Lakers Blog: First Atlanta’s Josh Childress headed overseas, signing a lucrative deal from a Greek club. Now Houston’s Carl Landry is entertaining offers from across the Atlantic.

Lakers’ Sasha Vujacic also has been contacted by several European clubs, according to a Slovenian newspaper. (Probably a good move for him considering no NBA clubs have expressed interest in signing the restricted free agent).

Kobe Bryant said he wouldn’t be surprised if Vujacic takes the money and runs to Europe (if the rumors are true) considering the Lakers aren’t offering him more than a qualifying one-year deal worth $2.6 million.

“It depends on how much money they’re throwing at him,” Bryant said. “You got rules (NBA’s salary cap), so you’re playing with an uneven playing field. So if they want to throw a boatload of money at him.”

Such as two years, $50 million? That’s the amount Bryant jokingly said it would take for him to leave the Lakers and play in Europe.

“If he gets that, I’m calling Rob Pelinka (his and Vujacic’s agent) right now (and telling him) you better get me $150 million for two years,” he said laughing.

Recently, Kobe said he was optimistic the Lakers could sign Vujacic.

  • Whatsa

    It could happen.. hopefully it doesn’t.


    SASHA IS A LAKER!!! But then again Josh just went oversees to Greece and Carl Landry could be next …and now Stern wants a team in China….NOW SASHA,DAMN!

    Mitch and The Buss family better come up with a MASTERPLAN,QUICK!

    JR SMITH,TYRUS THOMAS OR LUOL DENG…I mean,why can’t this be a post about Vlad or Luke going overseas.

  • Bynum Bryant 09

    These young bloods all about the money!

  • lskerfan567

    amen brother

  • kobe124

    whatever with sasha. at least the lakers will have money to spend. =D

  • daboss1849

    OK after reading this who still thinks that kobe will take less money? He is going to opt out next yr and demand the mj money around 30 mil per!!!!! also who gives a shyt about sasha let him go…

  • Bynum Bryant 09

    Kobe’s worth it. Dude’s just getting started. He’s got 4 more mvp’s to go and 3 more ships. Just wait and see…


    THE NEW DYNASTY WILL REIGN SUPREME….hopefully with some help,

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  • lakaluva

    Fucc Sasha, and Kobe aint walking away from 24mil, even hes not that stupid.


    [Comment ID #46742 Will Be Quoted Here]YEAH,4REALS!!!

  • Jloyola

    That would be weird if KOBE left for EUROPE for like 100 million for two seasons, hey you never know some Euro Club out might try it, we paid an OUT OF PRIME player 50 million a year for 5 years to play half a season of soccer.

  • Mitch4Pres

    nooooooo sasha dont gooooooo

  • ab4sure

    This tells me kobe would be willing to opt out next summer for 40-50 million a yr for some club in Europe just so he could make Buss shelve out 30 million a year or more. Don’t be surprised if that happens. If you think kobe is a laker for life don’t be naive, remember last summer.

  • ab4sure

    Jloyola, i just saw your post.. lol… it could happen. I put nothing past kobe.



  • Laker Fan 818

    he’s gonna come back
    sasha aint goin to stay long, he’ll be back in LA for the season

  • Nikko

    Dollars falling, while Euro is up, basket ball is a business like any other..reason NBA was the strongest is because not just we have better players, but where the economy was the strongest..just like NHL.. thats just how it goes, cause people with lots of Euros will buy the NBA players out, if not buy the NBA teams itself.