Sasha is ready to improve as well. Can’t get more pumped about our players than Bynum and Sasha’s pride…

O.C. Register:  “Next year, especially with Andrew and the same group, we won’t be short two games like we were this year; I can guarantee you that,” Vujacic said. “We are going to work really hard. Personally, I’m going to work myself really hard in the gym all summer. We want to win it. We lost our first (NBA) Finals, and I think we have a lot more to go.”

  • Machinehead18

    Yeah, thats my boy. But Sasha’s right, these guys know they have the players to do it, and Bynum will definitely help.

  • Freshh

    Only good thing I take from this guarantee.
    is Sasha is inferring he will Re-Sign with us next year


  • Fred A.

    This will make my summer!!!!!!!!!! :)
    Some how we get Artest and JO
    without getting rid of:
    Then find a good point that maybe could be a sleeper in 2008 NBA Draft , like Sean Singletary.
    Do this Mitch Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Sako

    wow, first Bynum now this

  • Fred A.

    Add to that a good center or power forward in the draft , like Jason Thompson. :)

  • dawg09

    re-sign turiaf plssss

  • kelvlam

    Fred A. … with your ‘dream setup’, it’s gonna be hard cuz Mitch don’t have any valuable asset to work with for trade :-p

  • domz

    I still believe we can win the championship even if we wont get ron. we just need someone who has heart and plays great D and satisfactory O. Probably, Pietrus will do. But having Ron is definitely a plus for us. Add JO to the roster, ka-PAU!

  • joseph

    hahaha! sasha is a real faker pump up some muscles first then go practice shooting and tough-up that defense.. your a sissy player fool! and no team wants you because you’re a big flopper and thank God, Allah, Buddha and Lao-Tse that the nba will penetalize anyone for flopping next season… so eat sh!t fool!…

    KG made the right decision NOT to go to the fakers… hahaha sup?! losers boston massacre all the way.. 39 points in game 6 to win the trophy..comeback victory in game4 and by down by 24 and still won..
    my tivo will be playing all year baby!

    hibachi style baby! maybe next year fakers…

  • kb24 4life

    making roster changes might ruin the chemistry..
    although artest is a very conflictive guy, he has a good relationship with kobe and lamar..

    just stay with the same roster.. i mean,, with drew, we can win those two games that we missed..

  • kelvlam

    I still liking the Artest interview Bryant post

    but… didn’t Artest already made it public that 99% sure he wanna stick with he Queens?

    of cuz… there’s always that 1% wiggle room…

  • russher124

    ei damn it get out joseph look you got your title now get your sill butt outta hir you r not gonna repeat!!!!i guarantee you that

  • lalball81

    Joseph’s a bandwagon fan.

  • e-bucher

    nice attitude…great kids to have around

  • deus_ex

    These young kids on our team have been rather impressive in their attitudes towards the game.

  • xtro

    The Maaaaacccchhhiiiinne!!!

  • goodfella

    joseph is a turd-sniffer.

  • sK

    much like Samson of the Old Testment, Sasha finds strength in his hair. Therefore he must not cut it. He most likely can pick up a head band endorsement.

    Seriously though he has gained in valueable experience this year. He plays inspired D , and he actually wants to win and it shows. He helps spread the floor for our penetraters, we need a shooter in the SF position. I like Mike Miller.

  • sammie

    That’s the spirt Sasha! Just don’t give up and start working EVEN harder for next year.

  • miguel

    HEY GUYS GO ON GREAT rumors about odom being traded for ron atest and more news on sasha and bynum

  • True Lakers Fan

    the Machine is coming back yesssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sasha will never miss when he works harder!!!!!!!!!111


    Alot of these guys know,especially Bynum,that they GAVE that series away and they NOW KNOW they can WIN IT ALL next season.

    Just a couple of pieces and IT’S A WRAP!!!

  • lakerfan

    Sasha? C’mon people. Mitch should only bring him back if the money is right. He’s only worth $2m a year. The Machine??? He played like a happy meal wind up toy.

    He single handedly lost the series when he let Ray Allen go to the hoop. Had they made a stop on that possesion they would be playing a game seven. He had one decent shooting game (game 3) and thats it. Otherwise he was just a defensive liability. Doesn’t fight through screens, gets beat off the dribble and constantly needs help.

    Let this guy walk and pick up a defensive beast like Artest. There are enough scorers on the team.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #40815 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Boston F*ggot!!!

    It will be nice to have you quiet when the Lakers begin dominating the league next year. Just remember, we are one of the younger teams int he NBA, and we still got to the Finals.

  • xtro

    Hey Joseph,

    U guys are built just for one run and it is done. We built for the loooong run. Can you spell D-Y-N-A-S-TY, chump?

  • Tim

    “I want to be a Laker for life,” said Vujacic, who shot 39 percent in the Finals. “I got an opportunity to play, and I love it here. It was painful to lose like that, and you always want to come back to the same team and win it, especially when you have the team that we have.”

  • Edward

    Joseph has a bad attitude. The Celtics won with class, so their fans should follow suit. Sasha coming back pretty much means nothing, he is not an extraordinary player at what he does, there are a lot of people who can shoot his percentage when given the opportunity. There really isn’t a weak point in the Lakers, in the finals, you saw them win two games, and should have won four due to biased refs and letting a 24 point lead slip. There was no desire, there is nothing else we need. Finding new players might help. but if the desire isn’t there, it isn’t there, and without it the Lakers will never win. Most of the Celtics players played this year with the intent of winning, KG, Allen, Peirce, and most of the Celtics team had never won a championship, and they played hard for it. It’s also the first time I’ve ever seen defense that could stop kobe, and everyone else. I didn’t say contain, I said stop. Their defensive tactics made the Lakers change the way they play, and getting them out of that norm is the best defense there is. The Lakers will have a nice roster next year as well, but they just need to solidify their team. They could make a few improvements, but realize that their flaws weren’t exposed until the finals, where it was too late. I think the Lakers could improve in the following ways:
    Physically Gasol needs to work out a lot on lower body and upper body. Play-wise he needs to get used to hustling for the ball more, and the Lakers need to move around more when he’s isoed and holding the ball.

    Vlad rad. I don’t know what to say. He played horrible D, and I think caused a lot of the Celtics success. I can’t possibly see how this guy could get better when he jacks up really bad 3s, can’t drive without getting blocked, can’t dribble well, and has no speed. He will never deserve the superstar money he demanded in seattle.

    Sasha could get better, we need to see more aggressiveness on offense when he’s not shooting the three. As most can see he needs to get that sidestep shot down real well, and possibly learn how to drive to the basket. Take some classes from Farmar.

    Odom needs to use the right! He gets blocked so many times when he’s driving toward the right hand side of the basket and has no off arm to protect his layup or dunk! Also, when he drives, its too linear, he can’t spin, and he commits charges way more than I thought was possible before I would change my strategy. His shooting is satisfactory, but he wouldn’t need it if he improved his diving game. Next year at SF he will definitely need it.

    The rest of the team just needs to get better, after all the hype about the Lakers team and their bench. The Celtics had a better one, particularly because they played all of it. Mihm, Mbenga, Karl, and Newble weren’t played, and therefore we’re 3/4ths a team. Ariza, Ronny and Walton are mediocre players… but at least Ronny plays defense and finishes strong. As for Ariza, I don’t know anything about him cus he hasn’t played a lot, but where is that defense everyone keeps talking about? I didn’t see it. Walton, he just needs offense.

    As a team, the Lakers need to find a way to not rely on Kobe. Of course relying on him during the season might work, but we clearly see in the San Antonio series and the Boston series this can’t always work. The opposite needs to happen, Kobe needs to rely on his teammates. The Lakers also need to work on defense, individually and mainly transition defense or off an offensive rebound. Related to defense, the Lakers need to learn how to foul. This includes literally how to foul a person to stop them from getting the shot, and what kind of fouls they can get away with or when to foul. They let teams back in the game, or get ahead by getting in the bonus early in every quarter, and letting them shoot free throws to advance their lead. On one final note, the Lakers need to stay consistent. When I watch games next year, I want to see the same game every day. Of coarse some days people play bad, but I want to see the Lakers constantly winning with teamwork, getting inside, moving the ball, using solid offense to get high percentage shots.

  • pr0mega

    Are you kidding about Ariza? He was in for a stint in one of the games and had like 2 steals, a block, a few shots, and two more close steals by being in the passing lanes. Phil chose not to play him anymore after that and I have no idea why. Maybe he wasn’t feeling comfortbale, he did just come off of a big injury.

  • pr0mega


    Garnett didn’t want to go to the Celtics at all in the beginning, knowing how terrible the franchise and it’s front office was. But once Ray Allen pussied out of Seattle, Garnett followed the other talent (pussy move). And you can’t say crap about flopping, because Paul Pierce (a huge guy) flopped about 20 times a game to get offensive fouls on Kobe and co. I’m not saying Sasha doesn’t flop, I’m saying you can’t accuse and whine about it because your team does it to a far greater extent.

    We’ll enjoy our youth and our 6 year window, enjoy your 1 trophy in 22 years and your old osteoperosis.

    A great way to look at the celtics is to look at Sam Cassell. He was great two years ago with the clips, had a stand out year and almost went to the conf. finals in the west (like the celtics winning it all this year). Then the next two years, he just went further and further down into the crapper. A few good games here and there, but became a nobody in this league. The celtics will be a nobody team again in a few seasons, so enjoy it now.

  • long legga lai

    joseph, on the weekends, does stunts for little richard in gay movies.

  • http://FUCKU MIIKE


  • kryss

    is this ron artest rumor 4 real or another bogus rumor that the lakers trying sign him

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #40815 Will Be Quoted Here]

    wow.. you have alot of Gods you worship. KG made the right decision and it was good for the lakers because they would have been given up alot in Bynum. Sounds like you not confident in your Celts when u say “maybe next year”. You have been in a drought for 21 years and finally you guys got alittle drink. We have enjoyed 5 ships during your drought and look in prime position to get a few more in the next couple of years. Celebrate your victory as much as you can because it wont last long besides it might be another 21 years for your next.

  • Machinehead18

    [Comment ID #40852 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You cant say he “singlehandedly lost game 4″ cause the Lakers shouldnt have even been in that position.

  • daboss1848

    such animosity towards Sasha . . .

    “Otherwise he was just a defensive liability. Doesn’t fight through screens, gets beat off the dribble and constantly needs help.” doesnt that also describe KB, but i digress . . .

    Do we get by SA w/o Sasha who was touted by Pop and the SA squad – but hey, what do they know (recall it was Sasha’s awful D that annoyed, flustered, and took Manu out of his comfort zones). . .

  • BringDFishBack

    I’m not sure why he said this then hinted in his exit interview that he won’t be back.

  • daboss1848

    Restricted FA – up to LAL if he stays or goes

  • http://golakers golakers

    I for one think that Sasha is fun to watch. He’ll have to clean up the flops or go broke via NBA fines, but he plays with heart and tries with everything he’s got. He will continue to improve and can hit the three when his mind is right. It was the first Finals for most of the team. In next years Finals they will all be better prepared. I hope we keep Sasha.

  • BringDFishBack

    [Comment ID #40995 Will Be Quoted Here]

    There’s a whole lot more past the money issue.

  • Lakers09Champs

    I hope he stays. I actually don’t want to get rid of anyone except Mihm, Ira, and probably Luke