L.A. Times: As if the Lakers needed more help.

The league’s only undefeated team returned from a brisk two-game sweep at Dallas and New Orleans to find their schedule pleasantly appealing.

Seven of their next eight games are at home, and only three of them are against teams with winning records.

“Wow,” Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said when told the details of the next 16 days. “We’re not thinking about anything but one game at a time, and that’s a hard concept right now because when things start going well, you start anticipating that, ‘Oh, yeah, we’re going to win games easily.’ There’s no such thing in this game.”

After tonight’s game against Detroit, the upcoming schedule is littered with injured-depleted teams (Chicago) and ineffective teams so far this season (New Jersey, Sacramento and Dallas).

The Lakers’ lone road game the next two weeks is in Phoenix, but the players insist they won’t take anybody lightly.

Lamar Odom provided at least one reason — more victories typically mean fewer practices.

“The better you do, the more days off,” he said.