Schwarzenegger Makes “Fishy” Bet

    IF the Lakers lose, how about they send some of that wine to the Lakers Nation offices, I’m sure we’ll need it.

    KCRA3: Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger are making a friendly wager on the outcome of the NBA finals pitting the Boston Celtics against the Los Angeles Lakers.

    If the Celtics win, Schwarzenegger has promised to donate locally grown California food and wine to a charity of Patrick’s choice.

    Should the Lakers prevail, Legal Sea Foods will donate 17 pounds of clam chowder to a charity chosen by Schwarzenegger.

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    • Lane

      17 pounds??? Where did that number come from?


    • hZm

      [Comment ID #38358 Will Be Quoted Here]

      Well aren’t we missing 17? (Bynum) Haha

    • west213

      wow all f uckin bussiness, its not only the govs

    • Sako

      Jimmy Kimmel: “If the Lakers win, Boston sends LA seafood. If the Celtics win, LA sends Boston herpes.”

    • lakersno834

      Ha.. I like the bet from the LA Mayor and Boston Mayor..

      If LA wins.. we get NE Patriots.. if Boston Wins.. They get Avengers…LOLz