Section 316 is a weekly essay series by Writer Andrew Rafner. Andrew will explore a theme relating to the deeper world of Lakers basketball. This week’s essay…

The Anti-Hero

I have had this real big issue recently with the recent Watchmen motion picture, specifically with the way the character Rorschach has been portrayed. I am a big fan of the Graphic Novel, and in that tome it is painfully obvious to any reader that the vigilante absolutism and pessimism that resides at the core of the masked and trenchcoated anti-hero is truly vile and wicked yet inextricably missing from the film.

Puzzlingly, most of the conversations I have heard while exiting the theater seem to center around how freaking cool and badass Rorschach is.

The thing is, you aren’t supposed to think Rorschach is a “cool guy”.

He is a slob, a homophobe and most importantly he shows the utmost contempt for humankind on the whole, refusing to believe in the ultimate good in people, preferring a “we’re already damned” ethos. It is what they left out that causes people to pile out of movie theaters and glorify this monster.

Ever since Andrew Bynum went down in January against Memphis (again), I have been faced with this horrible realization: I like the Lakers better without Andrew Bynum in every way possible. This epiphany has led me to ask myself if that means I don’t like Andrew Bynum?

Have I been fooled like so many moviegoers (comic-ignorers) have been fooled by the film adaptation of Rorschach?

Now, I am DEFINITELY not saying that Andrew Bynum is in any way, shape or form like Rorschach, I am simply using it as an example for being tricked by the portrayal of a supposed hero, but is the guy I once thought was so cool, so relatable, so kickass, just a sleazeball punk?

Do I not like Andrew Bynum?

Sadly, the answer has become yes.

I do not like his sluggishness. I do not like his inappropriate 12-foot jumpshot. I do not like his minifro. I do not like his ten cars. I do not like him makin’ it rain on his birthday. I do not like his Lamar Odom 2004 baby blue throwback jersey on KCAL 9. I DO NOT LIKE ANDREW BYNUM.

And the saddest part is that I once was the head of the Andrew Bynum fan club. I had this master theory that Andrew and I were one chance meeting away from being besties. He seemed so vulnerable and so pure. He seemed human. But now, when I see him say he enjoys being injured because it gives him “time to be a fan” I just cringe.

In his absence, I have found such a renewed joy in the game of Lamar Odom, I have learned the idiosyncrasies of Josh Powell’s propensity to find a way to contend for every rebound (more than can be said for Andrew) and I have found the beauty in the subtle ballet that is Congo Cash.

And in all this time, all these games, not ONCE have I thought, “You know, I really miss Andrew.” Or “Just wait until Andrew comes back!”

It seems as if all those affectations have dissipated, whence they were once the de rigueur explanation for the reason the Lakers lost the 2008 Finals. The Lakers are better without Andrew Bynum and everybody knows it, they just aren’t ready to say it yet. But I am.

Now, we should all know the truth: Andrew Bynum is useless. He is but dead weight. Save the money and unclog the lane. Ship his ass out.

When, and if, Andrew Bynum does return to the Laker lineup, I will not cheer for him, I will sit on my hands and quietly wish for someone more deserving of the uniform. And on this, I will not compromise.

  • Imadogg

    hot damn

  • russher124

    what????????????we need bynum thats thats the bottomline. . .we need him to win against the jazz,spurs,cavs,celtics. . .yah we won without him but our defense is what we need from him. . .

  • Kam Pashai

    Andrew while being helped out following the Memphis game: “I’m not stuck on this team with youuu, you’re stuck on this team with meee!!!”

    Haha! Gotta love Rorschach.
    … He’s so cool.

  • Imadogg

    Good thing I didn’t read the novel, cuz I thought Rorschach was super badass

  • chad

    Your way off! I don’t have room to write all of the things that Drew brings to our team but simply put he is our future! He is our big inside don’t f*&^ with us presence that we have been missing. Who else do you think is going to knock “king” james to the floor when he drives the land and not appologize. Who else can bang against Perkins in the post and shut KG’s non stop yapping mouth. Who else has the ballz to go toe to toe with Shaq in the post and not back down. Your memory is too short my friend, just wait till he gets back on the court and you’ll remember what he brings to our team. If you need a refresher just watch a clip from ld2k incredible bynum that should get you pumped! Go Lakers! Our time is now!

  • David

    HAHA!!YES,YES! I agree I went to the game against the suns back in December and noticed his sluggishness and kept saying this guy runs the floor like shaq!! and shaq is about to retire he is slow doesn’t listen to kareem and has his own trainer not the team trainer ?? who is this guy?? he is not Kobe or Lebron or dare I say shaq!! I totally agree let’s make a deal for someone else after we win a championship before he becomes a darius miles!!

  • Mitch4Pres

    for the 1st time i think big homie andrew rafner is way off. drew is clearly the missing piece of the puzzle. and all those reasons u rattled off why u don’t like him, i like him for those reasons. ur going to love those 12 ft jumpshots when they start falling consistently. and who cares how many cars he has? so what if he likes cars? if i had all that money i would buy 10 cars too. and his fro is FIERCE. chad is right ur memory must be really short b/c not so long ago he began to consistently dominate how can u not like that?

  • stfu

    you sound like a nerd. that rorshack guy IS cool. bynum is cool. just stop talking nerd and more lakers. we need bynum. he’s the future

  • Chris Manning

    One thing to take into account – Our second unit is struggling without him. In fact, our first unit has looked nice since Ariza has been injected into it.

    But if you believe our second unit – with Bynum, Odom & Ariza isn’t better than our current one… I don’t know what to say. I strongly disagree with your assessment. This team, through and through, is better with him out there; especially defensively. Are we good enough to get to the finals without him? Yes. Are we able to win it without him? Last year says no…

    The bottom line is I’ll take my chances with him than without. Anti-hero? He is the (bleeping) hero dude.

  • Sean All Ivy

    I just lost all respect for Rafner and his articles. This is the last one I will read. Our D has been so much worse without Andrew in the middle. I won’t even get into the numbers because I don’t feel like typing a HUGE response. Also just look at the fact with Andrew at center it forces a PF to guard Gasol and that is when he can truly shine with his full skill set. Just rewatch our most recent loss to Denver for what we are missing. This article is a JOKE. I’m out for good. PEACE.

  • Andrew Rafner

    [Comment ID #64709 Will Be Quoted Here]

    pau gasol won player of the month for the first time in his career last month…i think he is shining allllll right

  • pslakerfan


    I read this blog everyday, but I have never responded. Mostly because I find a lot of the comments to be childish and I don’t feel like being dragged into a 5th grade schoolyard spitting contest.

    I think you are way off base here. You are confusing Bynum the player with Bynum’s effect on the team. If the Lakers are not a better team with Bynum (a claim which may be true) then that is obviously a coaching issue and not an issue with Bynum. Simply inserting him into the bench for a few minutes a game would no doubt have a positive effect. If you were to say that the starting 5 are better without Bynum I would have no problem with that. I wouldn’t agree, but it is a legitimate argument. To say the team is worse is to put blame in the wrong place.

    The Lakers are a better defensive team with Bynum and possibly a worse offensive team. Personally I think this is a cohesion issue, but true nonetheless. Maybe you have heard this “defense wins championships”. Last year no Bynum, no championship. Maybe we give him a chance this year just for the heck of it, whadda ya say?

  • osm0nd

    Odom and Gasol’s stats have gone up since the absence of Bynum but that was because drew was averaging like 14 pts and 9 boards a game.. someone’s stats HAD to go up. Stats aren’t everything in basketball and just because Odom and Gasol’s #’s have gone up doesn’t make our team better. With Drew back, our second unit would be better than a lot of first units in the league. Addition by subtraction = Radman to Charlotte, but no way in hell does this apply to Socks.

  • Andrew Rafner

    [Comment ID #64712 Will Be Quoted Here]

    but it would not be becauuuuuuuse of Andrew. no doubt he brings something, i am just trying to say he doesnt bring what everyone wants him to bring. he and Greg Oden will have fine careers, yet they will not be all-stars or even the fourth best players on their teams.

    there is this HUGE misconception that Andrew Bynum is the next Wilt Chamberlain and i think he has wayyyyy too much wayyyy to young to be able to have the proper motivation to continue to develop.

  • iamthetie

    I wouldn’t jump to conclusions about Bynum just yet. Rafner is right, Bynum was sluggish early in the season. He didn’t run the floor well, wasn’t rotating and depending the pick and roll, and was establishing himself way too far from the basket. On the other hand, once he got his confidence back he was absolutely unstoppable underneath prior to another freak injury. His defense picked up and he took his offensive game to another level, and if anyone remembers the Bobcat game at home in which Kobe fouled out, Bynum was carrying us in OT. If we didn’t start throwing up threes we probably would have won that game.

    My point is, there are 2 Andrew Bynum’s to be seen. You can complain about 1, but the other one has the potential to be the cornerstone of your franchise. However, regardless of which one takes the floor, he will ALWAYS pose mismatch problems for other teams. The hole that he’s left doesn’t show on a nightly basis since the league is really not as big as it used to be, but when the game slows down and you need someone who can make an opponent think twice before driving the ball, you’ll quickly remember just how valuable Andrew is to our team.

  • pslakerfan


    That would be subtraction by addition now??? No one here said he was Wilt, we just say the team is better with him than without him. Stronger, deeper, taller, better on defense, etc. Better doesn’t mean perfect, it means better. Maybe he shouldn’t play with Pau, maybe he should only come off the bench, maybe he shouldn’t shoot, maybe he should just play D and rebound, who knows. But to say they are worse is to imply that the front office, owner, and coaches, are idiots because we all know they want him back ASAP.

    You say you don’t like Andrew Bynum. Any chance this is helping to shape your opinion that we are better off without him??? I don’t like LeBron, but I damn sure know we would be better with him than without him.

    By the way, what ever happened to you anyway? You used to be almost a voice of reason. Maybe we are all being punked? I am looking but I don’t see Kyle Korver or a bunch of cameras.

    I have NEVER, EVER heard a blogger say the following statement or something like it. “Hmmm interesting point, maybe I was wrong about that”. I won’t hold my breath.

  • pslakerfan

    “but it would not be becauuuuuuuse of Andrew. no doubt he brings something, i am just trying to say he doesnt bring what everyone wants him to bring. he and Greg Oden will have fine careers, yet they will not be all-stars or even the fourth best players on their teams.”

    Andrew Bynum and Greg Oden will NEVER be All Stars or even the fourth best players on their teams??? I know it’s late but I must have misread that. That’s just asinine.

  • pslakerfan

    Uh oh, I’m spitting on the playground. Time to stop. Ahhhhh getting dumber, make it stop, make it stop.

  • Andrew Rafner

    [Comment ID #64717 Will Be Quoted Here]

    without QUESTION my opinion of andrew has shaped how i feel. this is about how IIIIII feel about andrew and how IIIII feel about the team with him on the floor. i am one hundred percent willing to say that he adds something, just nothing that vastly improves the team. case in point the past two seasons without him in the lineup.

    my main gripe is that i do not think andrew plays a smart brand of basketball. he is not at the point in his career where he can create his own offense and i fear that he will ever be able to do so. i fear it will just be an entire career of “just wait and sees” with no true maturation or development.

    mainly im just trying to expunge my frustration with people seeing Andrew as the panacea. he is not the be all end all, but without question, he has skills and can be productive, just nothing beyond 10 and 7

  • Andrew Rafner

    [Comment ID #64718 Will Be Quoted Here]

    greg oden wont ever be better than rudy, brandon roy and lamrcus aldridge

  • TiddlyTide

    bynum = Championship. simple as that

  • Swiggle

    You are a Moron. You are a stupid, comic book nerd, moron. When the Lakers got beat by the Suns a couple weeks ago and Shaq burned us for 34 points, you didn’t think for one second, “I wish we had Drew?”

    You have a problem with a 21 year old millionaire going to a strip club on his birthday? Then stop watching basketball. Stop cheering for any professional athlete. Go back to idolizing your fictional comic book characters.

    If you think that Powell and Mbenga are enough for us to win a championship then you are insane. The Lakers are not winning the championship this year, or any year without a healthy Andrew Bynum. So if you don’t want to cheer for him, and you don’t like him…. then you better not celebrate when we win it all. You better not feel an ounce of joy. Because it will be because of him. He is the missing link.

    I can understand not liking a player. There have been a few players in Laker history that I just really haven’t liked. i.e Greg Foster, Sean Rooks, Tracy Murray, Smush Parker, Jon Barry, Vladimir Radmonovic. I get just not liking a player. But there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to not Like Bynum. Not if you are a true Laker fan.

    So if you are a true comic book fan, and not a true Laker fan… then more power to you. But don’t try and write some article ruining the Lakers story book ending forthcoming this season with you weird, unintelligent, inappropriate negativity.

    Now if you don’t mind, I’m gonna recharge my batteries. Get myself back to neutral. I’m gonna choose not to eat with you. You need to take a step back and think about what you just said.

  • mihailicious

    You’re right, Lets trade bynum, my suggesttion is to detroit for kwame brown who was our amazing inside presence who we NEED back so very badly.

  • lainok

    this article is a little over the top, don’t you think. and who cares if the movie wasn’t what you thought it should be. It’s up to the interpritation of the viewer, and in today’s world a guy like that is bad ass. everyone thought the same thing about agent smith, and he to was not so nice. plus bynumite is awesome.

  • Joe

    Only a 10 and 7 guy?????

    You just lost all credibility with that one – if you had any left after writing this lame article

  • Jake

    After watching the 4 or 5 games before he went down, I was a believer. That is, if, he is able to maintain that level. The guy is 21 years old — remember that, too. He’s hanging in LA, having a good time, buying cars, and he’s a 21 year old kid in LA. What’s abnormal about that? It was nice to see Lamar step it up and play like an all-star for those first 4 or 5 games after he got hurt — then he disappeared. I might expect that out of a 21 year old trying to find his place in the lineup, but not from a veteran of nearly 10 years in the league that has been working with Kobe for the past 4 seasons.

    Yes, we are all entitled to our opinions — and your opinion might be right. But if Andrew comes back playing near where he was before he went down, LA will be very, very tough to stop. Even if they’re bringing him off the bench, he’ll bring something very special. What a luxury to have a 7′ center coming off the bench that can outplay most centers in the league.

  • e-bucher

    This is the greatest article EVER!!!

  • toolake2handle

    You know I hate saying that to you as a fellow Laker fan but you sound like an idiot and you don’t know about basketball if you say that Drew is useless. Let’s see if your boys Lamar, Josh, and Mr. Congo can clogg the paint against teams like Boston or Cavs in the finals. Lamar dissapears and is sporadic. Powell is not big enough to compete, and Mbenga is just not talented. We do need Bynum, and we mostly need his presence. He makes everyone else to play in their position and gives us depth on the bench. He lets Gasol be more versitle and play with more finesse rather than waisting energy banging with the bigs! He gives another option for pick and rolls, and he requires double-teams against most centers. He has his flaws, such as pick and roll defense and lack of attention and intensity from time to time, but with all that, he still makes us a much stronger team. Now if you don’t like him, that’s another topic to be debated, but to say that he’s useless and that the Lakers are better off without number 17 is ludicrous. It’s simply idiotic. SORRY!!!!


  • lakaluva

    I do think Bynum has been rated on potential alone, and overrated at that. Do we need him? No. Could we use him? Emphatically Yes!!!

    Bynum is far from the Anit-Hero, and your comparison of the movie and your feeling about Bynum are an Epic FAIL!!! Society has no place, or need for Vigilant Sociopaths, whom you refer to as monsters, but the Lakers do have a place and need for a 7ft center that can help us win titles. I guess you forgot how well he was playing before he got hurt… both times. Personally, I dont think the Lakers will beat Boston without Bynum, and I have history on my side to prove it.

    On another note, I loved the character Rorschach. He was the only character that I left the theatre wanting to see more of. Not the homo, not the woman absuser, not the confused little wonder woman, or her impotent boyfriend, and especially not the false God figure that has the power to stop everything, but stops nothing.

    Rorschach became the cool guy in the movie because he was the only one in the movie that was willing to face reality, and that reality is people are fucked up! And instead of sweeping it under the rug and pretend that people will just get better, he dealt with it.

  • Babak

    Andrew and David ( Guy who posted earlier)…. U went to Suns game in December? duh.. he was coming back from an injury and almost hasnt played for a whole year.. what do you expect? Without andrew there is no way we beat the celtics and cavs….we need that inside presence.. Andrew I think you lost your memory man… don’t be fooled by the lakers record without bynum.. they played some crappy teams.. and also dont forget how lakers got man handled last year against the celtics…

  • luther_lufae

    Wow to get this upset over Big Drew and act as if he doesnt make us better in any way makes you a very unwise fan who doesnt understand the game at all.You should write for ESPN or something. You would fit right in with the nonsense they write and speak.

  • pricelesst

    damn thats wrong for you to think we should ship him out! you’re def trippin. HE’s going to be the future of the lakers. Give him a chance! it wasn’t his fault he got injured this time OR the last time around.

    but you are right, i dont like his fro, his 10 cars, nor do i like the way he doesnt get as much rebounds as he should, or the way he misses his defensive assignments! ……….oh and that Lamar Odom 2004 baby blue throwback jersey on KCAL 9? wow.. he wore one?! FAIL!

  • Ryan

    This is the first time I’ve read a blog on, and this will be my last. This has to be one of the most off putting opinions that I’ve ever read. Get over your personal gripes and grow a brain. has just lost a reader because of this jackass. Peace.

  • Juilliard Dancer LA

    Stop writing
    All of LA loves Bynum. Lakers need him PERIOD. I do feel that there’s too much talent on the floor at once for all the stars to get in rhythm. I think this has happened a lot, but Andrew is an awesome player who brings a lot to our team. Maybe we do need to mess with the lineup a little bit.
    KOBE and BYNUM with Fish, Ariza and Powell
    Second unit: GASOL and LO with farmar, luke and Sasha
    or Bynum off the bench as our SCORING plus DEFENSE six man. not LO who gets everyone involved. We need a guy who can take a the game on his shoulders to come off as our six man. a guy who all other players will fear coming off the bench.

  • purpleandgold323

    Whats with all the hating? I’m just here to say that, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. Also, I’m not saying that the Lakers are better with or without Bynum nor am i saying that we don’t need him nor we do, but honestly, how can you say that all of you guys are true laker fans if you don’t have faith in this team? With Andrew Bynum out of the picture, the Lakers played well as a TEAM, and when i say that, i mean that they dont just rely on our “Big Three”. Each and everyone tried to put in as much effort as they can. There’s no doubt that Andrew Bynum’s presence in the paint is a force to be reckoned with, but even without him, this team can adapt to any situation to take the grand prize. and yes, most people will say, we all saw what happened last year, but doesn’t it make you think at least twice that this team has matured in a sense to not let that happen again? They will play their hearts out not to let it happen twice consecutively, no one else wants that championship rather than the players on that floor playing each and every single game they have to. Now, stop hating amongst each other and let Andrew Rafner say what he wants to say. We’re all Lakers fans here. Lets not be like those bandwagon hopping fools they have in Boston.

    P.S. No need to go into details about the comparison Lakaluva, since its not really a comparison. The MOVIE did depict Rorschach as a badass. And that he is btw. (i’m just gonna stick to what i saw in the theaters since 4 hours after seeing it, i was ecstatic to discuss how badass the character was) (and no, i haven’t read the book, but if the reader thinks the character is a slob, then be it) but this post simply implies on the misconception of both characters.

    thanks for your time TLN. Let’s Go LAKERS!

  • SirMimsta

    You must have been doing some ghost writing for espn and posted it in the wrong place, please tell me that’s the case.

  • Diehardfan

    I completely disagree with this post. Number one, you are attacking the maturity level of a kid who is 21 and will barely turn 22. In regards to his comment about him being glad to be injured; please do not tell me that you are nit-picking at every word that he says. So, what you are saying is that at the age of 21 you have behaved with the most wisdom and maturity. Just look at how people in Philadelphia took Kobe’s comments about loving to play in LA. One one side you cannot be a Lakers fan. I cannot believe that. Mainly, because as Laker fans we have seen Kobe mature and grow in this league. Just like many other players in the league who have come out of high school. I am not saying that Andrew will be as great as Kobe is. But if gave Kobe a chance to grow let’s give Drew a chance as well. Let’s give him a chance to show his true performance during the playoffs then we can judge on his commitment to this team. I for one will cheer for him and I do have this, “wait until Bynum comes back” mentality. Sure the Lakers can still win without him but with him in the line up, it is a lock! 2009-2010 Champs! I guarantee you that he will be a major contributor to the Lakers title run. So, before you write him off make sure that you have something to compare him against because right now we have not seen him perform to his full potential in the playoffs. But we will see…………

  • Kid Kaos 310

    Agree to disagree. Yes, his sluggishness was a major factor this entire season, up until the week and a half prior to his injury against Memphis when he was putting up All Star numbers for 5-6 consecutive games which sadly ended when we went to Memphis and he got injured. Let’s not discredit the guy completely, he’s been a good compliment to Gasol’s game, and it’s not like Lamar has been consistently putting u great numbers. Prior to his game suspension, he put up 15 points in the previous 4 games. Lamar is a great compliment to our system, but you have to see where his faults are. We’re a better offensive team without Drew, but a better defensive team with him. With him in the lineup with LO, Gasol and the Marksman/Mamba Kobe, we have the best of both worlds. Don’t go selling the big man short, he’s still young and has a lot of room to develop.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Cam wrote: “Andrew while being helped out following the Memphis game: “I’m not stuck on this team with youuu, you’re stuck on this team with meee!!!”

    Just flat out funny!

    To Andrew the blogger: If you were looking to get a strong reaction from Laker fans, you got it! If you were looking to impress people with your basketball knowledge, you failed miserably!

    Competent 7 footers are tough to come by in this league. Will Drew be the next thing? Who cares for now. He’s only 21 and has been hurt for the past 2 years. What all basketball smart people DO understand is that Drew DOES and WILL make a positive impact on this team.

    I appreciate your desire to take the hottest character from the hottest movie on the market right now and try to parallel him with one of Laker fan favorites that most fans are waiting for a return, but unfortunately you didn’t think this through very clearly. Drew as the Anti-hero? Seriously? Why not just compare him with Stone Cold Steve Austin instead. They could be drinking buddies!

  • Andrew Rafner

    everyone missed the point. andrew can play. he can do things that others cannot. i do not think what he brings is irreplaceable or all that unique. this was mainly about his character in the public eye and how it is severely off putting to me and it is horribly mismatched with the rest of the enigmatic and lovable lakers.

    again, i am NOT saying Andrew Bynum is Jerome James 2.0. I am just saying i dont think he is what everyone wants him to be. kid needed some college.

  • Eidraq

    bynum in the second unit would be better for the team

  • James

    You are trying to spin it by saying “everyone missed the point”. We can read your article and it is clear what you are saying. It was just a bad article. Learn from it, think twice before you post and hope your future contributions have more or at least some validity. All in all, a very poor and ill-reasoned article.

  • Mitch4Pres

    i still don’t get whats so off putting about him having 10 cars and making it rain and how that should have an impact on how you look at him as a player. as swiggle said, you better stop watching basketball if you don’t like 20-something millionaires enjoying themselves. of everything you mentioned in this article that part of it upsets me the most for some reason. and you say he was sluggish at the beginning of the year. isn’t that within reason given the fact that he hadn’t played nba paced ball for almost a year?? Didn’t he pick it up as the year went on? Didn’t even phil jackson say it would take him a year to get fully back? wasn’t he right? having said all that, i applaud you andrew rafner for taking a controversial stance and i hope you continue to write for this website because your past articles have been fantastic and even though i have lost some respect for you, i havent lost respect for your writing skills and your passion as a laker fan.

  • flobe24

    are you just fishing for comments? cause it worked. bynum can only help the team. look at his last 3 to 4 weeks before he got hurt. he was getting back into the shape he was in during his break out year. not having him gives the lakers a smaller margin of error. kobe and pau are there every night. the third option is different game to game. bynum, lamar, fish, jordan, sasha, and whoever else can be a solid third option on any given night. sounds like bynum forgot to say “hi” to you or something.

  • Ryan

    Nice back peddling :) Honestly, you saying that Bynum brings nothing that isn’t replaceable to this team is laughable. In a league devoid of talented back-to-the-basket big men, playing on a team that has problems with interior defense on a nightly basis, while being replaced by a guy that is just as likely to give you a 20&10 night as a 4&7 night………HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY SAY THAT? You act like Bynum is a dime a dozen, but the reality is that there is probably only one or two other players in the league that bring the same interior presence on both ends of the floor, and those players are Dwight Howard and Tim Duncan. And the truth is, Bynum is a mix between the two. Bynum is a VERY rare breed, that’s why the Buss family decided back in 2007 that they’d rather see Kobe walk than yield to Kobe’s demand to trade their prize center. Bottom line, you are wrong and the rest of the “Lakersnation” just called you out on it. So keep trying to back peddle your way out of this one. Good luck.

  • Andrew Rafner

    [Comment ID #64837 Will Be Quoted Here]

    you just said bynum is a dwight/tim duncan hybrid…oh my god.

    the whole world has gone crazy.

    andrew bynum is a little bit below Al Jefferson in my book. take away the talent around andrew and the lakers are the minnesota timberwolves.

  • CtC8248

    Fuck this guy. “i like the lakers without every way possible. this guy is retarted and we should beat him up

  • CtC8248

    this guy is dumb “i like the lakers without bynum” this guy should go jump off a bridge. And us laker fans should do it. we sooooo need Bynum

  • purplegoldvein

    first of all thank you for clearing up the rorsharch character, since the movie premier ive also been annoyed at how people make him into a hero when he is…the anti-hero. all of them are really, but thats a different discussion.

    on bynum, i agree and disagree. he is very immature, and his efforts are very questionable at times for example when he asked about being out rebounded by dwight howard he responded that it is a “mission” to get in front of him. i cant except that, if one is making millions of dollars to block shots, rebound, and score if needed then do your job!

    but we must not forget how much talent there is in young, immature, Andrew Bynum, its his choice if he wants to be good or great. its the effort that seperates those two extremes.

  • SamV

    wow i can’t believe this was put up on TLN. It’s not a coincidence what has happened to the lakers defensive rating since bynum went down. This is where championships are won, DEFENSE. Bynum might not have looked like he was doing a lot, but his presence is all we really need. This is coming from someone who looks at box scores or something because even though drew doesn’t fill the stat line the way we want him to sometimes, people are running into him like a wall when they try to find their way through the paint. Give the kid more credit, he is our defensive anchor.

  • lakrfan4life

    alright drew raf, while i respect your ideas, i must disagree on the reasons why you hate him:
    how can you hate someone with the same name as you?
    now, back to the article…
    almost all players in the NBA are millionaires, no doubting that. what to do with that money after a 15+ mill signing day? donate it away? no, you go and buy cars and houses and enjoy yourself
    the fro IS fierce, no taking that away. as i recall, kobe had a beast of a fro, anything against that?
    as for the 12-foot Js…he has one of the most legit jump-shot forms for a big man, give him time to practice on that

    it just seems to me that you make a big deal out of the little reasons. lemme tell you, kobe has nice cars, how come you dont complain about his, or anyone else’s life-style?
    the guy had a major injury last season. last year, i had a bad ankle injury and it didnt fully recover till at least 5 months after it happened, these things take time. granted, i didnt have personal trainers and electrodes jammed in my knee to speed up the process, but it still took a long time. me and mitch4pres know whats up, i suggest you get with the program too.

    still though, you had the audacity to bring this topic up, but lets face it, without him, the Lakers wont go all the way…

  • lakrfan4life

    correction, 60 mil for 4 years i believe, and that was an extension, so he didnt literally get it then, but he will get it

  • FreakinCrod

    You are a moron.