shannonbL.A. Times: To most Lakers fans, Shannon Brown was the unknown name when the Lakers acquired him and the better-known Adam Morrison from the Charlotte Bobcats in exchange for Vladimir Radmanovic.

To most Lakers fans, Brown was just a throw-in to make a trade work.

Not to the Lakers. Not to the Lakers’ coaching staff. They saw an athletic, defense-mind guard. They saw a player who can defend point guards and shooting guards. They saw a player willing to learn, willing to play hard and willing to listen.

That was the case again Friday night, when Brown got the call over Jordan Farmar against the Portland Trail Blazers at the Rose Garden.

Brown was productive in his 20 minutes, scoring 10 points, making all four of his shots.

“We feel like he’s one of those rare players that can guard two or three positions in this league,” said Lakers assistant coach Kurt Rambis, who was in charge of the team because Coach Phil Jackson was home in Los Angeles because of pain and swelling in his lower right leg.

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  • Odom the worst player

    Shannon Brown is the man. I’m so glad he’s getting playing time

  • http://lakersnation godson

    way to go sb lets hope farmar can step up he’s game now

  • kobe8

    more minutes for this guy please.

  • Michael_23

    Next year’s possible PG lineup?

    Sign Jason Kidd, D Fish, Resign Shannon Brown, Let go for Farmar?

  • FlowDesignz

    He should play a bit more minutes. Let Fisher rest.. =\

  • matt

    fish retires, brown starts and farmar on the rotation :P

  • get rid of puke walton and sasha and fartmar

    yes!!! this guy is beast!

  • dson

    Brown over Farmar please!

  • Angelo Vergara

    Brown needs more and more minutes. His contributions have have increased with more playing time. We’re going to needs his defense against the likes of Kidd, DWill, Parker, Paul. Farmar needs to just sit and think about how he can improve. Tired of people saying he needs time to grow and improve, blah, blah, blah. He’s been with the team for 3 years now and he really hasn’t done much. Brown’s been with the team 2 months and each time he’s been on the court, he’s made huge strides and provided significant energy off the bench the same way Ariza used to before he became a starter.

  • LeBron

    I want Brown back! That kid was a bargain. You guys can keep Farmar.

  • portman

    yea yea. with you guys? one bad game from him and HE’S OUTTA HERE! tsss

  • Smush Walton

    Now that we aren’t going to pass Cleveland, we need to rest Kobe, Fisher and Pau. Also we should give major minutes to Shannon Brown. We should be phasing out Fartmore and giving his minutes to Brown.

  • soysauce24

    hey fake lebron, y r u even in here? i really dislike lebron n he got the refs on his side. who the fuck thought that three step ain’t a travel no more when lebron does it night in and night out. But the blazers game was anoher fixed game. There have been so many games that Kobe had been rigged by the refs. i had found a video to show you guys

  • YellowPurpleFever

    I have been saying this since day one. He was guarding Kobe before the trade, plus he did not back down from Kobe. I knew that the Lakers have plans for him. Once he learn the TRIANGLE, let him loose. He can guard Billips, Deron, Kidd, Jterry, Parker and I would def. try him on Roy. sorry Famar you lack DeFense! Go Lakers!!!

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