ESPN’s Scoop Jackson looks at every NBA team and picks what four legends of that team would be in their personal Mount Rushmore. However, here at TLN, we are curious what four Laker legends our readers would choose. Sound-off in the comments!

ESPN: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Jerry West

Rationale: This is the other franchise which makes it seem unfair to only have four people etched in stone. West is the architect and icon, Magic the master and maestro, Cap the guru and Bryant the prodigy. Each one represents a different era in Lakers history, possibly making this Rushmore the closest to what this project is supposed to represent.

  • Imadogg

    Great four… it hurts not being able to put MDE up there, but all 4 of these guys stuck with the Lakers for life (Kareem after getting there), so good choices.

  • mr.laker19

    Cant argue with those 4. Respect though to Baylor, Wilt, Shaq, Worthy, Goodrich, Horry, Pat Riley, Phil Jackson, Jerry Buss, and all the Lakers Girls!!!

  • 3 wyshes

    Yea Scoop got it right for the most part. I think if u could add 2 more u would have to throw in Dr. Buss and Chick Hearn just to make it complete.

  • The600Project

    Well, I think Scoop missed one in a big way. I think you have to put George Mikan on there. He was the best player and the biggest star on the NBA’s first dynasty.

    If he’s going to put Pistol Pete on the Jazz list, then you’ve got to put one of the old Minneapolis Lakers on the Lakers list.

    I’d take off Jerry West.

  • KB24ForLife


  • Imadogg

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    Calm down, did he score 100 as a Laker? No. All 4 of these names were easily greater Lakers than Wilt.

  • carsea74

    I will go with Elgin Baylor instead of Wilt…Elgin played with the Lakers his whole career,13 seasons,a true LAKER…Yeah,I know Wilt had better stats but he played for the Gold and Purple just 5 years…

  • lainok

    Well, as good as Kareem and Wilt were, they transfered over to the Lakers. They were not life time members, and because there are so many great talents to go thru the orginization, being a lifelong laker is part of the criteria for me. The other is the impact they had on the orginization as a whole. Also, four just isn’t enough, when you are talking about this team there has to be at least five. So in no particular order:

    1. George Mikan the nba’s first bonafide superstar

    2. Jerry West, I mean he’s on the logo and everything!

    3. Chick Hearn- My only true regret is that my two little kids will never get to enjoy listening to him call a game.

    4. Magic Johnson- If jerry west wasn’t the logo, then it would be Magic.

    5. Kobe Bryant- the best player to ever play the game. Yes better than wilt, and yes better than Jordan.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    shaq was more dominant in his years than kareem and wilt when they were lakers

    so i put magic kobe, shaq, west

  • Farmars_inner_Jordan


    Chick Hearn

    Kobe Bryant

    Jerry West