My favirote Laker during the three-peat era and my favirote Laker now. D-Fish’s influence on this team is rubbing off. I found it interesting last night on TNT on how coach Sloan mentioned all of the Jazz’s toughness last year came from D-Fish.

kobefisher.jpgESPN: “My assumption without knowing this from them is that what guys appreciate from me is that I’m a guy that does things a certain way in a way that I think is best not just for me but for those around me. And they are able to observe that and kind of sponge that into something they can make into their own. Where they can say, ‘I like the way D-Fish does that, I’ma add that to what I do in my own way.’ At least that’s what I hope.” — Derek Fisher

Look at their record. Look at where they sit in the standings. Listen to the experts and “know-it-alls” that talk around the League. The Lakers are for real this year because … The blank gets filled in with so many different things: of the maturity and development of Andrew Bynum; Lamar Odom is finally able to play his natural position; Kobe Bryant no longer has to average 35 and carry the team by himself; of Jordan Farmar’s emergence; Luke Walton, Ronny Turiaf and Sasha Vujacic have finally found their roles; Phil Jackson is coaching with more clarity and taking more calculated (and often brilliant) risks in games. Everything but the obvious.

As much as all of us want to believe that Bryant is the Lakers, he’s not. Not anymore. There’s a difference between being the best player on a team and being the most important player to its success. In some situations, the team’s (or League’s for this matter) best player isn’t the reason the team wins. In L.A., so far, 34 games in, the black Jack Bauer finally has what he’s been asking for since the summer. He just had no idea his wish would come through in an old-school veteran package so “unsuperstarish” and with so little media fanfare, that he — like everyone else — might be missing who the real savior is….

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  • gugy

    Fisher is the man.

    That’s why we do not need Kidd anymore.

  • mr47

    I agree, Fisher left and returned waaaay better than he used to be. I remember this kid walked up to me after the Fish trade and said, “did you hear!? HOLY CRAP WE GOT DFISH BACK!!!!”

    I remember quieting him down and telling him not to be too excited. I told him Fisher was an upgrade to Smush, but he was not the answer to our problem. I can honestly now say that I am wrong. Fish is our captain behind Kobe and he needs to stay there. He is a sharper and smarter player than he was before and he means more than stats to our team. We don’t need another PG, Kidd can’t bring people together like fish.

  • http://mydeek.orgnigga PhantoM

    For real F**k Kid, i wudnt mine an artest or JO though..


    DF could make Jesus better.People have to understand what JO has been going through for 2 years with no veterans to help you guide the younger players,Kobe did it for about the same amount of time.YOU CANNOT DO IT BY YOURSELF.Kobe told everybody he couldn’t do it by himself and constantly asked for help(he knew it when Jerry pushed Shaq out).Kwame over Caron,C’mon.DF/KB IS A DEADLY LEADERSHIP COMBINATION,YOU LEARN SKILL FROM KOBE,YOU LEARN HOW TO BE A PROFESSIONAL FROM DF.CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

  • ab4sure

    ^^^^actually I heard Fish say that Jesus made him better. lol

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

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    Jerry pushed Shaq out???? How about Kobe not being able to get along with Shaq and basically opting for free agency unless the Lakers traded him? I highly recommend you read Phil Jackson’s book where he states that Kobe “got tired of being a sidekick”. Get your facts straight.


    Yes I said Jerry and PJ’s book? C’mon homie,who is pj coaching for now.He could say the same thing for Bynum’s attitude the past 2 season’s but PJ has been through before,even with MJ and we ALL know that situation.Coaches usually will go through egos problems with younger players when they feel they’re ‘special’until get brought down to earth or court(SORRY KOBE).I’m not going to get into a arguing match about facts because the facts lay with KOBE,SHAQ AND DR.BUSS,so we’re just theorizing.So saying that the fact remains that it was not Kobe’s fault,Dr.Buss wanted to go with the younger Kobe(Buss’s decision,he’s the owner).Ask any,TRUE LAKERFAN AND THEY WILL TELL YOU.Those are the facts and I’m sticking with it.THE PACK RULEZ!!!

  • LakersFirst

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    Oh there’s no question that Buss choose Kobe over Shaq, which I think was the right thing to do (look at Shaq now, he’s done. Of course you’re going to go with the younger player). But you can’t just blame ONLY Buss for Shaq’s departure (that’s not right). Kobe is also to blame. If Kobe got along with Shaq a little bit better, Shaq probably would’ve resigned and the Lakers could’ve been contenders for the past 4 years. Anyways, my whole point is, don’t just blame Buss.