The following is translated. Very cool to hear him talk about Kobe and the other guys. Battier is a competitor!

76075385NB007_LAKERS_ROCKETS 1_ROCKETS_KNICKSBattierBlog: People always ask me who my favorite players in the NBA are. Every NBA player is also a fan of the great players in the league. Here is a short list of some the players I respect and why I respect them.

Kobe Bryant-I think Kobe is the best player in the league because he is relentless. He never gives in to illness or fatigue. He is the ultimate competitor and he has my utmost respect.

LeBron James-I respect LeBron because he had unbelievably high expectations coming out of high school and he has lived up to every last one. The he may have had the highest expectations ever of a young player coming into the league. He continues to improve and has a desire to get better and win. I respect that.

Steve Nash-I just love the way he plays. He plays the game the way the game should be played, free and fast. He always tries to get his teammates involved. Much respect.

Dirk Nowitkzi-The guy is just a machine, he goes to the gym every night if he does not have a game and practices shooting. Unbelievable. No one does that.

Brandon Roy-My favorite young player. He just plays the right way, always under control. He is going to be an all-star for many years to come.

Grant Hill-Growing up, I wanted to be Grant Hill. He is 100% class. He is still my idol. I want to grow up to be Grant Hill.

Michael Dunleavy Jr.-My best friend in the world, he’s like a brother to me. My roommate at Duke, we always want to beat each other, but off the court, we’ve never had boring time.

Those are probably my 7 favorite players in the NBA. I like to watch all of these guys on TV.

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  • imfasterthanur

    Mike Dunleavy Jr.

  • Chris Manning

    I’ve always loved Battier. He plays tough nosed D and he doesn’t complain – a rarity in today’s game.

  • desecrator93

    I wish we could get this guy in a trade somehow. Have him coming off the bench would give us another lock-down defender and a dead-eye shooter. Not to mention some locker room leadership and a calming influence.

  • Trem

    I like Battier a lot he is always a class act. He is the enemy tonight but it’s always nice to hear him talk about other players