sashL.A. Times: Last season, Sasha Vujacic had a career season. That led to a three-year, $15-million contract. But this season has been a struggle for Vujacic. He’s not making shots like he once did. He hasn’t been that pesky defender.

Mostly, Vujacic is not “the Machine,” the nickname given to him because of his outstanding shooting. “Obviously I have different role,” Vujacic said. “When I get more opportunity, I get comfortable.”

All of his numbers are down from last season. Vujacic averaged a career-high 8.8 points and he shot a career-best 45.4% from the field, an amazing 43.7% from three-point range, all in 17.8 minutes a game. This year, Vujacic is averaging 5.8 points and is shooting 37.7% from the field, 35.6% from three-point range, in 16.3 minutes.

“When coach shows you confidence and leaves you out there, your minutes go up,” Vujacic said. “If you get 20 minutes or more, you get different kind of basketball.”

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  • Mitch Kupchak

    The Machine will be BACK! Just keep working through the hardships, and we LAKERS FANS WILL SUPPORT YOU 110%


  • alex

    how is his role different…?

  • 123kid

    he better get out of his struggle soon, cuz once the playoffs hit, its gonna take every single person to play their role and perfect basketball to win the championship.

  • sketch

    What’s there to work through? Just embrace your gayness Sasha! Once you’ve accepted that then there’s no more struggles! We all already know and accept that already!

  • MachineHater

    This biaaaatch needs to cut his hair. If you notice, this guy is always fixing his hair in every game. It’s becoming a distration. Even Morrison cut his long hair. This cocksuuuucker needs to be traded next season, along with Farmar. These guys are really inconsistant. Sasha is bricking soooooo many 3’s, he’s making Antoine Walker look good.

  • Sako

    if we traded every player that has struggled in the past, we wouldn’t have Kobe right now

  • Smush Walton

    Let’s drop “The Machine” nickname already. That’s a joke. This season “The Contraption” is more appropriate.


    Sasha is constantly futzing with his hair! Enough already!

  • Lker Roger

    the clankar puke walton aka white man cant jump or run, no balls farmar afraid to play defense on
    daron williams in utah and dj bodyguard mobenga all
    need to go now. what is good about these stiffs someone please explain

  • T-Dub

    I hated that they re-signed this bum! Could’ve had Posey, Pietrus, etc. All would’ve been a better choice than the ‘Zasha the Gayblade’!