From George Mikan, who led the Minneapolis Lakers to five NBA championships, Wilt Chamberlain, the Lakers all-time leader in field goal percentage, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the NBA’s all-time leading scorer, to Shaq Diesel. The list of those who have anchored the Center position for the Los Angeles Lakers reads like a basketball all-time hall of fame induction.

Andrew Bynum, the latest big man in the middle, is a key component to this year’s squad which boasts the association’s best record. The seven footer nicknamed “A-Train” from St. Joseph High School in New Jersey makes his presence known with 2.5 blocks per game, a key reason why the Los Angeles Lakers are a force to be reckoned with on the defensive end holding opposing teams to under 93.00 PPG and a field goal percentage of 42.9 making for a league-leading +13.25 point differential.

The 285 pound Center brings a huge physical presence to the floor with his length, athletic ability, great mobility, and soft hands. Last season, Bynum was starting to emerge as a true freight train showing some signs of greatness and garnering respect on all levels prior to his injury which sidelined him for much of the 07-08′ season.

The road ahead is a tough one, as Bynum will have to overcome the countless comparisons to Lakers legends and high expectations. Most people forget that he is the youngest player to ever be drafted by an NBA team and the fact that he just turned 21 in October is a scary thought for opponents and an awesome truth for all fans of the Purple and Gold.

In the pro-basketball game of Hold em’, Andrew Bynum has an ace up his sleeve, none other than Hakim (Game of Death), Roger Murdock (Airplane!), and the master of the sky hook himself, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Talk about having an expert and basketball guru in your corner to guide you and teach you some tricks. If #17, Andrew Bynum pays attention to just half of Kareem’s coaching, look for him to make some tremendous strides and create his own basketball legacy.

With an extremely stacked line-up, the “A-Train” has all the room in the world to develop into one of the greatest Centers to ever take the court. Yes, the future is bright indeed. Even the big Aristotle himself weighed in on this fact with his recent, “They’re the best team” comments solidifying this year’s Lakers squad, along with Bynum, as a true powerhouse.

  • sketch

    the A-train will no doubt leave his own legendary mark on the lakers history of big men! he’s got the athleticism and soft touches of a mid range jumper. he’s also got the aggression to jam that rock down everyone’s throat. he’s developing his SKY HOOK from another lakers legend, Kareem, and i hope that he’ll continue to develop that and bring that into his limitless arsenal. now if only he can learn the footwork and low post moves of a hakeem olajuwon, then the A-train will truly be “UNSTOPPABLE”!!!!

  • JCbiglessworth

    U know I really like what Phil Jackson has done to Lamar. Last season he almost averaged 40+ minutes and ended up with about 15pts 10reb. Now that his minutes are limited hes forced to be more aggressive to get those numbers and I bet hes gonna pull it off.

  • VIVA

    I totally agree. I like what Phil has done to Lamar. Coming off the bench and limited his minutes makes him an offensive and defensive threat to the other teams. It’s like the Lakers get a kick of REDBULL every game.

  • Billy Kupchak

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    yes, REDBULL gives you wings, but what about the crash & jitters? :cool:

  • Billy Kupchak

    Phil also looks like curnal sanders lol

  • Billy Kupchak

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  • Whatsa

    You mean 562-716-6155.

    By the way, you live in Long Beach?!

  • Moses

    Phil needs to grow his beard back

  • sketch

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