It seems like Shannon will opt out of his final year in pursuit of more money.

L.A. Times: As for Brown, the 6-4 reserve guard will opt out of the final year of his two-year, $4.139-million contract by the June 30 deadline, his agent, Mark Bartelstein, said Sunday.

“My guess is he’s probably going to become a free agent,” Bartelstein said.

  • Sir

    Good riddance then.

  • RonRonGq

    tmac is better

  • aceman

    He’s not worth it, to use the MLE for him. Good luck, Shannon

  • rondo

    Good luck Shannon it was nice. Lakers need to sign Shaun Livingston big point guard.

  • trippleocho

    He seriously thinks he’s gonna get more money than what the Lakers were gonna pay him next season? Good luck.

    • Jack Y.

      You may have misread the article. Shannon’s contract of $4.139-million is over 2 years. He makes ~$2 mil a year.

      • trippleocho

        I know how much he’s getting paid. I’m just saying is he gonna find a team thats gonna pay more than $2 million with his inconsistency last season?

        • LuisNava

          Trust me, if Wesley Matthews got all that money with the TrailBlazers, Shannon can do more. Plus, he’s a crowd favorite with his athleticism

  • iiTzDanny

    hes not leaving i know what hes doin.

  • 151rummer

    Ha!……havent any of these guys learned from previous players that left that when they leave the Lakers, they always get lost in the shuffle on other teams? For example Devean George, Trevor Ariza…..etc. These guys are made into who they are in L.A. because of who they are playing with and for! Once they lose the publicity and before you know it you hardly hear anything from them again! Have fun shannon!!!!

  • xtro

    hello raja bell, mike miller and t-mac.

    • stucktrader

      (1) Rajah Bell: good for vet min……. (2) Kyle Korver the 40% 3-baller instead of Mike Miller can shoot but can’t play D as well as Korver….(3) T-Mac can half the MLE with Korver…. The Lakers say they are targeting a PG in Blake, Watson, or Ridnour… but Livingston if he can hit the 3 could be a fit…………… Just imagine starting the big team T-Mac/Kobe/Artest/Gasol/Bynum or fast Bigs Kobe/Artest/T-Mac/L.O./Gasol…. or small Bell/Kobe/Korver/L.O./Gasol – man, endless options… Shannon looking for $, why not? He has the rings… Maybe he is chasing D-Wade or Lebron’s teams.

  • lakers0828

    Well If he is Leaving Thanks for Your Service and Time Shannon Brown Good Luck


    Well here is his stat w/ the lakers….
    1-with shannon = 2 championships
    2-without him = 0
    Now he is not that good. He can’t take someone off the dribble like Farmar but he is a great leaper. I would rather have a sniper who can shoot lights out at the 3 pointer line than a guy who can dunk every other game. Let him go. Not worth it.

    • 242LakerFan

      That’s a cute little stat thing, but it’s really
      w Shannon – 2 Chips
      wo Shannon – 14 Chips

      • cjm

        the real stat is:

        chips where shannon was crucial to winning: 0

        i like the guy a lot, but he had one foot out the door (i.e. leaving the league) before the Lakers took him in. he might make more $$ initially, by going to another team, but it will hurt him overall.

        • ThEMVP

          Better words were not spoken sir, I commend you.
          Truth is if he wasn’t a Laker who got alleyooped b/c of his athleticism and showed up on highlight reels, he wouldn’t even be opting out because he woulda known his true value. His stats and overall game don’t warrant what he’s asking from the Lakers, maybe other teams. Lakers need a guard who’s consistent from deep, can hustle on D, and with some ball handle- so clearly, athleticism isn’t required.

  • justdogm1

    maybe he can take fisher with him.

    • Stevealot

      F U justdogm1

      Wish he would take you!

      • 242LakerFan

        No one wants him. The Celtics don’t even want him. Why do think he hangs out here?

    • 6’9

      you aint a laker fan so why does it concern you faggot?


    Let him do what he wants to. Our priority for now is Jackson and Fisher. After that we can deal with free agents. Well, if Brown wants more money obviously the Lakers will not use MLE for him… let him go and get Raja Bell and Mike Miller perhaps or any good free agent that we can get. It’ll be a bit easier I think to get free agents coz we have leverage (depends on the money still.. but you know what im talking about probably)

    LAKERS 2010 Champions! Any free agent without a ring would definitely be interested and might even take a pay cut.

    • stucktrader

      Korver > Miller… Raja has a mean streak on D to match Kobe, Artest, Fish & Bynum… Need a ball handler, or at least someone to guard the opposing PG and still shoot from the perimeter (which is what Sasha can’t do consistently)

    • giuseppe

      Kobe bryant and raja bell dont get along!!


        well, before, Artest and Kobe also dont get along… I believe everything can be worked out for the 2011 Championship.

  • lakeb

    He has had a bigger impact on the team this year than luke walton. Pay this guy, his crazy dunks gives the team momentum in big games. Plus, it would be cool to have him in the dunk contest next year in LA

    • cjm

      like this year’s dunk contest?

    • wtf

      if you want to see him in the dunk contest in an LA uniform then you pay Buss a couple of million dollars otherwise get your head out of your azz.

  • Slammin’ Brown

    I’m out! Peace fellas! Watch me on Charlotte’s bench next year!

    • cjm

      you’ll be the one in the bobcat costume.

      • Slammin’ Brown

        I already submitted a resume to be the mascot!

  • Marwan Deletes My Comments

    Great news, now LA can use that money to go after a guy like Blake, Bell, Livingston. Thanks Shannon!

    • stucktrader

      AGREED!!! THX mr. brown… in any case, Farmar is better but hasn’t been consistent like the ’08 team. Both of them leaving would open the door….


        yeah farmar and shannon out… we can definitely use the extra $$$ on someone else.

  • Sean All Ivy

    I was hoping this would happen. Easily the most overrated Laker.

  • xtro

    bienvenidos a los angeles, tracy mcgrady. vamos a ganar tu anillo.

  • Manuel 2324

    Let him go, Now we can sign: T-mac, Raja Bell, Luke Ridnour and a veteran big man, Good luck Shanon.. Lakers Champs 2011, 12, 13 and who knows whta could happen… cuiiiiiiiiiiiidate

  • lakeb



      His potential might grow but not much. He needs starter minutes but his game doesn’t warrant it. He is easily a 10ppg guy w/ starter minutes. His scoring is not consistent. Use his money somewhere else.

  • Kobe4Life


  • tradesasha

    peace out nigga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • Drake Ramoray

    This news just made my summer. I hated this mofo with a passion. He can’t play a lick of basketball. He’s just really athletic and fast. Someone should tell Shannon he should be doing triathalons instead of playing basketball. Good riddance you pathetic excuse for a shooting guard or point guard or whatever the he-ll position you play.

  • mecka24 jk good luck on more rings….

  • Robert

    Shannon ‘at least’ provided some speed, to push the transition. We are running out of speedsters. Hopefully the new guy (draft) will bring some of that. That’s why I think we should sign Crit., and then we will still have ‘some’ speed.
    We were able to stay in the game against OKC a ‘little’ because of a little of our speed. If we don’t have that, we will have trouble in the playoffs next year. OKC is getting some key free agents.
    Anyway, Shannon is a goner – he has 2 rings, and prob. wants to play in a more up-tempo offense. I’m sure he’ll do fine wherever he goes, and he did give us a couple years of exciting pyrotechnics on the dunk.
    Thanks, and so long. Bon Voyage. Arrivaderci.

    • stucktrader

      Livingston can be the guy… doesn’t have a 3-ball though. Ebanks is definitely an Ariza-type guy… People might be forgetting about Javaris gun to Arenas Crit… He was a triangle guy, who could shoot, athletic… but will have to see what he does in the summer league.

    • cjm

      don’t you mean sit on the bench, in a more uptempo offense?

    • Robert

      stucktrader – thanks! I got yelled at on the site here for reminding people that Crit was a part of one of our original bench mobs, and he did pretty well in tandem with Ariza (pretty speedy group). I like your suggestion about Livingston (although, I recall the ‘accident’ from time to time – which is gruesome).
      cjm – yeah, he could end up on the bench if he doesn’t score. He might have more chances to play, but look what happened to Chucky Atkins, Smush, and others who were ‘semi – semi – semi -stars’ here. They ended up vaporizing.
      Shannon may have had one year left, and so wants to maximize his contract (maybe get another year out of it too). Don’t look for him in the dunk contest next year, though (that was a MAJOR disappointment).

  • Be Strong

    Great news!! Let him go, sign J-Critt and re-sign Farmar…

    Like it or not!!

    • stucktrader

      Would definitely choose Farmar over Brown… Farmar needs some backing from the front office to get over his feeling of not leading this team… he has to wait his turn, and if he plays like game 6… No problem. He knows the offense, adequate against quick guards, sometimes has a mean streak (we saw when KG tried to block)… But it’s all in his head… like Sasha… If he bolts fine… A lot of FA want to play for a proven winning team…

  • lakerfreak

    Some of you dont understand how the MLE works. The Mid-Level Exception is for teams that are over the cap to use to bring in a free agent. A team can go as far over as they want to sign a player that played for them the previous year. So signing Brown/Fisher/Farmer/etc. does not take away from the MLE money.

    And Shannon Brown isnt leaving for more $$$. He is opting out so that he can get paid what he is worth over a longer period of time because next summer there will be a new CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) and the owners of the teams want to pay players less money. It’s the same reason players on winning teams are opting out (i.e. Dirk) and others are getting long extensions when they’re not even in a contract year (i.e. Kobe)

  • rynorod32

    Raja, Mike Miller, and Crittenton. With Odom, Sasha, Powell, and Luke. Good enough bench to go 3-peat.

    • stucktrader

      Starters: PG to be named, KOBE, Ron, Pau, Bynum
      Bench locked so far: Sasha, Fish (likely), L.O…………….. So that leaves 6 spots max: maybe Raja, T-Mac, Korver or Miller, and another DJ or why not keep him for the regular season? Hopefully, Ebanks works out… save the last spot for emergency purposes.

      • stucktrader

        If they fill the 14, maybe J-Crit if he does well in the summer.

  • Dragon3435

    Well these guys already know what it is like to win I guess after awhile you want to make the most money possible and get as much playing time as well. I takes time to be consistent so the more you play the better you get. Plus there are plenty of Jordan Farmar and Shannon Browns out there they are a dime a dozen we probably can even pick up better players out there than those two.

  • JB

    Javaris Crittenton

  • LuisNava

    I know alot of you want T-Mac to come (I want him to come too) but T-Mac still thinks he could be “that guy” that can carry the team to stardom, his ego may be a problem.