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Shannon Brown tweeted on Saturday night the following:

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The RUMOR originally started on May 13th, on a gossip website entitled, Black Sports Online, in which the author claimed that Shannon Brown, who is married to R&B singer Monica, slept with Gasol’s wife and caused a rift in the locker room, and Gasol’s poor play in the playoffs.

Kobe Bryant was asked about the original rumor in his exit interview that Gasol and Bryant had issues off the court, and he discussed why these rumors seem to keep creeping up.

“People will reach for absolutely anything, when we struggle. They’ll pull for any crap, any B.S. that they possibly can, and invent things, and it was ridiculous” Bryant said.

The above quote from Bryant still rings true on this latest rumor. Shannon Brown addressing the rumor publically on twitter probably makes it a bigger rumor then it actually was. However, its almost certain that Brown got so many questions, that it was therapeutic for him to take to twitter to silence the rumors.

  • coach brian shaw

     shannon is an idiot.  Why would anyone feel the need to address a rumor?  

    • Victoria

       People started acutally tweeting and saying inappropiate stuff to his wife and 16 year old brother yesterday. Also, radio stations in his hometown (Chicago) were talking about it, but did not believe it was true. I actually went back and looked at his mentions on twitter between Friday and before he make a statement yesterday and if I was him I would have said something as well- that stuff was down right disrespectful to him, his family, and Pau for that matter. Its easy to say do not respond but most people famous or not have enoough vile  stuff said about them that is SO untrue, you will respond. I mean Gasol had to defend him and his girlfriend how many times this week?! I am sure they are ALL over it.

      • LaLost

        This must be why   Bynum said they dont have trust    Pau does not trust him

        • Insanity7373

          Every one can talk all the $… they want but the LAKERS have done it so many times already…… They will be back CANT WIN THEM ALL

  • 123KID

     The NBA really needs to crack down on these sort of rumor mills in regards to NBA personal lives. Its understandable from like facebook, blogs, and what not, but if it reaches like ESPN, the news on tv, and like creditable sources online and newspapers, then I think those sites should get fined for it. These players are human beings just like anyone else, and when they get rumors that are being sent out to “supposed” creditable sources and those sources run with it, then that is just a slap in the face. Not only does it affect the player, but it affects everyone he knows, teammates, family members, significant other. Its just plain sickening! Plus if players and coaches get fined for saying something negative in regards to the NBA, then those same reporters should get fined too. Its not so much freedom of speech anymore these days.

    In the end, I hope all the players use all this sort of motivation to help them next year. Oh their too old. They should break up the team. They cant do it without Phil Jackon. Kobe is no longer the best. Pau is too soft. Bynum cant deal with his emotions. Lamar is getting too distracted. 

  • Crazjeff13

    lakers will come back strong mitch will retool the team  my wish list is  dwight howard and paul point guard  

  • hateDlakers

    trade every1 that has issues … we can’t tolerate that with those nonesense situations ,especially  when they are on the court , i’ll quote that ” were on the middle of the Playoffs”   hello!  pls leave those damn thing outside the court and take care of business first! 

  • Inverse

    Lol i said this like a week ago. I heard this from someone that is in the lakers family. Not only did shannon sleep with her but this person said bynum did as well. And now it’s starting to leak out.

    • guest

      not bynum no no lol 

    • Karen

      No apparently it is just Bynum…not Shannon. On a few other blogs people are asking how Shannon’s name got put into at all, it was all Bynum. smh

      This stuff is crazy. Like Kobe said in the statement above, people will reach for any reason to why the Lakers lost. 

    • Sgind

      lol bynum did that 2?
      Actually,Brown didnt sleep with gasol’s girl,he slept with gasol!! 

  • laffsatu

    no doubt JERRY BUSS is enjoying having the laughing stock of the N.B.A..PASS THE SCOTCH 

  • Laker Nation 2012

    Thanks for the believable works of wisdom, Kobe. You are quite the team leader….(in immaturity that is)  Why don’t you and your innocent little buddy Fish go home and watch the rest of the playoffs on TV. 

  • Laker Nation 2012

    Thanks for the believable works of wisdom, Kobe. You are quite the team leader….(in immaturity that is)  Why don’t you and your innocent little buddy Fish go home and watch the rest of the playoffs on TV. 

    • dudeguy

       Hmmm….Is Kobe really the immature one here?

  • Atuneforyou

    This is all a bunch of TMZ type bull s____t!!!!
    Yes the Lakers lost, it’s not like the world has come to an end.

    The Lakers had made the Finals 3 years straight with this team. That’s why it’s a sport some times you win some times you loose. They’ve won two out of the last three finals and have been in six of the last ten years winning four. There is no franchise that can match that. The Celtics were supppsed to be the new dynasty a couple of years ago and what did they get? One Championship, this Celtic pride is from the sixties who cares about what happened fourty years ago. 

    • Karen

      I agree. The Lakers LOST end of story. Whoever started all the rumors is a complete mess.

  • okinawaLAKESHOW!

    Boston Sukdics. 

  • WSOL49


  • kevinator


  • Lilypop_ripangel

    everybody get off browns sack! seriously! its ridiculous that all you people be saying this BS! go shanon! stay up(:

  • Purple and Yellow 4 ever

    Shannon was merely spooning….anyway i hear phil was chillin with the Kardash’s, true?  Kobe was innocent though cause he was at home watching the Bulls/Heat series and drawing up plays for his dog Luke Walton. 

  • No ring for Kobe

    See Kobe you could’ve been having some fun, but I guess youre better off staying at home during the rest of the playoffs with the good teams. It’ll give you more time to perfect the “Ginobili Flop” move after you airmail your last off balance shots. 

  • Blb575

    why not brian shaw as head coach with fisher as assistant coach and add cp3 to the team and forget howard if he does not want to be a winner   like shaq was when he left the majic.

  • Stormsand00

    agree with you bib575

  • Rondo4eve


  • lild.rose

    first of all rondo4eve the lakers do not suck and i dont beleave that shannon slep wit pau gasol’s girl

  • Fal


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