Photo by Jeff Gross | Getty Images has officially announced Shannon Brown opting out of his contract:


Lakers guard Shannon Brown has informed the team that he has elected not to exercise his option to extend his contract for the 2011-12 season, it was announced today. Brown, therefore, has become an unrestricted free agent.

Brown, who had a player option, could of signed back with the team for approximately $2.4 million next season.

According to ESPN LA, Brown did not rule out the possibility of returning to the Lakers with a new deal, but did not sound optimistic about that occurring. Brown mentioned that the Lakers picked two guards in the draft so he wasn’t sure about the possibility of coming back to the Lakers during free agency.

Playing 19 minutes per game in the 2010-11 season Brown posted a career-high 8.9 points, 1.9 rebounds and 1.2 assists per game.

  • Clement Mckinney

    this was expected no surprise to me

    • turbo

      Good ridence what a looser.  he can’t shoot worth a crap when the pressure is on. CHOKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adjanibrice

    he need to leave and go to a team where he can blossom

    • Cecil

      Outside of Caron Butler most players who leave the lakers do not excel on any other team and unless SB works on his game neither will he. I say good riddance and do not let the door hit yiou in the ass.

  • Dballer

    On one hand, I would be willing to pay the Shannon we had during the 1st half of the season more money. On the other, who we got in the 2nd half (when we needed his outside shooting and ‘finishing’ at the basket most) is not worth a dollar more.

  • Rjaytoston

    Sorry to say this but he is not staying true to he”s team. A team that made him who he is.Maybe if  keeps it up then he will get what he wants from his time. Magic did it, Rick fox did and it paidoff for them. Now that you got your ring you trying to run out after the paper, o well see u later famar(part 2) and see how he is doing.

  • Just2geee

    Shannon about to be just like Trevor Ariza leave the lakers thinking there big and bad and deserves millions of dollars they get the money and they turn into super role players Shannon is not aye star he needs to stay cOming of the lakers bench if he wants to be good

  • Blake Mac

    I personally would like to see how Shannon develops on another team and see where the height of his potential is (maybe he’s there already, who knows) The Lakers can fill this gap without any damage!

  • Anonymous

    Good luck to Shannon!  He helped the Lakers get two rings as a throw-in player.  I won’t complain if he he searches for greener pastures…. neither will Morris nor Goudelock either :) 



  • laffsatu

    can he take LAMAR with him …PLEASE!!!

  • TOM


  • Optimus

    I will miss his dunks thats about it. Good luck with the Nets or some other garbage team Shannon.

  • Drew

     Don’t blame Shannon. A young player doesnt want to be stuck as a superstar’s backup for too long.

  • Sonny

    If only they’d get rid of Luke and especially inconsistent Lamar. Lamar and Artest are media wh@res who obviously have other junk on their minds, like being on tv all day with names changes and Kardashians silliness. The Lakers are in major trouble; Kobe’s their only bona fide warrior and these days one’s not enough.

  • Edward

    You guys are so stupid.  Ariza left because Mitch chose to pursue Artest first… Ariza was the right choice.  Like Ariza, the LAKERS drafted guards first.  That means they turned their backs on him.

    If you guys are LAKERS fans then you will love our team for the players that are on it.  The whole roster.Shannon did really well for us.  He’s not an all star but he took less money, gave us unforgivable dunks and he will be missed.It was you guys who shit talked Turiaf when he left… he’s a stand up guy.  Stop being so close minded.  We are not winning a championship anytime soon.  If we do it will be because we traded.  But I will still watch every game because I am a Laker fan.  I won’t go on this site and demand trades and miracles.  Just watch the game, enjoy it and be a fan of the team… 

    Don’t ask to trade Pau because of a bad post season.  Be loyal.  Don’t be a bandwaggon fan that bounces as soon as troubled times have come.

    • lakerss

      you reallly think the lakers can’t win a championship any time soon, i mean i know there struggling but they still have a good chance,  i hope they have 50 games ATLEAST!! :(

    • Bye Bye Shannon Brown

      It’s doesn’t make you less of a fan just because you don’t like someones game and Shannon Brown was nothing but dunks. And the reason I’m happy that he’s gone is now they might be able to fill his roster spot with a better player which will help make the TEAM better. I’ll be just as happy when Luke Walton contract runs out too. I do agree with you that I’m shock at how many people turn on Pau after one bad post season. But if Shannon Brown wants to opt out hey he won’t be missed by me that’s for sure.

    • Cecil

      At last someone with some sense unlike Magic who said blow up the whole team. The only fans that whine are crybabies who seem to forget all the good times the lakers have given us. So ruight on dude.

  • Vinginor

    Shannon has passed around the league like a two dollar whore. He can dunk and oh he can dunk .
    Mike Brown had him in Clevland so he knows this guys game. His offense sucks and no defense.
    The reason why he left is because he is also part of the Pau situation.
    Paus girlfriend was friends with miss Bryant ,then they became at odds . Paus girl said Ms Bryant was fooling around. Kobe got pissed and then Ms Bryant told Pau that Shannon had banged his girlfriend before he was married to Monica.
    So the hole mix include Shannon ,Kobe,Ms.Bryant,Pau and his girlfriend to destroy the run.
    Mean while Ron Ron is doing stupid shit ,La Mar is selling skunk spray for the Kardshian whores
    and is a circus.
    Mean while Phil says enough of this shit and basically gave up on them.

  • xtro

    fine. welcome to Los Angeles JR Smith, Anthony Parker or Jamal Crawford?

  • Amynic2247


  • Robert

    The NBA is a ‘business’.  So, SB is just conducting business.  His dunks will be missed, and of course now the team gets ‘older’ on the average, because he’s leaving, but I’m sure there will be something coming soon.  SB might have fit better with a run-n-gun team, unlike the Lakers who have been running Triangle for forever.  In fact, SB might have fit in well with Mike Brown’s style.  But it looks like he’ll be gone.   And quite frankly, anything goes in the next 6 months of this ‘business’, considering the lockout.

  • D-m-s-r-11

    i actually hope that shannon can come back to the lakers,since coach brown(who wasn’t my first choice) is defensive minded can help shannon improve his defense and develop a consistent jump shot; i guess a lot depends on blake and barnes improving off the bench; i read somewhere jordan farmar might be available; go and get chris paul, deron williams or jj barera- is mbenke still around? if not get someone to back up bynum- in general, better defense and point play and sharpshooters!!!!!