Vujacic.com: Alas! The coach spoke too soon. Unfortunately for the countless fans of Sasha who have been awaiting his return to the basketball court, yesterday’s game which was won by the Slovenian team (77-68) had to be sat out by Sasha due to a left knee injury. They said it’s nothing serious, but the management didn’t want to risk aggravating it.

  • Myself

    Is it going to affect his game? or whatever game he had.

  • boston – where buy a championship happens

    It’s Slovenia :) and as i sad:

    Ummm, he didn’t even play the first game on sunday, neither the second one yesterday, he just slighty injured himself at practice, nothing worse, coach said that they were just taking precautions , that’s why he didn’t play. I will post after game 3 if he plays or not.

    NOTHING ALARMING! Sasha said it himself in an interview on sunday;)

  • Lakers_The_Truth

    Freakin idiot!

  • ThaGeek

    oh COME ON!

  • LakerMike

    only thing is, national team coaches/programs love for their players – especially star players – play if at all possible. They are not the ones paying their salaries, they only get to use them for a couple weeks a year and their whole country usually is watching/rooting these games. This is why the Spurs were pretty concerned/borderline-paranoid about Tony Parkers sprained ankle a few days ago.

    For those reasons if Sasha didn’t play it is probably a bit more serious than they let on, but there still is a couple of months left for Sasha to recover if it is even mildly serious.

  • LakerMike

    Forgot to add Yao and Chinese national team, they wanted him out there even if he was hurt. I’m sure they pushed him many times he shouldn’t have been playing. That might have been at least part of the reason for his many injuries throughout his career, including hs latest one.

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

    The Slovenian head coach told Sasha to fake a knee injury in order to bring up the team’s FG percentage.

    • x(ONe0oNE)x


      • LA_LOVE

        lol that’s a good one

  • BShawk

    Machine knee no work, just like Machine jumper no work.

  • Lakerfanl

    This helps us more than it hurst us. :)

  • dub824

    hes planning an excuse for not playin well next season

    • 007

      my thoughts exactly. this guy disgusts me as a laker fan.

  • http://twitter.com/AceFreshh Freshh


  • http://KLAC570 LakersFan22

    There are a lot of Laker doubters out there. Let’s hope that he’s OK and finds his jump shot before next season. I personally like Sasha and when his 3 point shot is on…he can really bring it.
    Let’s not hate the guy but hope that his confidence and shot get back so he can help with another championship

  • IwantLukeoutofLA


  • http://twitter.com/NBA_Silvio Silvio

    Lakers should call Sasha back to USA like Spurs did with Parker. They’d do big favor to Slovenian team.

    • Pony Boy

      we’re doomed!!!!!


    So lame lol come on sasha we need you.

  • lakers#1

    The knee injury won’t affect his jumper

  • Hey_Fool

    Machine go slamma jamma bing bong, jump up so high, come down to hurt………flowing hair is still held down, ankle is bad hurt……..

  • gus26

    i’m sorry.. i love my country.. but this is crap.. players who have multi-million dollar contracts should not be playing anywhere else but the NBA. where they get payed to play.. i don’t like that kobe wants to play for team USA.. i don’t like that pau has not had a break since.. since.. well when was the last time pau stopped.. its not like they are making extra money on the side.. all this stuff about serving your country is f ucking stupid.. you are playing a game.. serving your country would be like risking your life for it.. or to protect it or something.. team USA should consist of college players.. when are NBA teams going to start putting this type of thing in contracts.. they already limit the activities they can do.. whats wrong with limiting the amount of bball they can play.. some baseball teams didn’t let some of their players play in the WBC.. was there a big deal made.. no.. so NBA teams should start having a say in what type of activity their multi-million dollar investments are doing..

  • Purple and Gold

    Wat an idiot

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)

    People, this report is WRONG.

    It is a mistranslation of the Slovenian word “jzashiz=a”, meaning “headband mishap”. The AP guy mistranlated it as “jzahiz-o”, meaning “minor knee injury”.

    Sasha’s leather headband is expected to make a rapid recovery.

    • LA_LOVE

      lol wow that’s still funny even if it’s stupid

  • Patrick Chewing

    this is all planned by sasha’s camp to avoid a trade before training camp…

  • http://rivalmedia.tv chris ekstedt

    this just in… nobody cares.

  • Jack Nicholson

    Somebody’s going to play 5 minuuuuutes! Adam?

  • BostonSmeldicks

    I dont like sasha. Trade him. Plus i think his hair interferes with his shooting.

  • Jordan

    I get sick of people ripping Sasha. This guy gives 110% everytime he is one the court. He played hurt all last season and we didnt even know it, I think that had something to do with his poor shooting. Aside from that, lets not forget the three previous seasons where he was a key component to this team. People who continue to rip him are fair weathered clowns who probably didnt give two squirts about the Lakers before the Gasol trade.


    ^^^^Agreed 110%
    Couldn’t say it any better myself, except for the “fair weathered clowns” part, which is giving way too much credit to these paltry minded individuals!

  • ceballos-neverforget

    Yo Jordan

    I gotta disagree with that. When guys like kwame or smush went through slumps, we dogged them immediately because we knew they were loafers and didn’t put in the extra work behind the scenes. Sasha is more on the Kobe spectrum of work ethic, and so when he goes through slumps, most fans were pretty slow to begin dogging him, but his slump has lasted wayyy too long and it’s time he digs out of it and earn his contract!

    • Jordan

      Ceballos, like I said, this guy played hurt all last season. Give the guy a break, he busts his ass. Its good you recognize his work ethic, now lets watch the machine return to tip top form this season.

  • http://BarcaLakerfan4life BarcaLakerfan4life

    he sucks

  • http://BarcaLakerfan4life BarcaLakerfan4life


  • 151RUMMER


  • 151RUMMER


    • Jordan

      This is my point, you seriously did not know Sasha was on the team? And you call yourself a Laker fan? WTF, have you not watched a single game after the Kwame/Gasol swap?

  • Milo

    i dont care bout sasha and i dont care too much for this new system tln has installed

  • Please Leave LA Lamar

    There goes our championship next year!!! LOL Who the hell cares about Sasha? As long as he has a butt he will be useful to the lakers in keeping Kobe’s seat warm for him.

  • dodobird1988

    This is just as devastating as Tony Parker going down… ripple effect will be felt for at least 10 feet!

  • xtro

    a contract should be given to this foreign players that they should not play for their respective nation’s team.

  • http://www.friendster.com/tireme Evil Empire

    Does anyone know where these Euro games can be seen on the internet?

  • BostonSmeldicks

    sasha’s use is only to give kobe some rest. last season he was not really productive. we dont look back in time and say that ah he was like this like that, he was important 3yrs ago etc. bla blahh. if he doesnt improve this season then fück sasha. hes a worm in the laker bench and were paying him millions GOT THAT.

  • chad

    there goes the dynasty


    Hahahaha… punks meandering on the fly, outta their parent’s basements, can’t smack to save their jives!

  • Coooooooooooooop

    I forgot Sasha is on the team. Never should had resigned him. waste of money.

  • MMD

    So i should expect the same treatment that your giving Sasha to Kobe if he was in a season slump? EVERYONE has bad seasons! Don’t just assume that the kid sucks because for one season he just didn’t play to his potential. And here is a good question. When Sasha was playing extremely well a year ago, did all of you still want him off the team as bad as you do now? Yeah, I didn’t think so…

  • http://www.michaelserna23.com Michael_23

    Sasha has now some competition with Shanon Brown should he not work out. Farmar and Shanon Brown combination has proved to work fine depending on matchups.

    Kobe slides to SF during these times. But yeah, Sasha needs to get his act going and fix the machine.

  • ShowtimeEra

    AHHHH…Thank goodness it wasn’t any injury news concerning our fab five of Bryant,Gasol,Bynum,Odom and Artest! Sasha will be fine! Hell he calls himself the machine anyways so he’s fine!

  • Bshawk

    From Sasha’s Twitter —

    Opening new hairnet biz. Goodbye lakers!


    For all intents and purposes; the fans that tend to shyt on Sasha, are simple little faqgots, equipped with query little dycks, spewing demonstrative malarkey, cummin outta their querulous-“maid for sucking donkey balls”-orifice!

  • BostonSmeldicks

    c’mon sasha lovers.. stop suckin on sasha’s díck for a while. ah ok. a ‘bad season’ resulted to around 5mil salary? lol. you can shìt on that note. we need players who can show up when needed. fisher was in a slump and he showed up big time. now sasha was in a slump last season but he didnt show up in the 82games and playoffs. be real. we either spend money on someone who produces results or spend money on someone whos questionable.

  • get over it

    i really hope sasha has a break out year this season …this is rediculous we won the championship get over it …why do u guys always have to hate on a player on the lakers team…Luke,sasha,Farmar…the moment they start to struggle you want them traded….if you dont like the players on he lakers roster… then go jump on another inferior teams wagon

  • wow

    you ppl aere acting like sasha is the worstplayer in the nba …how do you claim to be a lakers Fan but you ripp ther players as soon as they start to struggle….shanon brown is gonna struggle at somepoint to and evrybody is gonna want him traded instead of just sticking with him

  • Bshawk

    Machine not worst player! Madsen worst player. Machine hairnet only 2nd worst.

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

    I’d prefer to see Shannon Brown “spell” Kobe versus Sasha. Whatever Brown gives up in height to Sasa (3 inches), he makes up for in speed and length and non-spasticity.

  • BostonSmeldicks

    And yes, I choose Brown over Sasha both in the long term and short term.

    Question though: If Sasha DOESNT IMPROVE this season.. WHAT NOW?! sasha lovers still gonna suck his d!ck for christ’s sake saying “he gives 100% and he is not the worst player” blah blah.. in the NBA, Business is Business. Sooner or later if he doesnt improve or make his presence felt (not by missed shots and fouls of course) Buss is gonna ship him out. Why are guys playing the “Mr Lakers Nice Guy” here. Get your brains up.

    • Jordan

      This team won the NBA championship thats why. Sasha is one of those players where even if he is 0-10 from downtown, I still believe the next one is falling. He has been that way since he came into the league. 3 yr-18 mill is James Posey money, and what kind of numbers did he put up last season? This guy hustles on D and is automatic from the foul line, which cannot be said about a number of players on this team. Sasha still makes life easier on Gasol, Odom and Bynum down low, and is a fantastic 10 minute replacement for Kobe. I dunno where you get off thinking that he should be traded, this guy is still productive and will be for sometime. As far as comparing him to Shannon Brown, get serious, these guys are not even close to being the same type of player. Is Sasha a slasher? Is Brown a downtown threat?

      • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)

        Sasha’s D is hilarious!

        He hippity-hoppity’s along, fast like a little bunny, and then commits a foul.

        As far as his alleged sharp-shooting skills, name me one Big Shot he’s made… ever… anywhere.


    Some schnooks have too much of the green shit clogging up their schnozzle, and therefore, incapable of coughing up any constructive material, when it comes to the purple and gold… A condition gravely known as, thrombosis of the proboscis! …LOL

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)

    As far as comparing Brown and Sasha, somebody tell me who picks Sasha to win if he plays one-on-one with Brown?


    The sarcastic cheers from the bench when Sasha dunks say everything.


    Here’s wat Sasha would say! (WSWS!)… Chew on that bone! …For NOW!

    • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)

      Wow, Sasha hit a winner in (drumroll please!) 2005!

      That is FOUR (4) seasons ago.

      Before that one, see the Slovenian Junior (12 and under) Basketball Easter Division quarter finals circa 1998.


        All of a sudden, one Big Shot is not enough? Wat’s da next excuse? (WDNE?) …(Complete silence!)…
        Suddenly, (Gasps, boos, and hisses!)

        …Ware has U bin? (WHUB?), the last 4 years!

  • BostonSmeldicks

    and yes i forgot sasha plays some “D” =D i cant remember any big shot that hes made. much of what he has accomplished can also be done by other players. problem is like others are saying he is “off” this season. well. wake me up if he is “on”. sasha should have incentives in his contract for improved performance or else sasha lover would only sück his d!ck everytime hes absorbing some “heat”. wake up guys. we need a strong performance from the bench. yes. sasha play good D but with fouls. lol. tell me something when he IMPROVES this season. if NOT. sück it.

  • Jonathan

    Maybe he will go the way of trevor – break his foot, then come back playing D and shooting (and making) 3s

  • AlmightyLakers


    we’ll see whether sasha is indeed useful enough as a player and not just a 4-5minute sub to kobe. if sasha can be like rudy fernandez or just maybe a little bit closer to that then hell yeah. we got a stronger team. no fears about anything. i also wish bynum reallys improves/matures this season. we cant wait forever.


    @(WWCS)…RolLiNg oN tHe fLoOr LaUghInG mY fReAkIn AsS oFf ! …(etc, etc, etc?)