with us she would not be able 2 be in that show which is filmed in ”miami”\.Who cares though he’s so un-athletic almost looks like a ”light-skinned”stick with arms n legs we can find players like him in the ”NBDL”

        • KM

          Agreed- Gerald Green looks like an up and coming matt barnes it’s all a work in progress with these guys, and besides devin ebanks could up his defensive skills playing in the system – and the cavs are looking at matt barnes gotta wait on several players

  • wow

    SHUT THE FUCK UP ” LA Native ” ronnie brewer ?? GET THE FUCK OFF THIS WEBSITE

    • jaydubb415

      Thank you ”brewer”WTF please are you serious!

  • kslakers


  • http://www.jackyang.info Jack Y.

    The only problem I have with this signing is that this means less minutes for Sasha Vujavic. I really felt that Sasha earned the opportunity to play more. During the playoffs, he showed that he can be a team player, i.e. shoot when he’s open, pass when he’s not. He didn’t force shots, or shoot too much.

    • RIo Rondo

      STFU. Sasha really? He’ll be flipping burgers after his contract is up next year…



  • Sheds

    I`m not worried if he works on his 3point defense. The way he left Ray Allen glaringly open in the finals, time and time again was pretty shocking.

    The rest of his game is ok. He is not asked to be the best guy on the roster and he fills his spots quite ok.

  • Brown Hater

    Brown is just horrible & I don’t know why everyone is jumping down someone’s throat for telling the truth. Brown would have bolted for another team in a second if someone else would have paid him, But no one else wanted him. So I don’t wanna hear about not being loyal to a guy who was just looking to get paid. Barnes would be a much better fit he’s a much better shooter & defender. Our bench was horrible on both ends last year and just upgrading at the point isn’t really enough. How many games did it look like it was all wrapped only to have our bench blow a lead and then have to put the starters back in to finish the game. I’m not sold on the whole TMac thing but if I had choice between the two I would take TMac Shannon Brown sucks

    • Kamakazi

      Check his NY Knicks debut highlights you will be surprised + add in the fact he has been rehabing his injury in the same facility Kobe has been to http://www.attackathletics.com/ IF the lakers want to either keep or extend leads TMAC, im convinced is the only option. He could continue to move the ball like he always has, and shoot the ball. I dont know why there seem to be 2 camps in the Lakers fanbase. One that thinks he’s old and one that really wants him. Im siding with the latter right now. Until you TMAC haters give me a good reason not to have him, and dont say his defense is not great because we already know that, but how is Shannon’s any better? Tmac would R@pe Shannon in a 1-1 contest hands-down. Shannon has shown flashes of a good player when he started during Kob’s injury, but he couldn’t keep it going for long. So at this point, Tmac wins it and it’s not even close.. Based on what I saw from Shannon brown in the playoffs and celtics series we won’t be missing too much.

      • John

        and Shannon Brown had a 25 and 10 game…. one game doesn’t negate years of injury and more recently inconsistency… there are plenty of reasons why we shouldn’t have him… I’m not a TMAC hater I’m just sensible and realize the Lakers would be no better off w/ TMAC then Brown.

        • jaydubb415


      • jaydubb415

        ”Yea the key is we saw shannon brown”with a ”uniform”on not at the end of thench n street clothes,you may not agree with signing shannon brown but 1 thing shannon has is ”young legs”not young legs from not playing (t-mac)just young legs in general.I know where going 4 the three-peat but someone has 2 look longer than just ”phil jackson legacy”

    • jaydubb415

      ”Barnes”is a stick-figure almost ”robotic”in his movements,he’s alright with his ”defense”n where was his 3s n the playoffshe went ”stiff”lol a stiff-stick-figure

  • YO Lakers

    Tracy McGrady is meeting with and working out for the Clippers next week.


  • Kamakazi

    Matt B. makes a huge announcement today. Because the Lakers will move based on his decision. Same as Raja Bell. His list: Lakers, DAL, Heat (reportedly) or even the Celtics… they still have a shot too. Based on what he said “YOU WILL BE SURPRISED”<–in his twitter, it might even be the Heat, in fact it will likely be the Heat, I slot them slightly ahead of every other team right now to land him. So basically if that happens, the Lakers will push for Tracy if they don't sign Shannon, then re-sign Mbenga or another center to replace him, using whatever they still have.

    • jaydubb415

      Kamakizi i couln’t find a ”whiff”of news about the lakers thinking about mcgrady,n the only news about mcgrady wanting or wouldn’t mind playing 4 us was way back in ”june”.So unless after he finishes talking 2 the clippers we have him come down 2 are offices i think the lakers are not even intrested.All it would take is 1 call from us n it wouldn’t be none of this ”clipper crap”

      • KM

        u’re site i think the chances are low, im thinking the lakers are most likely talking to barnes or scouting the free agency for somebody maybe 6’6 6’7 — ofc if we sign shannon then its all out the window

  • jaydubb415

    If we do re-sign shannon brown this off-season he should be in the gym ”everyday”shooting”at the least 2000 shots a day ” 1000 2pointers 1000 3pointers”he has 2 get a more consistent shot.Even with that i feel like we could got someone else in free’agency,i know we didn’t have alot of money 2 spend but it seem like mitch was moving kind of slow ,with all these ”dead lines”they were giving these free agents ”scared”them from signing!!!!

  • 24allup inya

    Lakers have a BUM!!!

  • 24allup inya

    Every season the Lakers have a bum on the team! Adam, DJ and a couple more. Why not sign Gerald Green Just to give the Lakers some leverage when dealing with Brown and his agent.This might save them a mill or 2.

    • jaydubb415

      Okay you call adam n dj a bum n then say sign gerald green ”a bum with hops”WTF are you smoking seriously???????

      • 24allup inya

        im smoking what ur mom gave me! that is exactly the point, you are just too retarded to understand it!!!go smoke some more crack with ur mom!!!

  • Schism

    Matt Barnes decision from Twitter at 11:35…
    “Couple new teams just jumped n2 the game, so I’m sorry 2 say ima have 2 get back 2 you. Ill let yall know something with in the nxt few days”

    Great… :-( Maybe he’ll have an hour long interview about his decision on ESPN!

    • KM

      I say take these messages with a grain of salt now… thats like a like a new trend now, that players tell their fans this or that, they dont understand this is a process obviously the real announcement will be coming from ESPN or some local source saying its 100% deal..

  • bLuE

    Welcome Back SB!! Now step your game up!!

  • JenFD

    Any day now

  • lakers0828

    Well it was Inevitable once Raja Decided to Go sign with Cold Hearted Utah Then You pretty much knew Lakers were gonna resign Shanon Brown which Really Welcome Back only cause his Contributions in Game 6 and Game 1 were spectacular and his performance threw out the Playoffs were great and he Gave Kobe allot of rest when he came of the bench so I hope lakers do end up signing Brown back

  • jonb

    So another season w/ a horrid bench. NICE. Yet somehow everybody is willing to go to the heat. If they can get a guy like barnes or even T-mac for the minimum i will be pissed. What’s mitch doing to these free agents to scare them away?

    • Schism

      Mitch scares them away by offering them the minimum, just like the Heat. That’s why Barnes is listening for better offers, and T-Mac is trying out w/ the Clippers.

  • jose de jesus


  • nath
  • JenFD

    Dude seems to not be close to re-signing. Some other team is reaching out to him also =\

  • jack

    not a big fan of brown. i dont really care much.

  • KM

    for his same salary you could still get tracy mac who could drop anywhere from shannon’s avg of 7 ppg to 15 any given night off the bench. But the lakes have LOADS of options at that spot right now, they are probably talking to everybody that’s still available

  • quickster

    C’mon Shannon Brown the only thing his good at is dunking. No defense often get beat by the player his guarding and the rest of the time he disappear. T-mac is injured all the time just like Bynum on a yearly basis. We can only tolerate one and that’s Bynum. I hope we have a bench Tim Thomas at center, Character at PF, Odom at SF, Blake at PG and Barnes/Vujacic at SG. Every playoff contending team are loading up except the lakers. If we don’t have a bench we will get beat.

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