Not good news at all.

Twitter: SEVERE ankle sprain diagnosed for Sasha. He will be out for quite a long time – Kevin Ding

Twitter: Officially, Sasha Vujacic suffered a “severe left ankle sprain” and will obviously not return. X-rays negative for a fracture – Mike Truddell

  • lakers0828

    Man this Whole season has been nothing but injuries I honestly cant see this Team making it to the Finals and winning it Now sasha is out man this is not looking good

  • Chillax

    Just when Sasha was beginning to contribute more and more, he goes down. I believe he would have been a major contributor coming off the bench in the playoffs had he not suffered this injury. I think knowing how discouraged Sasha gets so easily, he'll go back to being inconsistent after he recovers next season. What a shame.

  • LA all Day

    I guess this is a sign that we might not get the Ring this year:/ BUT i still have hope! LA all day!!

  • chad b

    finally some good news!

    • fuck laker haters

      Your a retard.

      • Lakers216172437

        yes this is good news!!!

        • TheFaze

          you are not a fan.

  • gregory gates

    this guy is a curse

  • Josh Herrington

    It is making it aht much harder for us to win but all that special when do. go LAL

    • Josh Herrington

      Sorry. With all the injuries, it is making it that much harder for us to win the Finals but that much more special when we do.

  • Robert

    No Sasha = Less rest for Kobe
    No Sasha = Less chance to ‘annoy’ and distract opponent’s guard
    This is bad all the way around. Hopefully he’ll be back by the end of May. We will need him to pester Mo Williams.
    This really sucks.

  • Lakers216172437

    hell yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • TheFaze

      real fans don’t say that.

  • Lakers216172437

    he sucks anyways….he cries every play….but that dunk on camby was pretty sick!!

  • Justin M.

    um, so what?

  • kblaker4life

    Don’t give a S*!t. This guy sucks anyways. I’d like to see the lakers let him go at the end of the season and save money to spend for a real shooter like Kapono or Korver.