Sasha/Kobe trash talking eachother in practice

    This is worth a quick read. I love Sasha even more after reading this:

    O.C. Register: It was Vujacic who hit the winning shot for the bench team to end the Lakers’ scrimmage Monday and taunted Bryant afterward about the “white kid busting your (rear).” Bryant smirked in response and said: “Did a 12-year-old just talk (trash) to me?”

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    • Lakers 24 7

      lol Sasha does look young, he would look younger if he cut his hair short lol


      This is what I’m talkin’ ’bout.,Kobe probably smacked him across the head after the scrimmage.

    • xtro

      The Maaaacccchiiinnnnneee!!!! Vlad the Impaler!!!!

    • JayOne

      they just playin like that though right? lol

    • vida24

      hahahhahah i loved it !

    • ECJ

      That’s good…a little inner competitiveness is always good for motivation.

    • Andrew Gasol

      [Comment ID #29877 Will Be Quoted Here] seriously, sasha needs to replace the mike miller headband

    • Billy Kupchak

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      WTF do you have against having long hair?

    • IMmichael

      vladimire the destroyer radmonivich and sasha the machine vujacic

    • IMmichael

      i have long short hair makes you look like a queer hahahah sorry but it does

    • k0be da 1 andonly


    • lakers4lyfe

      ^umm…yes he did. YOU read it more carefully. haha

    • KONG!

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      Good Job, buddy… -_-